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Chapter 91: Delicately Cute

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Although purple-colored equipment and gold-colored equipment had only a one level difference, yet the gap between them was huge.

Purple-colored epic-level equipment; each piece had its source, origin, and was not something the likes of a fine iron sword or a steel knife nor other common things could compare to.

The attributes were superb, their origins were extraordinary, and their equipped effect was even more dazzling.

[Anler’s Holy Light Bracelet (Purple epic)]

[Equipment Level: 25]

[DEF +20]

[M-DEF +50]

[INT +90]

[ WIL 1 +120]

[Special effect: Increases mana regenerating speed by 20%.]

[Special effect: Whenever your healing spell triggers a Critical Hit, you will obtain an additional 500 mana.]

[Special effect: When you are hurt, there is a 10% chance of triggering Holy Light Protection to reduce damage by 50% and increase your healing ability by 10%. Lasts for 15 seconds.]

[Special skill: Releases Anler’s blessing on the target, grants the target the effect of Spring of Life, increases healing effect by 3%, reduces 3% damage, and continually regenerates HP for 30 seconds. The Effect of regenerating is dependent on the user’s WIL attribute. Cooldown: 3 minutes.]

[Note: This is the item that Anler the Light Great Priest has blessed with the Holy Light. There is amazing power flowing in it.]

[Vladimir’s Tyrannosaurus Mail (Purple epic)]

[Equipment Level: 25]

[DEF +50]

[M-DEF +50]

[STR +120]

[AGI +90]

[Special effect: Increases ATK SPD by 3%, EVA by 3%, and Crit Rate by 5%.]

[Special effect: When your attack deals a Critical Hit, you will gain an additional 10 points of STR. Can be stacked 5 times. Lasts for 20 secs. ]

[Special effect: When you successfully evaded your opponent’s attack, there is a 10% chance to increase your EVA by another 5% again. Can be stacked 5 times. Lasts for 20 secs.]

[Note: It is the mail Vladimir made from Dardanelle’s leather, and it is top-notch in terms of appearance and practicality.]

Two purple-colored epic-level equipment. This shocked the entire party.

Li Yi was also stupefied. He knew that there was a very high reward for clearing the Molten Furnace, but in respect to dropping two purple equipment at once, he had never heard of such a thing.

This hand… was literally on fire.

There were no objections to the distribution of the two pieces of purple-colored equipment. Anler’s bracelet went to Wu Old Wolf, while the Tyrannosaurus mail was given to Li Yi.

Wu Old Wolf’s mighty capabilities were evident to all. It could be said that without him, they would not have been able to pa.s.s the fourth form.

Not to mention Li Yi; the handing out of equipment and potions, the strategy for clearing the dungeon, and being the party commander. Without him, this party would not even have existed. Giving him the Tyrannosaurus Mail was unanimously agreed by all party members.

There was not any difficulty in distributing the remaining equipment. With more than 30 pieces of gold-colored equipment, there would still be seven or eight pieces left over even after everyone had taken one.

However, at least half of the members did not have any need for a single piece of equipment, causing Li Yi to be very surprised. But after some thinking, his mind was at ease. Before they started the dungeon fight, everyone had taken at least 4 or 5 pieces. If they were to take another one, that would be too embarra.s.sing.

Li Yi did not decline and went ahead to keep away that equipment which no one wanted. Carefully looking at the Virtual Inventory Pane, he found another surprise.

In addition to dropping gold and purple-colored equipment, Llamasden had also dropped skill tomes and miscellaneous items. Among them were actually two Archer Skill Tomes.

Learnable archer skills at Level 25, Camouflage and Rapid Shooting!

[Camouflage: Enter Stealth Mode with no time limit. You cannot move nor attack, otherwise, the Camouflage State will disappear automatically.]

[Rapid Shooting: ATK SPD increased by 2 times, Lasts for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 20 minutes.]

