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Chapter 582: The Mistaken Marriage

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Yi had always regarded that Life Orb as the apple of his eye. He did not have a s.p.a.ce Pearl in his previous life and to prevent it dropping as a result of death, he stored it in his inventory instead of backpack.

As the relationship between him and Qian’er grew intimate, so too did the sentimental value of the Life Orb. It did not matter to Li Yi whether the item was valuable. Even if the Life Orb was a regular trashy White Quality item, he would still treasure it with all his heart.

It was only when trouble stirred in Li Yi and Qian’er’s relationship that the Life Orb was returned to Qian’er…

That was the first time the duo officially broke up. However, it was not long before they got back together again.

The Life Orb, to Li Yi, was buried deep in his mind. The beautiful memory of his first love began from that orb.

“Brother, brother!”

Confused Fox called Li Yi several times before Li Yi finally came to.

“How do we distribute this equipment?”

Everyone was gawking Li Yi with wide eyes.

Li Yi smiled, “The Flute goes to Vagabonds and the usual rules apply on the footwear and Life Orb. Let’s roll to decide.”

“Guild Master, let’s just GDKP,” Mad Dragon responded.

The GDKP system meant that the item would be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The Gold Coins from the sale would then be divided equally among the party members. To ensure fairness, all members would receive the same amount, it did not matter whether they were the party leader or a regular member.

“Yes, let’s GDKP…”

The party members were eager to voice their agreement on GDKP.

The equipment from the Light and Darkness series was not worth much. They had finally gotten their hands on a high-quality item and rolling for it would leave a lot of people unhappy.

Li Yi asked, “Do you guys agree to it?”


“I agree too!”

“I have no problem with it…”

The proposal of GDKP by Mad Dragon was accepted by unanimous vote.

Li Yi nodded, “Right, let’s GDKP.”

Li Yi glanced at Brother Windcloud Nine, feeling a splitting headache coming his way…

He really wanted the Life Orb, not because of the 10% chance but as a memento of that beautiful yet bitter memory from his past life.

Li Yi felt he had a higher chance with rolling for the item than facing the filthy rich Brother Windcloud Nine…

Both the Soul Flute and Boots were quickly distributed and when Li Yi raised the Life Orb up high, Brother Windcloud Nine pointed one finger up, shouting, “One million!”


“F*ck me…”


The party members had already prepared mentally themselves for it but were still dumbstruck hearing the amount Brother Windcloud Nine bid.

A demonstration of his wealth by going straight to one million the first try, who dared bid against him?

The air was growing a little tense due to the dead silence, prompting Li Yi to add, “Any brothers who’re interested can try your luck in bidding. Don’t be afraid of Brother Windcloud Nine. This is open to everyone, let’s have fun.”

“A million and a half!”

A shy voice was heard, and a tender fair arm was raised amid the crowd.

The person who bid was none other than Brother Windcloud Nine’s wife, Sister Windcloud Nine…

Everybody’s jaw dropped seeing Sister Nine raising her hand, gasping in exclamation.

Sister Windcloud Nine lowered her red face and murmured, “My husband said so himself, anyone can bid, I… I… really want it…”

“Two million,” Brother Windcloud Nine stuck two fingers up.

“Two million and a hundred thousand!” Sister Windcloud Nine checked her cash on hand and announced a number with conviction.

Brother Windcloud Nine continued to bid, “Two million two hundred thousand!”

Sister Windcloud Nine was ready to risk everything as she clenched her fist and shouted, “Two… Two million five hundred thousand!”

This time, Brother Windcloud Nine stopped yelling. The entire party was in shock, unable to come to grips what this couple were up to…

Li Yi replied, “Sister Windcloud Nine has bid two million five hundred thousand, anyone offering higher?”

The crowd was blown away. If Brother Windcloud Nine who had the most potential was not talking, who would dare to b.u.t.t in at this point?

“So, n.o.body else wants it? It’s an item with 10% chance to resurrect. Theoretically speaking, this item would still handy even at Level 200.”

n.o.body answered. Everyone knew that the Life Orb was a great item, but it was a definite waste to try and one-up Brother Windcloud Nine with money.

If this item was auctioned off in public, the price would be at least three million.

“Hey, do you want this item?”

Li Yi sent a private message to Ouyang Qian.

“It’s out of my budget.”

“I can help you make the purchase. Do you want it?”



“If I take your equipment, you’ll probably take me next.”

“Cough, what are you thinking? Do I look like that kind of person?”

“You should look in the mirror.”

Li Yi called out three times yet there were still no bids. In the end, the Life Orb went to Sister Windcloud Nine for two million five hundred thousand Gold Coins.

Sister Windcloud Nine stretched out her hand to Brother Windcloud Nine, “Hubby, lend me 5,000 Gold Coins, I don’t have enough money.”

Brother Windcloud Nine was sullen due to her actions but still traded 5,000 Gold Coins to her, “Stupid b*tch, why were you fighting with me for it? If I bought it and you asked me for it, I would’ve given it to you.”

Sister Windcloud Nine blinked her naive-looking eyes, “It’s different when you buy it and when I buy it.”

