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Even though he was an outsider to the world of martial arts, in term of gaming, you could hardly find anyone more knowledgeable than him.

Hidden Lurker fully understood the extent of Nian Liuyun's abilities. Ever since they had started playing together, there had never been a person that Nian Liuyun could not beat. The fact that he was forced into a stalemate against another player today was beyond his expectations.

"My name is Iron Bull!" w.a.n.g Yu replied.

"Iron Bull?" Hidden Lurker was astonished, quickly cupping his hands towards w.a.n.g Yu as he continued: "So you're the famous Iron Bull. You really do live up to your name!"

"Ha ha." w.a.n.g Yu indifferently laughed, not saying a word.

"Cut the c.r.a.p! You know that's not what I was asking!" Nian Liuyun angrily shouted.

"Oh, you mean my ident.i.ty in real life." w.a.n.g Yu laughed: "It's best if you didn't know, otherwise you'll probably run off crying. Let's not bring matters of the martial arts world into this game. I'll allow you to call me Uncle Bull!"

Hidden Lurker's jaws dropped.

"I'll allow you to call me Uncle Bull..." How arrogant was this man???

"Old Bull, I love your acting! 100 points for you!" Ming Du burst into laughter.

"I'm not acting." w.a.n.g Yu replied.

"Ignorant fool! How dare you speak such words before me? Do you really think that I can't kill you?" Nian Liuyun roared as he charged over to w.a.n.g Yu.

Spring Halo was the first to react, casting [Distortion] around w.a.n.g Yu and Ming Du, wrapping them within his skill.

Nian Liuyun quickly used [Eagle Stomp] to change direction, heavily landing to the side, while Spring Halo had already summoned his demons, surrounding him.

Nian Liuyun grabbed the head of one of the demons, violently swinging it around like a baseball bat before running out of the encirclement. This was the first time that he had ever been in a disadvantageous situation against another player.

"Do you really want to start a scene here?" Spring Halo glanced at Hidden Lurker as he asked.

Spring Halo naturally wasn't afraid of Hidden Lurker since he had w.a.n.g Yu with him. But the main reason that these three men had come to Thunderstorm City was to complete their quest. They didn't know the extent of Hidden Lurker's forces here nor did they want to waste their time on such a man.

The only reason that Hidden Lurker dared to start anything here in the first place was because he had Nian Liuyun by his side. But since the other party had an unfathomable expert that Nian Liuyun could not overcome, he did not want to press his luck either.

"Liuyun, let's go. Well take care of them in the future!" Hidden Lurker patted Nian Liuyun on the back as he instructed.

"Hmph!" Nian Liuyun grunted: "Iron Bull right? I'll remember your face! Don't ever let me see you around here again!"

After which, both of them finally left the Inn.

"Wow Iron Bull, your words really were too cool! 'I'll allow you to call me Uncle Bull', hot d.a.m.n that was great!" Ming Du and Spring Halo burst into laughter once Hidden Lurker had left.

"Who knew that you had it in you!"

This was the first time that they had ever heard w.a.n.g Yu provoke someone!

"I wasn't joking around. It isn't wrong for a young man like that to address me as uncle." w.a.n.g Yu replied.

"You know him in the real world?" Ming Du seriously asked.

"No I don't. But I can roughly guess his ident.i.ty from the martial arts that he was using." w.a.n.g Yu explained/

The Charging Dragon Desolate Tiger move that Nian Liuyun had used previously was a move from a martial art callde Baji Quan, the speciality of the Li Family Clan. This move was something that was only taught to inner court disciples. This gave w.a.n.g Yu some insight to Nian Liuyun's ident.i.ty.

w.a.n.g Yu's status in the martial arts circle was absolutely staggering. The number of people that could even be considered his equal could be counted on one hand, and they were all from the four great clans.

"But that kid really was quite strong. Do you think you can beat him? Ming Du asked. The earlier fight had piqued his interest in the matter.

"You mean in real life or in this game?" w.a.n.g Yu asked.


"If we're talking about real life, even his grandfather can only last fifty moves against me, so there's no need to compare us. But in this game, I think i'll definitely crush him..."

"What the f*ck, are you boasting or what?" Ming Du and Spring Halo sighed.

"You think I'm boasting about my strength? Why don't you just Yang Nuo about me then? h.e.l.l I could even decipher Nian Liuyun's ident.i.ty from that single exchange but that kid knows nothing about me!" w.a.n.g Yu laughed.

"Who's Yang Nuo?"

"Clear Snow..." w.a.n.g Yu hurriedly answered. He had accidentally revealed her real name!

"Oh... so her name is Yang Nuo..." A devious glint flashed in Ming Du's eyes as he laughed, who even knew what this man was plotting.

"Cut the c.r.a.p, what are we going to do about the quests in Ironcliff Fortress?" w.a.n.g Yu asked.

"F*ck! Don't mention it in front of me!" Ming Du dejectedly sighed.

"What happened? Were you bullied?" Spring Halo asked.

"You'll understand how insane your quests are when you go there! This is a two-way quest!" Ming Du explained.

"Two-way quest?" Spring Halo asked.

"Yeah and not only that. Ironcliff Fortress is headquarters of the largest guild in Thunderstorm City, Beserk Heavenlaw!"

"Guild Headquarters?" Spring Halo gasped.

Even if Ironcliff fortress had some players there it wouldn't be much of a problem to get past them and steal the items they needed. But a guild headquarters was an entirely different matter altogether.

A guild's headquarters was their private safe zone. The only way that they could force their way in was if they challenged Berserk Heavenlaw to a guild war!

According to the lore of >, Ironcliff Fortress was the most well constructed city in the entire game. Even if the three races had abandoned it after the wall, the fact remained that the defenses of this fortress was virtually impregnable.

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