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Chapter 659: The Miraculous Incantation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“My husband… He… He…”

“Your husband really did say that. He even said that if you don’t agree to it, he’ll ignore you for the rest of your lives”

“No, don’t ignore me, soooob…”

Sister Windcloud Nine held her face in her hands and wailed. It was only then that Li Yi felt he had gone too far…

“Urk… that’s a pretty intense reaction.”

Li Yi called her name softly. “Sister Nine! Sister Nine!”

Sister Windcloud Nine raised her head, her eyes nearly swollen from crying.

“Actually…” Li Yi elongated that last syllable, half a smile on his face.

“Actually what?”

“Actually, don’t you find me really good-looking?”

Sister Windcloud Nine shook her head in absolute certainty.

“Aren’t you the least bit attracted to me?”

Sister Windcloud Nine shook her head and then nodded.

“So are you attracted to me or not?”

“A little… but not much.”


Sister Windcloud Nine bit her lip. “I don’t wanna talk to you anymore. I’m really sad right now, I wanna log off.”

Li Yi waved her off. “Don’t! I have a huge secret to tell you.”

“It can’t be anything good. I think I… don’t wanna hear it.”

“It’s good, I swear to you it’s good. If you don’t hear me out, you’ll definitely regret this forever.”

“Okay, then tell me. I’ll log off after I hear it.”

Li Yi said with a straight face, “Actually, I’m a G.o.d.”


Sister Windcloud Nine laughed through her tears and then immediately started crying again.

“You can’t ever be serious. I’m heartbroken, and you’re still making fun of me? I’m logging off for real now, bye-bye.”

Sister Windcloud Nine waved at Li Yi, and her body began to fade. This showed that she was logging off.

“According to my divination, Brother Nine won’t die.”

Just before Sister Windcloud Nine logged off, he finally exclaimed out loud.

Sister Windcloud Nine’s eyes widened, and her body faded completely. Within a few seconds, however, she logged into the game again.

Sister Windcloud Nine asked desperately, “What… What did you just say?”

“I said I’m a G.o.d.”

“No, not that.”

Li Yi held open his hands. “Then there’s nothing else.”

Sister Windcloud Nine pursed her lips, her eyes reddening again.

“Dare you make a bet with me? Forget three months, I bet that Brother Nine wouldn’t even die after nine months.”

Sister Windcloud Nine just sobbed. She was an emotional wreck just then, so she had no time for Li Yi’s nonsense.

“Let me put it to you this way. Actually, I have a secret method that was pa.s.sed down through generations. You just gotta follow it to the T and use it on Brother Windcloud Nine, then you’ll naturally prolong his lifespan.”

“Don’t lie to me again, my heart really hurts right now, s...o...b.. What secret method?”

Sister Windcloud Nine did not believe anything Li Yi said anymore, but she still could not help but ask. To her, it did not matter how slim the chances were. She would take any hope she could get.

“It’s a miraculous incantation.” Li Yi looked very solemn, as though he was not joking at all.

Sister Windcloud Nine’s gaze was determined. She bit her lip as she said, “Just tell me. I don’t care if it’s real or not, I’ll do it anyway!”

“The incantation is simple enough. You’ll remember it as soon as I tell you…”

Li Yi approached Sister Windcloud Nine and whispered the miraculous incantation to her.

Sister Windcloud Nine’s face reddened suddenly and she kept waving her hands. Mumbling it a few times under her breath, she then asked Li Yi, “Will it… really work?”

“You just gotta go back and try, then you’ll know, right? If Brother Windcloud Nine is still alive and kicking three months later, won’t that prove that my incantation works?”

“What if it doesn’t?”

“Then I’ll reimburse you a husband.”

“How… How could you do that?”

“I’ll give myself to you, duh.”

“No… No thanks…”

Sister Windcloud Nine waved her hands desperately, murmured the incantation, and then her body began to fade. She logged off immediately.

Since she had gotten that life-saving incantation, all she could think of was saving her husband. She had even forgotten to bid Li Yi goodbye.

Li Yi chuckled and his body faded. He logged off too.

Was a doctor’s word absolute? Li Yi did not understand medicine, and he did not know any incantations, but he did know that Brother Nine definitely would not die.

He remembered it very clearly from the past life. Brother Nine was one of the 100 G.o.d Wars partic.i.p.ants, which meant he had not died even then. In that case, how could he die now?

That incantation and all was just a trick to fool that silly little Sister Windcloud Nine, so she had something to hold on to and lend her strength. It was better than how she was now, crumbling without any emotional support whatsoever.

Brother Windcloud Nine was one of the hundred G.o.d Wars partic.i.p.ants, so how could he die before he even attained the t.i.tle of the Immovable King?

That doctor was such a quack!

Three days pa.s.sed in a flash, and Brother Windcloud Nine was online again, as was Sister Windcloud Nine. Li Yi went to visit Brother Nine and saw that he was in much better spirits than before.

Li Yi secretly messaged Sister Windcloud Nine. “Did you use the incantation?”

Sister Windcloud Nine blushed and nodded secretly, replying in a whisper, “I say it three times a day, without fail.”

The crackpot psychic Li Yi rubbed his chin and acted all mysterious. “That’s good, carry on and your husband’s condition will get better and better.”

“Yeah-huh, I will.”

That day, Brother Windcloud Nine stayed online for a long time. He did not do anything but wander around with Sister Windcloud Nine all day. It seemed as though he believed what the doctor had said as well, and he was no longer in any mood to beat monsters and run dungeons.

