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Chapter 164: Do You Dare To Fight Me?

Mu Zi Xian was very street smart and sensible. After all, she was the one who took care of w.a.n.g Yu while they were on the run. Seeing that w.a.n.g Yu had ran into a friend who was in need, she immediately stopped shopping and went into the nearest restaurant to wait for him.

Darknorth Fisher and w.a.n.g Yu weren't considered very close. They had only met each other twice so they were rather awkward when conversing.

Fortunately, w.a.n.g Yu had Mu Zi Xian by his side and she never seemed to run out of conversation topics.

Seeing the two of them chatting and teasing each other so happily the silent Darknorth Fisher couldn't help but ask: "Who is this lady?"

"My wife!" w.a.n.g Yu proudly ginned. In the world, there were only two things that w.a.n.g Yu was proud of. His martial arts, and his virtuous wife.

"Ai..." In the face of this picture perfect couple, Darknorth Fisher felt even worse about himself and took another large gulp of alcohol.

"What's wrong with him?" Mu Zi Xian privately sent w.a.n.g Yu.

"His girlfriend and friends betrayed him and hunted him down..." w.a.n.g Yu replied.

"Oh..." Mu Zi Xian sighed and gave Darknorth Fisher a compa.s.sionate look However, this only made him feel even worse about himself.

Out of everyone else, Ming Du was the first one to complete his job advancement quest and quickly rushed to the inn. When he saw Mu Zi XIan sitting next to w.a.n.g Yu he sharply asked: "Old Bull who is this fine lady?"

"Your sister-in-law!" w.a.n.g Yu replied.

"How do you do Mrs Bull! I must saw you look much better than the last time I saw you!" Ming Du slyly remarked.

"Hm?" Mu Zi Xian was stunned in confusion for a moment before glaring at w.a.n.g Yu.

"F**k! You dare to play with me???" w.a.n.g Yu growled.

"Ha ha ha!" Ming Du chuckled before grabbing

a seat next to w.a.n.g Yu and talking to Darknorth Fisher.

"Old Fish, why don't the two of use drink together? My girl just left me as well! This really is too much of a coincidence..."

Hearing this, Darknorth Fisher's expression darkened even further...

Watching this scene, w.a.n.g Yu could only rub his forehead and sigh. Ming Du's personality really was too despicable. Darknorth Fisher was still heartbroken and here Ming Du was rubbing it in for him…

The efficiency of the Quan Zhen Sect members really was very high. Within two hours, more and more of them started pouring into the inn. With the introductions from w.a.n.g Yu, they could all be said to know one another now.

Of course Ming Du being the sc.u.m that he was continued to hara.s.s poor Darknorth Fisher by pulling him into his arms and declaring: "Brother Fish and I are fated friends! Everyone better not think of stealing him from me!"

"Hey hey hey… I want to embrace our new friends too! Just not old Fish over there..." Spring Halo vulgarly smirked.

Hearing all of this, Mu Zi Xian pinched w.a.n.g Yu and softly scolded: "So thi is the kind of people you hang around with? No wonder you're getting worse and worse..."

The situation was already vexing enough but Mu Zi Xian's scolding triggered w.a.n.g Yu enough that he ended up shatter a wine cup in his hands. Realising this, Spring Halo immediately shut his mouth.

Since the main bulk of the Quan Zhen Sect were all here, w.a.n.g Yu sent a message to Sanguine Primrose as well as Li Xue and the rest. Defiant Tiger and his friend were from the faraway Hurricane City so they still on the way. Yang Nuo had said she was already reaching so w.a.n.g Yu didn't ask again.

Li Xue and the other three already knew Sanguine Primrose's group and their relationship with Mu

Mu Zi Xian called for even less of an explanation. Being professional gamers themselves, the four of them had heard of Darknorth FIsher as well so an introduction wasn't necessary.

After hearing Darknorth Fisher's name, Sanguine Primrose and the other two were stunned as well. Although he was a relatively low key person unlike the Quan Zhen Sect, he was still one of the top experts. His presence made the girls rethink their evaluation of the Quan Zhen Sect once again.

After Li Xue's group arrived, the atmosphere became lively once again.

"Uncle Bull you really are the best!" Vainglory excitedly mumbled to himself.

"What're you mumbling about?" Crotch Lord scratched his head and asked.

"Haven't you noticed yet? All the girls that are here and here because of Uncle Bull!!!!" Vainglory emotionally replied as he clenched his fists.

