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Chapter 633: Go Big

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Yi took all the potions he bought and sent them to Little Elf from the Magical Realm who was online, entrusting her with the role of selling them.

“10 Gold Coins a bottle and place 10 thousand of them in the Auction House!”


MILF Rong went straight to business, dumping millions of Sacred Potions in the market. The impact was so huge, it caused a major reduction in price for potions of the same cla.s.s.

Before Sacred Breath was a trend, Sacred Tranquility and Sacred Hope were the ace products amongst Recovery Potions, standing firm in their mainstream position for years.

Which were the current potions that were popular in the market?

Divine Essence and Mana Spring. Both Recovery Potions were first refined and produced by Li Yi.

As players’ level grew higher, more and more of them doled out the cash to level up their Apothecary skill. With that, Li Yi no longer monopolized the market and the patent to refining Divine Essence and Mana Spring was no longer his to own.

There were at least a dozen Apothecarists who mastered Divine Essence and Mana Spring refinery.

The emergence of Sacred Potions plummeted the prices of Divine Essence and Mana Spring.

An incredible potion for instant 30% recovery was key in life and death situations. Taking some along while level-grinding could save one from ambushes. Taking some along while clearing dungeons could turn the tables when the party was on the verge of a TPK.

With Sacred Series Potions’ sudden penetration in the market, normal players profited greatly while the potion-h.o.a.rding merchants were devastated.

With the market on Divine Essence on hold and Mana Spring undesirable, no one was interested in purchasing them unless the price was lowered…

During Sacred Series Potions’ sudden surge into the market, one person sensed a great business opportunity.

Autumn Love!

Missy Autumn was not deterred by her multiple bet losses and instead, furthered her vision by dabbling into other industries.

For the sake of recuperating her losses, Autumn Love ran to the Auction House when the compet.i.tion ended. She had observed the potion market for a long time and was familiar with the pricing of Divine Essence and Mana Spring. She had been ama.s.sing her inventory and had about half a million bottles in the bag.

Checking the going rate for these two potions, Missy Autumn smiled in relief. Compared to the price when she first started h.o.a.rding, there was a 30% increase in rate. If she were to sell them all now, she would profit…

“No, no, Lil Autumn oh Lil Autumn. You must show restraint. The price will surely go up again. You must practice self-control and persist. Persistence is key to victory!”

Cheering herself on, Autumn Love spent a fortune sweeping all Divine Essence and Mana Spring in the Auction House.

Autumn Love gritted her teeth, “Go big or go home!”

Black Autumn indeed had a black heart…

2 hours later, Divine Essence and Mana Spring’s price went up by 1%. Though the readjustment was small, Autumn Love was leaping about with joy.

This was only the start. Autumn Love gathered that the price would continue to go higher, if her calculations were right.

Just as Autumn Love was busy h.o.a.rding potions, MILF Rong placed 10 thousand Sacred Series Potions in the Auction House.

Refreshing the page, Autumn Love cried out in alarm when she caught sight of Sacred Series Potions.

Instant 30% recovery. With the effect of Sacred Series Potions written clearly, of course, the ever-bright Autumn Love figured out the value of the potion.

“Darn it darn it… Mama mia…”

Autumn Love’s hands were trembling as she flipped the pages to the end. With each page, her heart sank bit by bit and when she was down to the last page, a sick feeling welled up in the pit of her stomach.

“Over 10 thousand bottles, who’s behind this?”

Autumn Love’s mind went black. Watching as Sacred Series Potions were being purchased by individual players, Autumn Love’s brows twisted into a knot.

“Is it just this much? Or is there more?”

An hour later, 8,176 bottles of Sacred Series Potions were left. The number was reducing without showing signs of increase.

Unable to hold back, Autumn Love bought all Sacred Series Potions in one go. She then dumped all Divine Essence and Mana Spring on hand at a rate 10% lower than the market.

With Sacred Series Potions absent in the Auction House, for now, Divine Essence and Mana Spring regained momentum in retail. Autumn Love’s heart was beating fast as she watched her potions being bought one after another.

With her palms placed together, Autumn Love prayed, “Quick, quick, give me a big client who’ll buy all in one go. Oh G.o.d, please save me, Amitabha…”

Only a fraction of Autumn Love’s potions were sold off when Sacred Series Potions resurfaced in the Auction House.

The number was another 10 thousand bottles…

Autumn Love almost pa.s.sed out from rage. It was quite a blow to her.

“I can’t believe you have more!”

Clenching her teeth, Autumn Love purchased all 10 thousand bottles.

Go big or go home!

It was not long before another 10 thousand Sacred Series appeared in the Auction House.

“So, you wanna play huh? I’ll play with you!”

With her eyebrows raised, Autumn Love cleared all Sacred Series Potion away…

If she just stood by and watched the explosion of Sacred Series Potions, her inventory of potions would never be sold. Of course, she could opt to accept her losses. However, Black Autumn was not one to lose money in business.

