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Chapter 127: Sowing Discord

Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations

Crimson Helm was the fifth strongest guild on the Chinese leaderboard and the seventeenth guild in terms of global rankings.

In an age where people revered those with talents above theirs, it was only natural that strong players enjoyed a social status no less than pop stars or actors.

The guild leader of Crimson Helm was called Yu Wan Ting. Rumour had it that he had been using the name Limitless Pavillions ever since he started playing the game. His extremely flashy methods of dealing with tricky situations had attracted a lot of fame and attention for the Crimson Helm guild.

In the beginning, Crimson Helm and the Quan Zhen Sect had started out at roughly the same size. The only reason that the Crimson Helm guild had grown to such a humongous stature was largely due to the hard work that Limitless Pavillions had put in.

But the success of the guild was not just due to the fact that many experts had gathered under its banners, but also due to Limitless Pavillions' personal strength. Even though he wasn't a G.o.d of war, he was still one of the top thirty professional gamers in the world.

But the glory and overwhelming stature of the Crimson Helm guild was but a thing of the past. Ever since they had entered >, they could hardly keep up with the hardcore cashers in the game, at this rate they would be washed away in the river of time...

Ever since they had started out in Vatican City, they had been thoroughly suppressed by the nameless Imperial Root guild... no matter how many talented players they had, they couldn't beat the enticement of cold hard cash...

how could they possibly compete with these rich young masters...

But Limitless Pavillions refused to take this defeat lying down, he had confidence his charisma could turn this situation around!

This was the reason why Limitless Pavillions would dare to step forward amongst the sea of people and try to get everyone to come to a consensus.

"So what do you suggest Boss Yu?" Just his background alone was enough to rope people onto his side.

"I'm willing to buy this quest from you guys!" Limitless Pavillions laughed.

Buying a quest. This was not an uncommon occurrence in the gaming world, especially for two-sided quests. The easiest way to solve these types of quest was to give your opponent an offer he couldn't refuse.

"Ha ha ha, I wonder how much you're willing to offer us? One gold coin a person?"

A cold, mocking voice resounded through the streets... everyone present had heard this player's words.

What this player had used was a special item, system tool: loudhailer...

The loud hailer was ten silver a piece, it wasn't something that a regular player would think of buying.

At this current point in time, the conversion rate of in-game gold to real life currency had depreciated. The current market price was $900 for 1 gold coin. No one would refuse the offer if the Crimson Helm guild was to truly offer a gold coin per player...

"1 gold coin? That's a bit too greedy of you don't you think?" Limitless Pavillions coldly replied using a loudhailer.

There was currently a few thousand players present, how much gold would he need to buy these 200 merit points? Limitless Pavillions was no idiot...

"Then stop pretending if you don't have any money!" The player shouted through the loudhailer once

once more before stepping out of the crowd to face Limitless Pavillions.

Everyone froze... there was probably only four people in the entire Vatican City that would dare to oppose Limitless Pavillions... right at this moment, two of them were standing before Limitless Pavillions. A Warrior and a Magician. They were the remaining two young masters from the Imperial Root guild, Flashy Breezy and Flashy Lofty.

Master Breezy and Master Lofty were both happily on their own respective dates when they were abruptly interrupted by a call, informing them that the Imperial Root guild had been cornered in the resp.a.w.n point. They had ended their dates then and there, rushing home to log onto the game.

After having their fun ruined, these two young masters were in a horrible mood, how could they possibly bother to give Limitless Pavillions any face?

Limitless Pavillions' facial expression faltered for a moment before the recovered. He was still the leader of a large guild, unwilling to lose any face in front of such a large crowd, challenging the two young masters: "Then how much are you two willing to fork out?"

Limitless Pavillions was no greenhorn, he had managed to turn the tables on them with a single sentence...

Even though they were rich young masters that had spared no expense to grow the Imperial Root guild, they weren't stupid enough to throw a few hundred thousand dollars into completing this quest!

"Haha!" Master Breezy stared Limitless Pavillions down: "We aren't here a quest, we're here for revenge!"

"Hey you, are you the one that stole Master Jing's mace?" Master Breezy arrogantly pointed at w.a.n.g Yu as he asked.

If this had been any other day, w.a.n.g Yu would already have beaten him to death. But

death. But since Fearless had told w.a.n.g Yu to patiently wait for help to arrive, w.a.n.g Yu had no choice but to resist the urge to kill.

"That's right!" w.a.n.g Yu indifferently replied as he added Master Breezy onto his blacklist.

"Did you see that!" Master Breezy chuckled as he turned towards Limitless Pavillions and spoke: "He admitted it himself... that means that we should be the ones to kill these two people!"

Limitless Pavillions face darkened: "Master Breezy, that's not right! It's alright if you want to take revenge on these two, but why must you do it now?"

"Since when did the Imperial Root ever have to answer to the likes of you?"

"Fine then! Then why don't you ask the other ten thousand players in Vatican City what they think?" Limitless Pavillions coldly replied: "Don't think that the entire Vatican City belongs to you!"

Limitless Pavilions had specifically used his loudhailer when he was talking. With just a simple sentence, he had placed the entire Vatican City's population against the Imperial Root guild.

"Do you really think that you could s.n.a.t.c.h this quest away so easily? Dream on!" Limitless Pavillions quickly followed up.

Limitless Pavillions knew that the Imperial Root guild did not lack any money. But even if he couldn't force them to back off today, at the very least he wanted them to suffer as many losses as possible.

Most players were already unhappy with the everyday behaviours of the Imperial Root guild. It was no surprise that many players started airing their grievances after Limitless Pavillions had fanned the flames of their rage.

"That's right, this quest is open to the entire population of Vatican City! We'll f.u.c.king kill anyone that tries to stop us!"

Master Breezy and Master Lofty and Master Lofty began to panic in the face of such heated reactions... Even a super expert like w.a.n.g Yu would not dare to take on an army of ten thousand players, how could they possibly have the courage to...

Just as they were quaking in their boots, w.a.n.g Yu suddenly spoke up.

"Hey, are you two stupid or something?"


The two young masters stared at w.a.n.g Yu as they retorted: "Who gave you the rights to speak?"

w.a.n.g Yu ignored the brave front that these two kids were putting on, laughing as he stared at Limitless Pavillions.

"Since you two are so rich, why don't you spend a few gold coins to entice people to kill him?"

"Hmm? That's a great idea!" The two young masters excitedly shouted.

Limitless Pavillions was greatly startled, never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that w.a.n.g Yu would help his enemies!

"Master Breezy, Master Lofty, you guys shouldn't listen to his lies. We should be cooperating to kill him first then..." Limitless Pavillions meekly spoke as he slowly stepped away from them.

Limitless Pavillions' very act of turning the crowd against them had angered these two young masters so much so that they completely forgot about the matter of killing w.a.n.g Yu.

Master Breezy coldly smirked: "Having you around doesn't make that much of a difference?"

Master Lofty immediately withdrew a loudhailer from his inventory, speaking to the crowd: "Attention everyone. We will be awarding 1 gold to anyone who kills a member of the Crimson Helm guild. Anyone that kills Limitless Pavillions will be awarded 10 gold! There is no limit to this offer!"

"So it's a bounty quest... 10 gold..." A devious glint sparkled in the eyes of the crowd when they heard Master Lofty's words.

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