After Vainglory raised this point, the others suddenly realised that what he had said was true!

Without w.a.n.g Yu, Li Xue and the others wouldn't have joined the Quan Zhen Sect! Without w.a.n.g Yu, Sanguine Primrose and the other two girls wouldn't have bothered with them either! Mu Zi Xian was his wife so that one was a given of course.

Thinking of this, they couldn't help but sigh in amazement and envy. There were barely any girl gamers and yet w.a.n.g Yu knew so many of them, and all were great beauties… With fortune like this could his real skill be in the bed after all?

"Are there still any more girls coming?" Vainglory asked.

"Just one more..." w.a.n.g Yu honestly replied.

Hearing this, Vainglory almost religiously bowed to w.a.n.g Yu and shouted: "Long live Great G.o.d Iron Bull! You've given me the chance to clear a dungeon with so many beauties!!! Even if I die and lose a level it'll all be worth it!!!"

w.a.n.g Yu really didn't know how to respond to this sudden outburst and could only silently sit next

sit next to Mu Zi Xian.

After waiting for a few more minutes, Defiant Tiger and his friend finally arrived.

The man that came with him was a rather young looking Archer and seemed to be about the same age as Vainglory. His appearance was rather cute but the expression he made when he saw the girls instantly shattered any good impression they might have had about him.

When Defiant Tiger saw the members of the Quan Zhen Sect he immediately rushed forward and greeted them one by one with the utmost respect, instantly currying their favour. When he came to Fearless, he was even more emotional and even grabbed Fearless' hands and said: "Leader Fearless, I'm your number one fan!!!"

"I never thought I'd see the day that this shameless wh.o.r.e had a fan..." The others inwardly sighed.

"Who is your friend over there?" w.a.n.g Yu pointed at the Archer and asked.

The Archer obviously had intentions of his own. From the moment he stepped into the inn, he had taken advantage of his cute appearance to mingle with the girls and he looked like he was just about to approach Mu Zi Xian!

Seeing this, the members of the Quan Zhen Sect couldn't help but delight in the poor fool's soon to be misery. Seeing w.a.n.g yu's storm like expression, Defiant Tiger realised that something was wrong and immediately pulled the Archer back and introduced him: "His name is Ivory Emperor! He's my cousin!"

"Ivory Emperor??" Spring Halo was the first to respond since the rest were still in shock.

"What's wrong? Do you guys know him or something?" w.a.n.g Yu asked. There weren't many experts in games so it wasn't something unusual for them to know each other.

"Despotic Ivory arrows and incomparable Li! Ever heard that before?" Frost Blade asked.

"Nope! And I don't get it either!" w.a.n.g Yu shook his head.

"The first stanza refers to Ivory Emperor and Ivory Emperor and the second one refers to Mind Du… I've heard the two of them have some kind of feud..." Mu Zi Xian softly whispered to w.a.n.g Yu.

Although Mu Zi Xian worked in a game company, she wasn't a gamer herself. But even she had heard this phrase before.

Just as they all expected, the moment they realised his ident.i.ty, Ming Du immediately tried to pick a fight.

"Motherf**king p.u.s.s.y a.s.s b.i.t.c.h so you finally decided to show yourself? Do you dare to fight me? Let's go find an open s.p.a.ce!"

"Heh who's scared of who you whiny weak a.s.s son of a b.i.t.c.h? Do you think that Old Li needs you to find a place to fight? Do you dare to fight me barehanded??"

Watching them fight, everyone got a short glimpse into the world of the true sc.u.m of society…

Ming Du had a skill that could be used even if he was barehanded so he wouldn't be at a loss, especially against an Archer.

Within the various jobs, the Archer was the longest ranged one so it could definitely suppress a mage… The little kid Ivory Emperor knew this and wanted to exploit his advantage and find an empty field to fight. Then again, Ming Du loved to use this phrase as well… So this was where he learnt it from…

Right as the argument reached the climax and it looked like the two of them, w.a.n.g Yu grabbed the both of them by the throat and flung them to opposite ends of the inn.

Being tossed like that, Ivory Emperor was incredibly indignant and pointed to w.a.n.g Yu and shouted: "F**k you dare to throw me? Do you dare to fight me..."

Looking at Ivory Emperor, the others could only shake their heads and sigh: "Ai… He's really too young..." Of course, out of all of them, the one that sighed the loudest was Vainglory.

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