Rapid Shooting was very common. You only need to spend some Gold Coins, and you could buy it at the Auction House. Camouflage, on the other hand, was extremely rare, because this skill was more even more perverse than Thief’s Stealth!

In respect to Thief’s Stealth, as long as one’s Sensory was high, there was a chance to see through it, whereas for Camouflage, it could not be exposed regardless of how strong one’s Sensory was. What was more perverse was that in Stealth Mode, one’s form would be revealed when being attacked, but not so in Camouflage Mode. Unless you moved or attacked, otherwise, even if you were killed, the body would remain in Camouflage Mode…

It was a skill that was very much like a bug. Li Yi had played King of Pantheon for eight years and had only seen it being introduced on the official page. As for Archers who had learned Camouflage, he had never heard of any who did.

Countless Archers had been spending many years to search for this Camouflage Skill, and unfortunately, no one had found it even after eight years. Some people said that this skill was too unfair, making the Archer a Thief, and so in order to maintain balance, the System removed it before any player could obtain it. But whether this news was true or false, no one knew.

‘I don’t care whether you’re a bug or not, whether you’re removed or not; today, you are mine.’

Li Yi clapped his hands, and the Camouflage Skill Tome turned into a white light and disappeared.

[Congratulations, you have learned Camouflage!]

[Congratulations, you have learned Rapid Shooting!]

“This hat is awesome, hahaha. My INT is over 250, hahahaha…”

Chen Yang acquired a golden cloth-hat with an INT+50. He was filled with so much joy that he was gesticulating his hands and feet. He even seemed to be floating while walking.

Could the equipment produced by the Molten Furnace be poor? What was more, this was h.e.l.l-level Hard Mode. Just any piece of gold-colored equipment could increase one’s GS by at least 80+. If they were uber legendary, they would bring about an upgrade of roughly 170.

Equipped with the Tyrannosaurus Mail, Li Yi’s GS easily pa.s.sed 650+. This was the mighty part of an epic equipment.

“Congratulations Brother Dark Wing for winning the first kill, hahaha…”

“That was really unexpected. You’ve really surprised me.”

Confused Fox and Shangguan Bailu sent their congratulations right away, and Li Yi replied to them one by one.

Becoming famous after a battle. In a few days’ time, these three words, Little Drunk Cat, would achieve the same fame as Platinum Hand, and everyone would look up to them with envy.

“Fatty, Ice, when you recruit people, remember to tell them that this guild doesn’t provide any welfare benefits and only accept members that are united and loyal.”

It’s time to reform the guild!

The party had yet to leave the dungeon, and already they were receiving hundreds of various private chats and PM requesting to join the guild; and this, was only the beginning.

“Is the Little Drunk Cat Guild Master Dark Wing?”

“No, I heard that it’s a Dark Elf Archer called Invincible Jiaojiao.”

“Haven’t heard of her before. Is this person very powerful?”

“What nonsense. She wasn’t even there, and yet the guild was able to clear the h.e.l.l-level Molten. Tell me, is she powerful?”

“Too… too freaking dope.”

It was not just the party led by Li Yi that became famous. Even Guild Master Jiaojiao, who was not online, also gained fame.

The mysterious Lil Jiaojiao; who was she?

At the forum on the official page, there were at least a dozen discussion posts about Jiaojiao, and the number of respondents exceeded ten thousand. This was only the first day. One had to acknowledge the power of Internet ma.s.s hunting. Someone uploaded a picture of Jiaojiao, and instantly, all related discussion posts went into a frenzy again.

The beautiful Guild Master whom everyone was crazy about, Invincible Jiaojiao!

Real life photos, game photos, and various photos; Li Yi was secretly stunned as he saw them. This was because there were several photos that even he had not seen before…

The beautiful Guild Master and Invincible Guild immediately caused the players to go frantic. Chen Yang and Fire Ice did nothing all day long but to recruit and recruit again. In just three days, the numbers in Little Drunk Cat had swelled to three thousand plus, and the numbers continued to climb…

Li Yi continued with his nominal state and did not concern himself with the matters within the guild. He just did whatever that he was supposed to do and was unaffected by any of it.