When Li Yi logged off, Brother Windcloud Nine and Sister Windcloud Nine were online. When he logged back on, they were still online. Li Yi logged off later, and logged on again, and the two of them were still online…

Brother Windcloud Nine stayed online for three whole days, and Sister Windcloud Nine stayed by his side, sleeplessly, for three days as well.

In the end, Li Yi had to advise her. “Log off, don’t worry. With the incantation, it’ll be fine…”

“I’ll… I’ll wait for my husband to sleep first…” Sister Windcloud Nine kept yawning, but she perked herself up and refused to log off.

Li Yi then messaged Brother Windcloud Nine and advised him too before he was willing to log off.

One day later, Li Yi logged on again and saw that the two of them were still online…

Recently, neither Not Gray Wolf nor Drifting Snow had come to pick a fight with the Invincible Continent, and just as Li Yi predicted, Brother Nine’s condition was gradually improving.

Half a month pa.s.sed in an instant, and Brother Windcloud Nine was in high spirits. He now looked just like any normal person, and his transformation was evident for all to see. As a result, Sister Windcloud Nine was so touched that she thanked Li Yi as soon as she logged on. Li Yi was practically a G.o.d in her eyes now.

Ever since her husband’s condition improved, she no longer harbored any doubts against Li Yi’s incantation. After just half a month, Li Yi had practically become equal to G.o.d himself in her eyes…

“My husband’s getting better and better. The doctor said that this… this is a miracle, hahaha, but only I know that this is no miracle, this is the power of the incantation! It’s all thanks to the incantation!”

It was just a casual lie on Li Yi’s part, but as a result, he accidentally obtained a fanatic believer…

A month later, Sister Windcloud Nine ran to him all of a sudden one day. “Big Brother Wing, do you have an even more miraculous incantation. You know… the type that could wake my husband up for real. If you do, I’ll give you all my money!”

“Now that’s a difficult one. It’s not that I don’t have one, it’s just…”

Sister Windcloud Nine said desperately, “Just what? What do you want? I’ll give you anything I have!”

Li Yi touched his chin, acting all mysterious. “Do you know what my nickname is?”

“Archer G.o.d.”

“Not that one, the other one.”

“The other one…” Sister Windcloud Nine pursed her lips and cracked her head over it for a long time before she finally clapped her hands together. “The Invincible Pervert!”


Li Yi nearly sprayed the floor with his blood. Even he had no idea he had a t.i.tle like the Invincible Pervert…

Li Yi glanced at Sister Windcloud Nine’s body a few times. “Cough! Well, since you said I’m a pervert, I’m sure you know what perverts like…”

“That’s easy. I’ll bring you some pretty ladies. We have plenty of pretty ladies here, and they all really like you.”

Li Yi snorted. “I don’t wanna. They’re all materialistic pleasures, I’m not interested.”

Sister Windcloud Nine grew anxious again. “Then what isn’t a materialistic pleasure to you?”

Li Yi pointed at Sister Windcloud Nine. “You.”

“Me?” Sister Windcloud Nine gasped and took a few steps back.

“I… I can’t, I really can’t. I… I…”

“I like married women, especially ones like you with plenty of flavor. Those are my favorites.”

“I… I…” Sister Windcloud Nine turned as red as blood. If there was a crack in the ground here, she would have crawled straight in.

“The opportunity will only come knocking once. Hmph-hmph, I’ll take it back if you don’t wanna. Guess I’m going now.”

“Don’t… Don’t… Big Brother Wing, I’ll do it!”

Sister Windcloud Nine ran forth and grabbed Li Yi’s arm.

“You say you will, but now I won’t. Hmph, you were too slow. Better luck next time.”

“Don’t, please don’t. Just give me one chance, I’m worried I’ll regret this next time. Just this one, I definitely won’t say yes again next time, s...o...b..”

“Don’t cry! If I hear even one more sob, I’ll never tell you the incantation.”

Sister Windcloud Nine clapped her hands over her mouth, stuffing the sobs back in.

“Let’s do this for now. I’ll tell you the incantation, so you just gotta up the ante. Chant it at Brother Nine ten times a day, and maybe there’ll be a miracle. It’s just a maybe, though, no guarantees. Still, I’m a hundred percent sure the incantation can keep Brother Nine alive.”

Li Yi was about to leave after telling her that, when Sister Windcloud Nine grabbed his arm desperately and refused to let go.

“What now? I already told you how.”

Sister Windcloud Nine lowered her head and spoke in a tinny voice, “Don’t… Don’t you want… want… want that thing?”

“Want what thing?”

“You know… that…” Sister Windcloud Nine could not string a sentence together.

“I have enough women now. If I take any more, I won’t be able to handle it. That’s why I appreciate the sentiment, but next time.”

Li Yi patted Sister Windcloud Nine’s beautiful shoulder and walked off into the sunset.

Sister Windcloud Nine stood there and thought it over for a long time before she understood what Li Yi meant.

“Is he pulling my leg?”

Li Yi sent Brother Windcloud Nine a private message, ushering him to go to the Pantheon Ruins and learn a Territory.

In the past life, Brother Windcloud Nine never learned a Territory Skill. Although he made the G.o.d Wars list with his equipment alone, there was still a huge difference between one with a Territory and one without. Although Li Yi had not seen how the G.o.d Wars ended in the past life, he could make an educated guess that Brother Windcloud Nine must have lost, just like he did.

“Alright, I’ll go now!”

Brother Windcloud Nine had been hesitating for over a month, but he finally gave in to Li Yi’s incessant nagging and decided to head into the Pantheon Ruins!

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