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"Nian Liuyun?"

Simply hearing this name made Wild Thunderheart's eyes glow with a vicious killing intent.

Even though they had never met each other since the game had started, Wild Thunderheart had definitely heard of this name before.

Rumor had it that this man was no ordinary expert. Back during the time that everyone was only around level 10, Nian Liuyun had fought with the United Alliance, taking one twenty Magicians by himself and winning. But for some strange reason, he ended up joining them.

Magcian's had always been recognised as an overpowered job, but Pugilists were widely known to be utterly useless, something a Lightning Wizard could kill with a single spell. But he had somehow won the fight.

Wild Thunderheart was obviously startled with he heard that Nian Liuyun was looking for him. But Wild Thunderheart was no pushover either, it wasn't his style to go down without a fight.

"Come then! I want to see the standard of the so called strongest player in Thunderstorm City!" Wild Thunderheart silently thought. The fact that he had always been considered beneath Nian Liuyun in strength was something that he couldn't stand.

"Then be careful, I heard that the man is truly vicious!" berserk ThunderG.o.d warned.

"I got it!"

"Nian Liuyun? This is interesting... I want to see exactly what kind of person you are to be recognised as the number one expert in this city!" Wild Thunderheart thought to himself as he closed the message from Berserk ThunderG.o.d.

By this time, w.a.n.g Yu had already walked out of the city gate.

w.a.n.g Yu did not recognise the emblem of the Berserk Heavenlaw guild, and had been asking people along the way: "Do you know where Wild Thunderheart is?"

WIld Thunderheart had a terrible reputation in Thunderstorm City as he often went around killing people and stealing their prey. Had it not been for the backing of the Berserk Heavenlaw guild, he would probably have been hunted down and stripped naked countless times.

Since the news that Nian Liuyun was looking looking for Wild Thunderheart had spread throughout the city, everyone simply a.s.sumed that this Pugilist was Nian Liuyun.

Following the directions from the players, w.a.n.g Yu arrived at the hunting ground for level 25 to level 30 monsters/

As an expert, Wild Thunderheart considered it beneath him to hunt level 20 monsters for experience.

There weren't many players here and the ones that could hunt at this hunting ground were mostly elite players from strong guilds. You could count the number of players on both hands.

"Do you know where Wild Thunderheart is?" w.a.n.g Yu casually asked a player.

This player initially wanted to reprimand w.a.n.g Yu for interrupting his training, but when he saw that it was a Pugilist that was hiding his appearance that was talking to him, the player immediately a.s.sumed it was Nian Liuyun.

"It's that guy over there..." The player meekly pointed towards a Magician.

"Thanks!" w.a.n.g Yu shook the players hand and hurriedly left.

"Are you Wild Thunderheart?" w.a.n.g Yu shouted as he approached the Magician.

The Magician arrogantly looked over at w.a.n.g Yu and asked: "Nian Liuyun?"

"The only reason that I'm going to kill you today, is to teach you some limits! Some people shouldn't be offended! Otherwise not only you, but your entire Berserk Heavenlaw can forget about existing in Thunderstorm City!" w.a.n.g Yu coldly laughs.

These were the words that Spring Halo had instructed him to say, for the sole purpose of starting a war between these two guilds.

"With just your meagre ability?" Wild Thunderheart laughed as he sent a bolt of lightning flying w.a.n.g Yu's way.

w.a.n.g Yu used [Crushing Blow] to close the distance between them as he evaded the lightning. In a state of panic, Wild Thunderheart swung his staff at w.a.n.g Yu. But w.a.n.g Yu easily blocked it with his left hand as he swept out his leg, knocking Wild Thunderheart over. Before he even had a chance to retaliate, w.a.n.g Yu's knee had already crushed his face, turning him into a ray of white light...

w.a.n.g Yu had the habit of finishing his opponents off in a single hit, but Spring Halo had instructed him to draw out the fight a little to scare Wild Thunderheart.

Not even 20 seconds had past since they had first started talking... this fight had stunned everyone present.

"What the f*ck! Is that really possible? How could Wild Thunderheart be killed so easily?" Everyone gasped.

"Easily..." w.a.n.g Yu mumbled to himself.

This moved that he had performed was one of the hardest moves in Baji Quan. Nian Liuyun would probably be driven insane if he heard these players call this move 'easy'.

But w.a.n.g Yu didn't bother agruing with these players. After all, these players who used a.s.sisted mode just a.s.sumed w.a.n.g Yu was just normally attacking Wild Thunderheart...

w.a.n.g Yu quickly left after killing Wild Thunderheart, leaving behind a group of awe-struck spectators.

Right at this moment, Wild Thunderheart had met the real Nian Liuyun near the resp.a.w.n point.

Nian Liuyun did not recognise Wild Thunderheart either, so he had chosen the same primitive method that w.a.n.g Yu had chosen, ask people if they had seen him.

"Do you know where Wild Thunderheart is?" Nian Liuyun asked Wild Thunderheart himself.

"Who are you? Why are you looking for him?" Wild Thunderheart growled as he stared at the Nian Liuyun. He had not seen w.a.n.g Yu's face just now so he immediately a.s.sociated this Pugilist with his killer.

"I am Nian Liuyun, I..."

"Go f*ck yourself!" Wild Thunderheart roared, shooting a bolt of lightning at Nian Liuyun before giving him a chance to explain himself.

Nian Liuyun had used the exact same moves to fight, [Crushing Blow] to close the distance and using a knee to the face to kill Wild Thunderheart. Just like this, Wild Thunderheart had been sent to the resp.a.w.n point for the second time today.

"ThunderG.o.d, I've been killed! Avenge me!" Wild Thunderheart shouted in the guild chat.

"Who killed you?" Everyone asked. Even though the number one expert of Berserk Heavenlaw had very questionable morals, his skills were still topnotch.

"Nian Liuyun!" Wild Thunderheart gnashed his teeth as he replied.

"What the f*ck! He really went to find you?" The other guild members asked.

"Yes, he even killed me twice! This f*cker even said that he'll make it such that our Berserk Heavenlaw won't be able to live in this city anymore!"

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