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Chapter 710: Following the Trail

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Camouflage was an extremely useful skill, so was Pseudocide. Albeit they were not without flaws. Against monsters, there was a certain probability of failure.

Li Yi failed and was instantly killed. He watched as the bosses boasted by waving their staves.

Against bosses, Li Yi had a 90% chance to escape. When faced with three of them however, the success rate was reduced threefold. It was no wonder that his trick was seen through.

Fortunately, the trio slowly moved in the direction of Tyrant Sword King the Fifth and Milky Way Star after putting down Li Yi. It was exactly as planned.

“Why are there hostiles again?”

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth spotted them and quickly notified Milky Way Star.

The duo turned and ran. Upon discovery, the bosses waved their staves while snarling and pursued them.

In the meantime, Li Yi resurrected on the spot.

He always had a Resurrection Stone in his pocket in case of unexpected turns of events like this.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth and Milky Way Star separated. This time, Li Yi ignored the former.

The Demon Fox and Demon Wolf Priests were after Milky Way Star. Their modus operandi was slightly different from the Bull Demon Priest. The Demon Fox was fire-oriented, specializing in releasing Great Fireb.a.l.l.s, while The Demon Wolf was ice-oriented, skilled at releasing Frostbolts. They did, however, share something in common. Their attack rate was exceptionally fast, their spells continuous and uninterrupted. Mad and incessant.

The attack range of the Great Fireball and Frostbolt was greater than that of the Electric Serpent. Despite Milky Way Star’s agile efforts, he was. .h.i.t in many places.

Li Yi had been following closely, watching Milky Way Star turn around and shoot the bosses from time to time. He was extremely puzzled. A single arrow of his dealt a mere fifty to sixty thousand damage, worse than Li Yi himself. How did he kill a boss in under twenty minutes?

Wham! Wham!

His Piercing Sun Arrow inflicted 120,000 damage to the Demon Wolf Priest.

Milky Way Star was without a doubt more powerful than a similarly leveled Vagabond. Nevertheless, it remained impossible to slay two bosses within twenty minutes. There must be something else.

His positioning was no joke. Li Yi also noted that he used the Superior Healing Spell, a skill exclusive to Sky Vagabonds, which made Li Yi curious. He would use it every time his health dropped below half.

All Vagabonds knew Healing Spells, but not its Superior counterpart. It was most irregular that an Earth Vagabond would learn to use it.

The prerequisite for learning Superior Healing: Spend 60 or more skill points in Healing Spells on the Sky Vagabond path.

The prerequisite for learning Sun Piercing Arrow: Spend 60 or more skill points on the Mount Vagabond path.

The prerequisite for learning Earth-ward (Reduces incoming damage by 30%, a signature skill for Defensive Earth Vagabonds): Spend 60 or more skill points in Defensive skills on the Earth Vagabond path.

The prerequisite for learning Weakness Break (Increases damage dealt by 30%, a signature skill for Offensive Earth Vagabonds): Spend 60 or more skill points in the Offensive skills on the Earth Vagabond path.

Milky Way Star knew all of them.

Li Yi was flabbergasted.

The Vagabond cla.s.s was deemed as weak due to the fact that there were too many skills to master, but too few skill points available. This greatly limited the development of the Vagabond cla.s.s. For example, the best main tank of the Vagabonds, Out of Print. He was a Defensive Earth Vagabond, and once entirely invested in Earth-ward, he would be all out of points for Weakness Break.

Li Yi evaluated and concluded, based on the skills Milky Way Star exhibited, that he had to have spent at least 320 skill points.

There was still a notable gap compared with Li Yi, but Li Yi had been reborn and Milky Way Star was merely an average Joe.

Was it sheer luck, or was he as strong as he presented himself to be?

Li Yi developed a growing interest in him.

The total players in King of Pantheon exceeded 100 million. It was understandable that there were some overpowered players. What was strange was that he had not achieved many first kills, so what had he done to increase his skill points?

While Li Yi was stunned, Milky Way Star unexpectedly turned around and darted across in circles.

Li Yi turned into a Lightning Leopard and stepped aside gingerly to make way for him.



A Great Fireball and a Frostbolt hit Milky Way Star simultaneously. His hands gleamed with white light. He cast a Superior Healing, speedily maxing out his health bar.

This guy, does he have more mana than me?

Since the beginning of the battle, he had used Superior Healing nine times and shot fifteen Sun Piercing Arrows. A regular Vagabond would have exhausted his mana by now.


