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Chapter 642: Absolute Defense

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fl.u.s.tered, Sister Windcloud Nine gripped her staff as she ran into the Flaming Dragon Lair. Watching her receding figure, Li Yi shook his head and summoned Onyxia to take flight.

His quest was to deliver a letter and the target NPC was near the Flaming Dragon Lair. However, as the location of this NPC was not fixed, the search would take up some time.

Li Yi circled the Flaming Dragon Lair twice and despite half an hour of effort, the NPC could not be found.

Could the NPC have been killed?

Li Yi wondered if he should continue his search when he caught sight of two Blue Dragon Whelp mounts flying from the south.

With King of Pantheon in operation for over two years now, there was an abundance of players with dragon mounts but the majority of them were fake dragons, such as Wyverns, Red Wing Dragon, Blue Wing Dragon, etc. Though their names sounded draconic, they rarely resembled the actual Dragon Race.

Blue Dragon Whelp mounts were worthy true dragon mounts. Similar to Li Yi’s Onyxia, they were descendants of the top five great ancient dragons. However, Onyxia was a true blue blood compared to Dragon Whelps.

Li Yi made a swift landing and dismissed Onyxia before hiding with Camouflage.

On the back of Blue Dragon Whelp, was a masked female player. She was dressed in a sky-blue outfit and held a piccolo in her hand, it was obvious she belonged to the Sky Vagabond cla.s.s.

The female player made a beeline straight for the Flaming Dragon Lair’s entrance.

It was then that Li Yi came out of hiding. After a brief thought, he quietly crept behind her.

Although he did not have a clear view of the female player’s face due to the distance, there were not many female Sky Vagabonds riding a Blue Dragon Whelp in his past life. Hence, Li Yi could already guess the ident.i.ty of this person.

The female Vagabond seemed to be familiar with the Flaming Dragon Lair, flying quickly even at turns and curves. It was not long before she arrived in the central section of the cave.

Before the female Vagabond entered the Flaming Dragon Lair, the cave’s pa.s.sageway had already been wiped clean of monsters in all corners. All the Scarabs along with the Scarab King were dead.

With only a handful of players capable of killing the Scarab King and clearing monsters at this magnitude, it could only be the work the silly Sister Windcloud Nine.

Li Yi was right on the money. Sister Windcloud Nine may have entered the Flaming Dragon Lair quite some time ago, but she had wandered around the pa.s.sageways around the entrance before finally making it in the central region. Try as she might, she could not find the way further up.

In a narrow and dark dead end, the female Vagabond and Sister Windcloud Nine b.u.mped into each other.

The female Vagabond motioned her piccolo to slice a few Windblades. Pft pft pft pft. A string of damage emerged above Sister Windcloud Nine’s head, reducing her HP by half.

Sister Windcloud Nine cried out in a bated breath, “Who’s there?”

Pft pft pft pft pft!

The reply she received was another string of Windblades. Her Tuhr Sacred Sword was rattling with vibration but did not charge ahead.

With Sister Windcloud Nine’s attack settings still on peace mode, she could attack monsters but not players…

“Who’s there? Who’s attacking me? I’m going to hit you back if you don’t answer.”

With a yelp, Sister Windcloud Nine dropped down.

Tst –

Her Tuhr Sacred Sword let out a bellow before digging into her backpack.

Letting out a sigh, the female Vagabond took quickly walked forward. She shook her head in disappointment after she realized no items were dropped by Sister Windcloud Nine.

Sister Windcloud Nine was lying on the ground but that did not stop her from asking, “Who are you? Why did you kill me?”

“You don’t know me.”

“Then why did you kill me?”

“I’m a Southern Continent player. You’re from the Western Continent. Oh right, it should be called the Ninth Continent now. We don’t belong to the same camp, it’s only natural for me to kill you.”


Sister Windcloud Nine, upon getting to the bottom of it, immediately released her soul and corpse ran.

The female Vagabond did not sp.a.w.n camp. She remained there for a while before backtracking and continuing on her way.

Trailing close behind, Li Yi’s curiosity grew as the female Vagabond snuck deeper into the hinterland.

Although he had not seen the female Vagabond’s face, from the Blue Dragon Whelp and cla.s.s, he could tell that she was the Fluttering Snow Alliance’s No. 1 Military Advisor, the Heart of Operation, Bai Xiaoya.

Prior to Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut founding the Fluttering Snow Alliance, Bai Xiaoya and Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut were members of Huashan (Not Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g’s Huashan) until the disbandment of the guild. Following Bai Xiaoya’s suggestion, Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut established the No. 1 guild of the gaming world, the Fluttering Snow Alliance.

There had always been a rumor in the gaming world, guessing the man behind Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut. No one knew who it was but the woman behind Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut was, no doubt, Bai Xiaoya who was nicknamed the Heart of the Operation.

Famous for listing the divine weapon rankings and charting the ranks of G.o.ds, Bai Xiaoya’s reputation was no lower than Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut. Her lack of partic.i.p.ation in battles, dungeons, and PK, had misled many to think less of her combative effectiveness and that she was all talk.

Li Yi thought the same until today when he witnessed how Bai Xiaoya killed the monsters with ease. He came to the realization how wrong he was.