As the number of people in the guild increased, friction was unavoidable. Infighting and brawls would occur, but Li Yi’s att.i.tude toward these was to go with the flow.

Unless they were the core members whom he approved of, he would not be bothered with whoever it was who got into trouble.

This kind of thing was a pain to manage, and not to mention the fact that there were dozens of people who were sent by their guilds to cause trouble here.

On the third day after clearing the Molten Furnace, there was a guest at Li Yi’s house.

Dressed in famous brands, the guest was tall, had black wavy hair, and on the fair oval face was a pair of oversized sungla.s.ses. Just by standing on the spot, there was quite a bit of a celebrity’s demeanor.

“h.e.l.lo, aunty. I’m Li Yi’s… friend. My name’s Delicate. Is he home?”

The pretty woman took off her sungla.s.ses and greeted Li Yi’s mother with a smile.

“Yes, he’s at home. I’ll call him out.”

Li Yi saw Delicate and recognized who she was at a glance. Although her clothes were not the same, her looks were not much different from in the game.

“Miss Delicate, I’ve got nothing to do with the Dark Empire anymore; not in the game, and certainly not in reality.”

“I don’t have any ulterior motives this time. I just want to find a place to have a chat with you.”

“Miss Delicate, I don’t think we’re close to each other? It’s best if you leave.”

“Oh my. Those who come from afar are guests, how can you speak like this? This child…”

Once Mother spoke out, Li Yi could do nothing. In the end, there was no other way but to follow her out.

Inside an elegant private room in Deere Bar, before Delicate opened her mouth, Li Yi laid his cards on the table first.

“Did Chu Tiange ask you to come?”

Delicate was stunned for a bit before nodding. “Yes!”

Li Yi smiled. “Hehe, surely he wants you to convince me to return to Dark Empire?”

Delicate lifted a gla.s.s of wine and took a sip, slightly nodding her head.

Since Li Yi left the guild, the reputation of Dark Empire had plummeted, and although money was spent to keep the members from leaving, the result was not very optimistic. Lacking a talent such as Li Yi, the progress of Dark Empire halted before Fire Beast, and seeing that the losses were becoming more and more serious, Chu Tiange gradually could not sit still.

The reason he invested in the game was not merely to play. The great potential brought by King of Pantheon attracted many well-known companies, and Chu Tiange was just one of them.

At the earliest, Chu Tiange’s purpose was very simple, to grow the popularity of his guild in the game and rely on the huge advertising fees to cover the costs…

However, as his understanding of the game grew deeper, he found that just by doing this alone was an extreme waste. The money in the game could be directly exchanged for cash, so as long as he developed well, the reward gained would be much higher.

A huge chunk of money was invested, and the initial effect was quite good. But with the increase of members and equipment demand, it was becoming difficult for him to make ends meet. When the dungeon progress was not moving forward, and the money was flowing out like a river, only going out but not coming in…

The Chu family was indeed rich, but no one’s money actually fell from the sky, and no one could stand losing money all the time.

Hearing that Chu Tiange lost more than twenty million in two months, his old father was so enraged that he straight away froze all his accounts and funds, ordered him to disband the guild, and immediately quit King of Pantheon.

“The Chu family has three sons. In order to select the heir, all three sons have each received a thirty million fund, and in a five-year period, whoever earns the most money, that person will be the future heir of the family.”

“Chu Tiange has lost all his thirty million. If no one helps him at this time, he has no chance of redeeming himself.”

After listening to Delicate’s recount, Li Yi was staggered.

Chu Tiange’s Dark Empire in the previous life held out for five years plus. It was absurd that it would close down so quickly. Was it because of him that he was indirectly affected?

“Only you can help him now. Li Yi, come back please.”

Delicately Cute vehemently held Li Yi’s hand.

That pair of little hands was very smooth, very delicate…

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