Ouyang Qian sent a message to Li Yi, “Hey, Lil Yi’zi, it seems like you’re interested in that Life Orb. Why didn’t you place a bid? Don’t tell me you have no money; I don’t believe that excuse one bit.”

“I wanted to buy and gift it to you, but I lost interest in it after you said you didn’t want it.”

“That’s your reason?”


Ouyang Qian’s eyes twinkled, “Then what are you going to do if I were to tell you I want it now?”

Li Yi chuckled, “Easy. I’ll trick Sister Nine into going somewhere and we’ll make sure she drops it.”

“Wow, killing a numbskull, how cla.s.sy.”

Li Yi’s face blushed, “Humph humph, I’ve killed her one too many times. What’s the difference killing her again?”

The discussion between Li Yi and Ouyang Qian was, of course, a joke. If Li Yi really wanted Life Orb, he would have made a bid already. Brother Windcloud Nine was certainly filthy rich but the same could be said for Li Yi as well. Moreover, Li Yi knew that Brother Nine was a man with principles. If he were to make a single bid, Brother Windcloud Nine would let him have it.

A few million meant nothing to Li Yi.

He did not bid simply because he was curious about the reason why Sister Windcloud Nine, the silly swan was bidding against her husband.

It made sense if they were arch enemies, but the problem was, they were a loving couple…

This was a peculiar incident and due to this, Li Yi did not grab the spotlight from Sister Windcloud Nine.

Whatever happened in the past, belonged to the past. Living in the past would be escaping from the present. Qian’er was standing before him and although their relationship seemed to be going in the right direction, it still could not compare to his past life.

As for the Life Orb, it belonged to the past…

“Hubby, happy birthday! This is your present.”

Sister Windcloud Nine handed the Life Orb over to Brother Windcloud Nine.

“F*ck, Brother Nine, it’s your birthday today?”

“My birthday? I don’t remember…” Brother Windcloud Nine was in a daze.

Brother Windcloud Nine smacked his thigh, “Ah, that’s right. February 29th is my birthday.”

“Oh my, I’m so jealous of you.”

“Here I was wondering why you guys were going against each other. So, it’s a present. D*mn it, f*ck off, don’t show us how in love you guys are…” A sad bachelor in the party was green with envy.

Li Yi sighed, “Sister Windcloud Nine may always seem out of it but she remembers her husband’s birthday.”

“What? Jealous? Doesn’t Lil Jiao remember your birthday?”

“Her? It’ll be a miracle if she remembers…”

Ouyang Qian looked at Li Yi with pity and sighed, “How sad. You can’t show off your love.”

“Lil Jiao may not remember it but there was one person who always kept my birthday in mind.”




“While my vacant eyes behold, Crystalline snows of beauty pure and cold; from my mind cannot be banished, that fairy wood forlorn that from the world vanished.” 1

Li Yi swayed his head back and forth as he recited this poem.

“Blea…” Ouyang Qian immediately burst out laughing from the visual and audio stimulation.

“Qian’er, let’s talk.”

“We talk about anything as long as you stop reciting poems.”

“Change your name, stop calling yourself Ouyang Qian. I’ll pay for you to change to Gongsun Chuqian, what say you?”

Ouyang Qian stuck her tongue out, “It’s a million to change a name. What are you up to?”

“I’m in search of a feeling.”


“How true I find, that every good some imperfection bolds! Even a wife so courteous and so kind, no comfort’ brings to my afflicted mind.” 1

Li Yi recited another verse. Ignoring Ouyang Qian who froze like a statue, he walked up to congratulate Brother Windcloud Nine.

“Hahaha, what a rare occasion for my muddle-headed wife to remember my birthday. It’s a great day to be happy. I’ll personally fork out two million five hundred thousand Gold Coins to split among everyone.”

“Macho Brother Nine!”

“A valiant real man.”

“Say no more, this is what a real man would do.”

Such a huge GDKP amount of Five million Gold Coins would only occur when teaming up with Brother Windcloud Nine.

Excluding Brother Windcloud Nine and spouse, the remaining 23 party members would receive about 200 thousand Gold Coins each…

“We’ve been at it for two weeks, now this is what I call rewarding.”

“Hahaha, how invigorating. Brother Nine, call me when you’re down in another dungeon. I’ll be there whenever.”

“Brother Nine, call me whenever you have anything going on!”

Soul Gate in Normal Mode finally ended on a cheerful note after an eventful ten days.

Brother Windcloud Nine asked, “Dark Wing, what difficulty level are we going for the next time?”


Brother Windcloud Nine waved his fist with enthusiasm, “Great! This is what I’ve been waiting for. F*ck, I’m going to leave now and enhance my equipment to +13 to be thoroughly prepared for h.e.l.l Mode!”

The other members were also stirring with excitement at the mention of h.e.l.l. After a round in Normal Mode, they would rather die than go at it one more time.

They would rather go for h.e.l.l Mode or not at all!

With the disbanding of the party, the 25 members split up and went their separate ways. Li Yi rushed to Sea Island’s Trading Center and raised a sign to purchase potion formulas at a high price…

There was a new update when night fell. The other two parties who challenged the Normal mode of Soul Gate has since then defeated the Soul King’s Arm and cleared the dungeon…

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