Facing the Scarabs, Bai Xiaoya wielded her piccolo and instantly slaughtered them with a Vacuum Revolving Blade. Facing the Scarab King, she blew her piccolo, forcing the mighty Scarab King into Sleep status.

Unstoppable the whole way, she dodged, evaded, blocked, and ama.s.sed monsters. The whole time Li Yi’s eyes were on her, his jaw was permanently in a dropped position.

What a huge difference! Bai Xiaoya was not just about the talking the talk, she was great in battles too.

With Bai Xiaoya entering the second level of the pa.s.sageway, Li Yi gave it a thought and waited for a moment before taking out a Road Sign to place in the tunnel. On it was written a few words, “Pathway specially for Sister Nine, go up.”

Sister Windcloud Nine was still pursuing behind and she did not know the way. Pigs would fly if she ever found the way to the second level, judging by the way she was running around like a headless chicken.

Li Yi’s act of leaving a Road Sign for her was done out of courtesy.

Bai Xiaoya was fairly familiar with the Flaming Dragon Lair. Breezing her way through the hinterland, she arrived in the depths of the Flaming Dragon Lair.

“Stop right there, leave this place!”

Out came Flaming Skeleton Caitley, blocking Bai Xiaoya’s pathway.

“Vacuum Revolving Blade!”

Bai Xiaoya immediately launched an attack, firing a Windblade at Caitley.


Damage in red emerged above Caitley’s head. Caitley grunted before unleashing a terrifying Flaming Blast.

Szh! Szh!



As Bai Xiaoya’s body was wrapped a layer of blue swiveling wind, Caitley’s Flaming Blast only managed a few hundred damage.

“Absolute Defense!”

Li Yi’s eyes stretched wide open. He was in shock.

For players who entered Territory, the different selections of paths would present different evolving routes. Jiaojiao, as an example, chose Instantaneous Burst and could use the Territory Power to deal super high damage in an instant.

Unending Unmatched and Bai Xiaoya chose Absolute Defense. Upon activation, the damage reduction varied depending on the strength of their Territory.

With Caitley’s tyrannical Flaming Blast only causing damage to Bai Xiaoya by the hundreds indicated the level of her Territory level. She must be over Rank 20.


After months of quests, he only managed to get to Rank 16!

Bai Xiaoya remained where she was as she blasted Caitley with spells. With Wind G.o.d’s Protection (Absolute Defense), Caitley’s powerful spells were nothing against her.

Going solo on Caitley was proof of Territory’s strength!

Bai Xiaoya focused her Skill Points on ATK so while her healing skills were ordinary, her ATK spells were impactful. Upon activation of Territory, each hit could cause 350 thousand damage on Caitley.

Caitley could not defeat her but she could lengthen the battle with heals.

Li Yi gradually lost patience after watching for a while. He stalked Bai Xiaoya due to his curiosity and with Bai Xiaoya’s ability revealed, his interest faded away.

Should he kill her?

Li Yi recalled a terrible incident.

Bai Xiaoya became famous due to creating ranking lists in his past life and the huge influence from her ranking lists caused many players who were listed to grow resentful if they were ranked too low.

There was once a ruthless brute named Brother Windcloud Nine, who spent ten million Goin Coins, for a photograph of Bai Xiaoya.

Money talks. Brother Windcloud Nine’s ten million Gold Coins was not spent in vain, as Bai Xiaoya’s photo was soon published.

It was not a full image of her face. It was only her exquisitely thin lips on a fair oval face in full display.

Li Yi had seen the same photograph. The thought of her exquisite lips lingered in his mind till today. They were not just good-looking, they were… seductive.

Brother Windcloud Nine’s ten million Gold Coins purchase has caused Bai Xiaoya’s mouth to be deep in the minds of many dirty-minded players. There were even some, who made public of their willingness to die, just to have a go in her pet.i.te mouth…

Bai Xiaoya’s beautiful mouth had earned her yet another nickname, Blow Xiaoya.

Of course, this was due to Bai Xiaoya’s merciless nature. Taking Li Yi as a cla.s.sic example, her opinion on him in his past life had left Li Yi with a bad name for life.

Everyone knew of a swindler in the Eastern Continent by the name of Li Yi who deceived everyone, including his friends and girlfriend…

All these were from the mouth of Bai Xiaoya.

Her mouth governed the world. Whatever she said became the truth, regardless of the facts.

Li Yi secretly tossed a golden Hunt Target over Bai Xiaoya’s head and was prepared to make his move.

Just as Bai Xiaoya had said to Sister Windcloud Nine earlier, they belonged to different camps, so killing her was only natural!

Li Yi was about to attack when Sister Windcloud Nine dashed over from afar. She sprinted forward at the sight of Bai Xiaoya and Caitley going at it.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Her Tuhr Sacred Sword howled a few sounds before slashing at Bai Xiaoya.


Under Territory Skill, Wind G.o.d’s Protection, even the Tuhr Sacred Sword only dealt several hundred in damage.

Bai Xiaoya turned around to fire a bunch of Windblades at Sister Windcloud Nine.

The latter clenched her staff and remained calm as she stepped aside to dodge the incoming Windblades.

Pft pft pft pft pft…

With all Windblades a direct hit, Sister Windcloud Nine collapsed to the ground.

Sister Windcloud Nine’s strategy was great.

A pity.

Her movements did not catch up with her plan…

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