Black Autumn went crazy purchasing Sacred Potions while on the other hand, said potions seemed to keep appearing in the Auction House. A new bulk would appear immediately after being cleared.

“Sob sob… Sob…”

Five hours later, Autumn Love found herself bawling her eyes out.

Out of money and spending everything on usury, she was now a debtor.

Sacred Potions were replenished constantly in the Auction House and the available number had taken a leap, from the initial 10 thousand bottles to the current 50 thousand bottles.

Autumn Love stopped trying to buy the person out. One, because she had no more funds. Two, the person seemed to have an astonishing amount of inventory, which she probably would not be able to clear with her current a.s.sets…

“Old Red, you there? You see those Sacred Potions in the Auction House? I’m sure you have a lot of Divine Essence and Mana Spring in your hands. What are you waiting for? Get to h.o.a.rding them before it’s too late!”

“Old Black, how many Divine Essence and Mana Spring do you have? What? Half a million bottles? OMG, trust me. Clear the Sacred Potions in the market or we won’t even break even…”

“Brother Xian, I found a way to earn some cash. You see those Sacred Potions in the Auction House? Haha, it must be expensive to get the materials to refine such an Advanced potion. If we team up, I’m sure we can monopolize the market.”

“Hehe, right, Brother Xian. Do you have cash on you? Could you lend me some, not much, just 10 million…”

Autumn Love may be penniless, but she had friends. Her recent venture into potion speculating saw her befriending many potion-h.o.a.rding merchants and that relationship could be now put to good use.

There was a limit to the capability of one person but how about ten people? Or a hundred?

She refused to believe that Sacred Series Potions had unlimited stock!

With her eyes glistening, Autumn Love’s thoughts ran wild.

It was not as though she did not figure out the truth, rather, she was unwilling to face reality, having been backed into a corner.

Even if Autumn Love said nothing, the other merchants had already noticed the situation. With their ama.s.sed Divine Essence and Mana Spring impacted by Sacred Potion’s sale, they shared similar sentiments as Autumn Love, only they had not made a move.

“Clear them all!”

“Do it!”

Dozens of merchants played a hand in clearing all Sacred Potions in the market.

n.o.body was an idiot as anyone could tell that because Sacred Potions’ retail price was similar to that of Divine Essence and Mana Spring, the price of both Divine Essence and Mana Spring would drop once Sacred Potion started flooding the market.

Many merchants were taking a chance, hoping Li Yi’s Sacred Potions would run out.

While they were sweeping the market clean, all merchants dumped Divine Essence and Mana Spring they had, causing the price of these two potions to crash. The originally 7 or 8 Gold Coins per bottle was now unpopular even at 3 Gold Coins each…

Would Li Yi run out of Sacred Potions?

Of course not…

Li Yi who was in the Mermaid Sea was purchasing potions, running letter-sending, and treasure-seeking quests. Apart from monster-killing quests, he accepted all other quests.

Ding ding!

[You’ve received mail from Little Elf from the Magical Realm.]

“We’re sold out on the potions. OMG, I have so much money on me, my eyes are dazzled from all that gold…”

“Sending more over now!”

The two had worked together, with one purchasing and the other selling. They were happy to have these dozens of merchants buy from them.

[The Affinity between you and mermaid potion seller has increased by 1 point…]

[Congratulations! Relationship is now Worship.]

Buying potions in bulks had raised the mermaid potion seller’s Affinity to Worship.

There were two benefits to this. One, rare potion formulas were now open to Li Yi and two, all potion prices had gone down by 50%.

The events to come would cause all merchants more devastation than before.

“Rong Rong, change the price. We’ll be selling at 12 Gold Coins a pop.”

“Price increase? Are we able to sell out this time?”

“Trust in me. Just boldly increase it.”


Fifty thousand bottles of Sacred Series were on display, selling at 12 Gold Coins each.

“Haha, Old Red, good news. Great news. Did you see that? That idiot raised the price? What does this say? It means he doesn’t have much more in his hands. F*ck that s.h.i.t, the whole night and finally, he gave away.”

“Success is in sight. Old Black, I can’t take it anymore. You gotta take these fifty thousand bottles.”

“Cough, Brother Red, I don’t have much with me anymore. I can only take half.”

“Look for Brother Xian, surely Brother Xian will be able to take them.”

“Yeah, Brother Xian could do it!”

Li Yi’s increase in price left merchants juiced up. They contacted one another and soon, all fifty thousand bottles of Sacred Potions were bought off.

“Here it comes, here it comes. It’s 40 thousand bottles this time at 13 Gold Coins each!”


“Here we go again, it’s 30 thousand bottles and the price, f*ck me, 15 Gold Coins each!”


“Here we go again…”


“Here we go again…”

“Buy… but I can’t afford…”

When Sacred Potions surged to 20 Gold Coins a pop, all merchants were foaming in the mouth, n.o.body could afford it anymore…

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