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Chapter 122: A Shameless Battle

Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations

Dawn's First Ray was extremely sullen right now. All he wanted to do was to complete his quest and allow his guild to climb to greater heights, but for some strange reason they had suddenly lost three hundred merit points...

What made things even worse was the fact that they had turned into the public enemies of Vatican City. Not only were they hunted down till they had to cower in fear in the resp.a.w.n point, he even lost 200 gold coins...

As a rich kid, Dawn's First Ray was not too concerned with losing that bit of gold. But he felt an intense indignation to the fact that they had lost three hundred merit points. If it was something that they had done that caused him to lose those merit points he could still accept it, but he was clearly innocent...

There was a swarm of players crowding around the resp.a.w.n point, even the streets were filled with players searching for members of the Imperial Root guild. These players stared at the Imperial Root guild members like they were staring at monsters. If the system did not ban fighting at the resp.a.w.n point, these players would have already attacked.

Dawn's First Ray stared at the ma.s.s of players eyeing them before looking down at the t.i.tle deeds in his hand, sighing deeply...

"Master Dawn, it's your turn."

An underling urged when he noticed Dawn's First Ray absentmindedly staring into the distance.

"I'm thinking!" Dawn's First Ray impatiently answered.

"It's been almost 10 minutes! Are you done thinking?"

Dawn's First Ray angrily glared at his underling as he berated: "It's called careful consideration! Do you understand? IT's because you idiots don't know how to think before you act that we're even in this situation!"

"Er..." The player promptly kept quiet. If it hadn't been for Flashy Jing wanting to bait w.a.n.g Yu and Yang Nuo none of them would be stuck here.

"Boss, you're not thinking of cheating right?"

"Do I look like someone who would cheat?"

"Then it's your turn."

"Let me think..." Dawn's First Ray replied as he absentmindedly stared at his cards.

Right at this moment, a resounding shout sounded out from outside the resp.a.w.n point.

A troop of Knights decked out in white armour had suddenly appeared, forcing their way through the crowd as they headed towards the resp.a.w.n point.

Everyone recognised this troop of Knights. They were the Holy Knights from the Church of Light. Even though they were displeased with the Knight's forceful behaviour, no one dared to utter a word of resentment or move a muscle, otherwise, they would be accused of resisting the church. Imperial Root was a good example of this...

"F*ck! They've caught up to us!" Dawn's First Ray shouted as he saw the Holy Knights advancing towards him. He looked like a deer caught in a spotlight, wide-eyed confusion written all over his face.

"Stop them!" Dawn's First Ray frantically shouted as he threw the poker cards onto the floor.


The underlings around him promptly reacted, jumping to their feet as they raised their weapons and got into a battle formation.

Even though the resp.a.w.n point could restrict players, it did not restrict the NPC's.

"For the glory of our lord!!!"

The Holy Knight's shouted as they raised their cross blades, activating [Charge] as they lined up and rushed towards the players from Imperial Root.

Having fought with them before, the players from Imperial Root knew that the Holy Knight possessed extremel

y high physical defense and magic resistance. The only weakness they had was their intellect. The players from Imperial Root promptly dodged to the side, evading the first wave of attacks from the Holy Knights.

War had broken out once again as the Holy Knight's charged into the resp.a.w.n point...

The resp.a.w.n point for each job was different in >

Take Dawn's First Ray for example, as a Knight his resp.a.w.n point was in the Monastery's courtyard while Priest's would resp.a.w.n in the Monastery's cathedral. These two places were very close by.

Currently all of the players of the Imperial Root that had been trapped together were either Priest's or Knight's, jobs with low attack power. If it had not been for the crazy amount's of health that Knight's had and the Priest's healing abilities, they would all have been killed a long time ago.

Regardless of how strong they were, the fact remained that these Holy Knight's did not have a very advanced AI. It was impossible for them to overcome so many players from the Imperial Root guild.

Even though the Holy Knight's could deal a lot of damage, the Knight's from the Imperial Root guild had at least one Priest a.s.signed to them for this battle, some even had two Priests...

With the naturally high defense of the Knight's, the attacks from the Holy Knight's could only half their health bar, but this was easily replenished by the Priest's standing behind them.

Similarly, the player's from Imperial Root could hardly harm these twelve Holy Knight's at all.

Even after fighting for such a long time, both sides still remained at full health. It was as though they had not fought at all…...

No one wanted to partic.i.p.ate in such a pointless fight, not even the players from the Imperial Root guild themselves. But if they didn't fight the Holy Knight's, they would probably be killed by the Holy Knight's.

After having fought for a while, a player suddenly felt as though something was amiss, pointing at the Holy Knight's who had been encircled as he shouted to Dawn's First Ray: "Boss, I have a feeling that they are trying to run away!"

Dawn's First Ray gave this player a weird look as he replied: "Given that these Holy Knight's are just simple-minded blind worshippers, how could they even think of running away?"

"Then why do they keep trying to dash out of our encirclement?" The player asked.

The simple mindedness of the Holy Knight was well known throughout Vatican City. These monsters were nothing more than tools of war that the Church of Light had raised to execute their opposition. They only knew how to charge into battle and slaughter their enemies, escape was something that they weren't thought to understand.

"Maybe you don't understand, but it's a very common tactic to break out of an encirclement before you continue fighting. The moment we let them out of our encirclement, they'll immediately charge at us again!" Dawn's First Ray chuckled.

"Are you sure?"

As someone who wasn't even a professional gamer, what would Dawn's First Ray understand about tactics?

"Do you really think these blockheads are that smart?"

"You never know... but didn't I manage to see through them?" Dawn's First Ray contentedly laughed: "You guys better defend properly! Master Breezy and Master Lofty are on the way! We'll definitely be able to collect some Knight and Priest equipment when we kill these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!"

"Yes sir!"

The players of the Imperial Root guild roared with excitement when Dawn's First Ray mentioned equipments.

The Holy Knight's were both Knights and Priests and it just so happened that all the players fighting them were of these two jobs.

The reason that these Holy Knight's were trying to break out of the encirclement was not as Dawn's First Ray had predicted. They were after all just simple AI's that were programmed to do certain tasks. They would not suddenly become more intelligent unless there was a system update.

According to the programmer's code. These Holy Knight's would indiscriminately attack any players once Willie had engaged a player in combat, in order to protect the Church of Light.

But of course, these Holy Knight's were currently locked in combat with the players from the Imperial Root guild. Wanting to go back to the Church of Light to protect it was nothing more than a pipe dream!

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