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Chapter 662: Huge, Fair, and Gorgeous

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was dawn by the time Li Yi drove all the way home. He was beat, so was Qian’er. Li Yi’s body was drained, but for Qian’er it was her arm. She had been busy running her hands over the Xu sisters, taking full advantage…

Once the car made a stop, Li Yi attempted to wake the sisters. The sisters had slept overnight now, even if they were drunk, they would have woken up by now. Yet, strangely, tried as Li Yi might, both of them were remained unconscious despite his efforts to yell and shake them.

“Leave it, just let them sleep. Let’s head up.”

Li Yi strategically stored the keys and locked the door.

Qian’er held the last door, “Don’t. It must be hard being in the car. Just carry them to my room.”

“They’ll wake up soon. I don’t think we need to carry them.”

“Well… They had too much to drink so it’s better to let them sleep comfortably.”

Li Yi took a look at the fretful Big t.i.ts, making her thoughts obvious.

“Alright then, we’ll carry them then. We’ll carry one each.”

Li Yi helped Xu Yue out before Qian’er took her up the stairs by the arm. He then propped Xu Man up and seized her by the waist.

“Oh major celebrity, are you really sleeping or are you really sleeping?”

Li Yi squeezed Xu Man in his arms and drew near her ear, blowing into it as he casually made a remark.

Li Yi could somewhat see Xu Man’s face from the first light of the morning. He realized that the celebrity’s face was blushing red following his words.

So, she was pretending to be asleep…

Walking up the stairs, Li Yi intentionally placed one hand on Xu Man’s b.o.o.bs, fondling and weighing it in his hand.

With her body tightening, Xu Man let out a gentle scoff and pressed her body downwards to push Li Yi’s hand away.

Still continuing the act, huh?

Li Yi snickered, walking, fondling, and letting out strange panting sounds at times. By the time Xu Man was carried into the house, her face was burning red while her body was quivering endlessly.

If he continued on, would this major celebrity reach o.r.g.a.s.m? Oh, what an awful thought.

Chasing away the dirty thoughts in his head, Li Yi tossed Xu Man on the bed, next to Xu Yue who was already lying on the bed.

Qian’er rubbed her palms together with excitement at the sight of the sleeping beauties, itching to give it a go, “I’m tired too, why don’t you head back now.”

“You’ve been groping them the whole night and you haven’t had enough?”

“I’m just tired, what are you thinking about?”

“Big-t.i.ts perv.”

Holding her in contempt, Li Yi turned to leave. Qian’er was beaming with joy as she went to shut the door, but it was then, Li Yi turned back.

“Why don’t we do this? You grope them, I caress you, so both of us are happy?”

“Bah, hooligan!”

Qian’er forced Li Yi out of the room with both arms, shutting the door behind him as fast she could.

“Guild guild… Guild Master, maybe you could, sleep in my room?”

Li Yi was almost at the door when Fire Ice’s head popped out of the other bedroom door before swiftly disappearing.

Li Yi’s jaw dropped.

So Missy Quiet had a bold side to her…

“Pear-shaped is a rare type, I can’t just let it go, can’t let it go…”

Li Yi rubbed his hands and walked towards Fire Ice’s room.

His hand, upon reaching the bedroom door, made a sudden stop. He resolutely turned around and took large strides out of the place.

“Pear-shaped may be rare but I’m no jerk. Jiaojiao’s still waiting for me at home, the least I can do is tell her beforehand…”

“Jiaojiao, Jiaojiao, are you there? Top of the morning!”

Li Yi eagerly opened the door but was greeted by the sight of his parents on his couch watching television.

Li Yi’s face was burning as he awkwardly rubbed his hands, “Mum, dad, when did you arrive?”

Li Yi’s father was not having it, “Sigh, boy, where have you been all night? You had a girl take care of the house? You really…”

“I went to Chen Yang’s place, something happened.”

Li Yi’s father wanted to continue nagging him but was cut off by Li Yi’s mother, “Enough already. We’re barely home and you’re going go off on him the moment we’re back? Oh Yi, let’s not listen to him. Go rest now. I can see your dark eye circles, surely you didn’t sleep all night?”

With mother dearest there to get him out of the fix, Li Yi took a quick pace back to his room.

“Sleep sleep…”

He did not want to think about anything now other than his beauty sleep.

With his parents back, it was fortunate Jiaojiao was on good behavior and did not cause havoc, but Li Yi wouldn’t be able to do as he pleased at home for now.

The Xu sisters had long awakened. They were pretending to be asleep, not because they could not return home, but to stay here for a few days.

Li Yi did not comment on the situation but Qian’er welcomed it with open arms and legs. The Xu sisters asleep were absolutely adorable… These were Qian’er’s actual words.

A quiet two days went by and the Xu sisters gradually blended in with the crowd. No longer having their hands tied, they knew how to strike back when Qian’er went overboard with her actions.