Milky Way Star shot his sixteenth Sun Piercing Arrow. His feet moved upon landing and he launched off like the wind.

When he stopped, there was someone beside him. It was none other than Tyrant Sword King the Fifth.

He taunted the Demon Fox Priest and darted to the left.

Milky Way Star rained arrows at the Demon Wolf Priest and bolted to the right.

They divided the two of them!

Li Yi squinted.

It seemed inconceivable. Tyrant Sword King the Fifth returned unscathed, but where was the Demon Rat Priest?

He could not have killed it.

It was extremely suspicious.

Li Yi thought about it slightly. He continued ignoring Tyrant Sword King the Fifth and raced in the direction of Milky Way Star.

He felt like someone had just played him like a fiddle. Not Tyrant Sword King the Fifth, not Milky Way Star, but somebody else.

To say that Milky Way Star eliminated the Bull Demon Priest was logically defensible, but no way could it be said that Tyrant Sword King the Fifth soloed the Demon Rat Priest.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth was not a Territory powerhouse, nor did he have more than Holy attribute fifty points. It was impossible for him to kill the Demon Rat Priest by himself.

They must have a secret ally!

He was sure of it.

While he was following Milky Way Star, the anonymous figure must have aided Tyrant Sword King the Fifth. If he gave up the chase this time and followed the latter, Milky Way Star would turn up for their rendezvous, after ‘effortlessly’ defeating Demon Wolf Priest of course.

It was certainly an extremely interesting state of affairs.

Li Yi took out the Divine Looking Gla.s.s and searched for Tyrant Sword King the Fifth. He then turned to pursue the latter.

He wanted to prove his hypothesis.

The directions they went were the exact opposite. In order to arrive in time, Li Yi released his Territory light barrier and teleported repeatedly within it, traveling at breakneck tempo. After a few twists and turns, Tyrant Sword King the Fifth was before his eyes.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth ran at full speed while facing the Demon Fox Priest. He was still not fit to be on the offensive. He was just barely surviving by consuming three types of HP Potions in succession. Li Yi’s judgment was correct. It was impossible for that guy to fight a purple-named boss alone.

While Tyrant Sword King the Fifth was running, three shadow staves started striking the Demon Fox Priest’s body, causing three red damage values to appear.




The Demon Fox bellowed. With a sudden influx of speed, it angrily launched itself towards Tyrant Sword King the Fifth.

The three staves had stirred its fury to new heights.

Clap! Bop! Bash!

Another three staves appeared, and the red numbers emerged again.




The staves damage continued to increase. The Demon Fox Priest turned red, a sign of imminent rage.


Tyrant Sword King the Fifth looked back, saw its appearance, and accelerated by activating the special skill of his shoes.

The staves kept attacking with frightening speed, almost hitting once per second, and the damage they caused increased gradually. Although the Demon Fox Priest had a sizable amount of HP, it could not endure the beating. It did not take long before it shrieked, arms wrapping around its chest and fell to the ground.

Three purple lights scattered across the ground; the Demon Fox Priest had dropped items.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth stopped and looked at the fox’s body, taking a long sigh of relief.

Li Yi arrived, only to see the Demon Fox Priest falling to the ground. Tyrant Sword King the Fifth turned around.

“Powered-up Arrow!”


As Tyrant Sword King the Fifth was about to loot the spoils, an arrow suddenly flew out of the ground, hitting him in the face. Li Yi had fired a Quintuple Powered-up Arrow.


Tyrant Sword King the Fifth flopped to the ground.

One hit kill!

Li Yi activated G.o.d Mode, widened his senses, and searched.

A small yellow dot appeared on the edge of the minimap and disappeared.

There was somebody else.

Li Yi did not pick up the loot. Instead, he went towards the last known position of the small yellow dot.

Soon after, the small yellow dot reappeared at the edge of the minimap. The map symbol represented a player. If it was a monster, it would be displayed with a red dot.

One could not fly in Foreignland, even in G.o.d Mode. It could be forced, but this would violate Foreignland’s rules and one would be expelled.

He could only rely on his legs and the Gift of the Hunter G.o.ddess to speed up his wings.

The yellow dot was getting closer, which meant that he was fast approaching.

Whoever it is, show yourself!

Li Yi activated his Rocket Propellant and hurried to the position where the little yellow dot was.


Li Yi immediately arrived at his target. Before his eyes was a gray-robed Summoner wielding an Orange Quality Staff.

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