Xu Man may be defenseless but Xu Yue? She used to be an army elite, a pillar of the state, with enough tricks up her sleeve to handle Qian’er.

Within three days, Qian’er was taught a lesson by Xu Yue instead. It was way worse than when Jiaojiao tied her up. When Li Yi saw her, she was stuck onto a wall with her limbs spread open.

Now, this was welcomed with open arms… and legs.

Li Yi’s parents left after a few days. Prior to their departure, they had a talk with Li Yi, picking his mind on staying with them.

Li Yi had graduated and was without a job. His parents were always abroad and unable to take care of him. This time, they wanted to bring him along to teach him sales.

Back in the past life, Li Yi did not follow his parents’ footsteps. He did the same this life. He took out a small amount of savings and told his parents with confidence that he was engaged in the gaming profession…

“You picked your road. Don’t you regret it.”

Li Yi’s father left these words and took off with his mother.

With that, Li Yi regained his peace of mind.

There were not just one, but multiple beauties living upstairs and downstairs to him. He was smiling in his sleep at that thought.

When Qian’er left home, she left behind a note on her thoughts — She would never marry King Fifth.

With her home, Qian’er’s parents only forced one thing on her and that was that she marries the son of w.a.n.g Enterprise’s chairman.

She refused to give in and had been hitting heads with her family ever since. Were it not for Li Yi smuggling her out, she would probably have gone on a hunger strike.

Li Yi asked her, “Why do you despite King Fifth so much? The guy’s not bad looking. He’s loaded, got the looks, and has the family influence. The cla.s.sic version of tall, rich, and handsome. Doesn’t he match up to you, huge, fair, and gorgeous?

“I’ve heard of tall, rich, and handsome, but huge, fair, and gorgeous?”

“Huge t.i.ts, fair skin, and gorgeous gal.”

“Bah! Anything that comes out of your mouth stinks!”

“There’s a reason why I despise him. I didn’t tell you before, but I can tell you now, he’s a real pervert.”

“Oh? Pervert?”

“Yeap, when I was in my teens, he came to my place and I saw him… peeping on my auntie, that’s my stepmother in the showers.”

“In your teens? How old was he then?”

“Fourteen, I guess…”

“What a jerk. I knew he’s bad news, humph humph.”

“Are you discriminating against him? Why do I feel your hatred towards him?

“Oh, also, he didn’t just peep on my auntie, he he…” Qian’er started to stammer.

“What! Don’t tell me he raped your auntie?”

“Scram! You’re worse than him. My auntie treats me well, she’s a real mother to me. Don’t say that about her!” Qian’er glared at Li Yi, prompting him to nod in agreement. He would keep that in mind now. He never heard about Qian’er family background in the past life. If he knew, he would never make such a hasty remark.

Qian’er frowned, “he stole my auntie’s pant pant… panties and w-w-w-w. Well, you know…”

Li Yi came to the realization, “Whack villains!” 1

“Tsk, it’s w.a.n.king!”

“w.a.n.king? What do you whack?”

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

Li Yi held back his giggles, “And you’ve despised him ever since?”

“Yeah, I’ve been sick of him ever since. I then saw him kissing a beautiful girl in school. He pulled away when he realized it was me and slapped her, calling her a s.l.u.t…”


Qian’er nodded, “Yes, I’ve steered clear of him since then.”

“Well, I would do the same if I were you.”

If stealing undies and masturbating was an act of impulse, then what did the game he played in front of his fiancée say about him? Qian’er had always considered King Fifth to be treacherous because of this so she kept a distance from him. As a matter of fact, she was right.

“I can’t go home now. Mm, I probably never can. I have no job…”

Before Qian’er could finish, Li Yi revealed his state of mind, “I’ll look after you.”

“If you stay for a day, I’ll look after you a day. If you stay for a year, I’ll look after you for a year. If you stay for a lifetime, I’ll look after you for life,” Li Yi’s voice was with an infrequent serious tone.

Qian’er was wreathed in a smile as she extended her arm out to Li Yi, “Great, give me a million to play with.”

Li Yi took out three purple Crystal Credit Card and handed them over to her.

“Ten million in each card. Take them.”

It was Qian’er’s turn to be in shock.

“Who wants your money? I don’t want it.”

Refusing to accept, Qian’er turned and went out.

“Why don’t you want it?”

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch. I don’t want to be paying the price.”

Qian’er made a face at Li Yi and hopped out of there.

This voluptuous gal may be perverted, but most of the time, she was a naive and cute little girl.

When the clock struck 12 in the afternoon, Li Yi put on his gaming controller and entered Pantheon world.

Confused Fox gave him a call earlier. Brother Windcloud Nine and Flower Underpants just had returned together from the Pantheon Ruins!

Li Yi was eager to find out whether these two had mastered Territory.

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