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Chapter 58: Regroup and Refight

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Hua Feiwu bellowed for a long time in the private chat, but Delicately Cute took no notice of him at all.

The reason was that Chu Tiange was enraged.

The current number of people in the Dark Empire had reached more than 400, but this time, only 25 were selected to enter the dungeon. In fact, this decision was completely made by Delicately Cute herself. Before that, Chu Tiange knew nothing about it.

It was because Delicately Cute trusted Hua Feiwu too much that it led to the failure of the raid this time.

The loss was quite heavy. The few items dropped by the first boss was of little worth, and after putting in so much effort, they all failed because of the commander’s personal reason. How could Chu Tiange not be angry?

Hua Feiwu was infuriated and swore, “B*tch, add me to the party!”

Delicately Cute blacklisted him straight away.

Hua Feiwu messaged Li Yi, “Dark Wing, can you do me a favor? You have the right to add people to the party, can you…”

Li Yi did not answer and directly added him to the party.

“Thank you!” Hua Feiwu was so moved that his voice quivered a little.

“You’re welcome.”

Li Yi smiled slightly, and his heart was extremely delighted.

Since Hua Feiwu scammed the Holy Light Knights of their first kill for the boss, he wanted to seize the opportunity to trick him too this time.

The boss in the dungeon was still in Berserk Mode, and this mode would be disseminated to all the mobs in the dungeon in a very short time. Hua Feiwu entering at this time was undoubtedly committing suicide.

If Hua Feiwu was Li Yi’s friend, he would never let him go in now. Unfortunately, Hua Feiwu was not only not his friend but also the person he hated most.

Watching Hua Feiwu entering the dungeon, Li Yi made a call request to Chu Tiange.

“Guild Master Chu, I would like to try to lead the party.”


“Can’t do for now. The boss has gone berserk. I suppose it’ll take another hour or two before the boss resets.”

The boss went berserk because it felt threatened as its HP reduced. In Non-battle Mode, the boss’ HP would recover quickly; but once the HP was full, the aggro would completely disappear, and the boss would return to its original state.

Chu Tiange was silent for a while before replying, “Alright. This time the commander will be you. If we make it through, the loot distribution will be determined by you.”

Under the command of Chu Tiange, Delicately Cute transferred the leader position to Li Yi.

Although there was no difference in whoever becoming the leader, transferring the position directly to Li Yi would help him manage the party more efficiently.

“There’s a person from the Century Flower Guild who can stay.”

Li Yi sent a team request to Qing Pingle.

He had only said a few words to Qing Pingle, and the other party immediately agreed. This was not surprising as Qing Pingle had also persisted till the end. Failing to beat the boss, he himself also could not accept that fact.

After shouting for people, calling people, and hustling for some time, apart from Chen Yang, Fire Ice, and Qing Pingle who were not guild members, the rest were all from Dark Empire.

The organizing of the cla.s.s was also set by Li Yi.

Five main tanks, five healers, and the remaining forty were all responsible for damage output.

Soon after Li Yi started to form the party, Hua Feiwu left the group on his own accord. He was really down on his luck today. He had gone in a dozen times to find his equipment but was killed by a mob every time. A total of eight pieces of equipment were dropped, and he had descended one and a half level.

“If anyone has any opinions, you can tell me now, and we’ll discuss it. But once we enter the dungeon, I don’t care who you are, all of you are to listen to me,” Li Yi said at the dungeon entrance.

“I would like to ask, have you commanded before?” Delicately Cute could not help but raise that question.

Li Yi nodded. “A few times.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, but if your command causes us to be totally annihilated, what should you do?”

“No commander can say that he or she has a hundred percent confidence. Those who can’t trust me are free to pull out now. But once we’re in the dungeon, if there’s anyone who doesn’t put in effort or play any kind of dirty tricks, I’ll kick them out and never take them along forever.”

“I’ve got no problem.” Delicately Cute sighed.

Li Yi looked around. “Is there any problem with the rest?”

“No, I don’t trust anyone, but I absolutely trust you.” Three Goat Pig Pig stood in the crowd and shouted.

Three Goat Pig Pig was quite peeved the last time. If only he had stayed on for a little while more, he would have been able to leech off the first kill. But because he pulled out at the last minute, he blindly threw the first kill away.

After that time, Three Goat Pig Pig and 123 Tag deeply regretted it.

“Alright then, I’ll ask again. Answer me together. Is there any problem?”

“No!” The crowd replied in unison.

Li Yi looked at the time and waved his hand. “Enter the dungeon.”

The party entered the dungeon in great force.

Time had pa.s.sed for more than an hour, and the boss’s Berserk Mode had ended.

When the party came before the Fire Beast, it had changed back to its original T-Rex form.

If you wanted to beat it, you had to start all over again.

“When the battle begins, you’re only allowed to use Invincibility once for each form. If you can save the three Invincibility till the last form, your reward points will be tripled. On the other hand, if you use up all three Invincibility in the first form, your reward points will be reduced by three times.”

“Melees, pay attention to avoid the Sea of Fire. Once you see the top of the boss glowing, immediately halt all output and fall back.”

“Healers also take note. Whoever’s on fire, immediately concentrate on healing that person. For every person you save, your reward points will double, whereas, for every person you fail to save, your reward points will be halved.”

Delicately Cute rebuffed, “I object. The person burned by the boss’ fire could hold out up to three seconds. If all the healers are healing him at this time, what about the rest?”

Li Yi smirked. “I’ve just said. Once we enter the dungeon, everyone has to listen to me. Whatever you need to say should have been said when we’re outside. It’s too late to speak up now. 100 points deduction for Delicately Cute.”

Delicately Cute’s complexion changed and was about to open her mouth when Chu Tiange stepped forward. “Deduct 200 points.”

The Guild Master had spoken, so everyone immediately complied. Although Delicately Cute was so angry that she wanted to stamp her feet repeatedly, she did not dare to refute Li Yi.

There was nothing much about having her points deducted, but if she were really to provoke Li Yi, judging by Chu Tiange’s supportive att.i.tude toward him, she might be kicked out of the party.

Although she could be added back in, she would have lost her face then…

“Get ready now. We’ll fight the boss after 2 minutes.”

Some drank potions, while some used scrolls. Although many were not confident in Li Yi’s command, when the time came for them to execute the order, they still had to carry it out.

‘We’ll just do as you say. If we’re annihilated at the end, it’s all on you!’

This was what most people had in mind.

“Fight the monsters! Main tanks charge together and scatter into five directions! Ranged cla.s.s open fire!”

The battle had begun again!

“This is… the combat machine made by my ancestors!”

Karone Foresight popped up again, adding the buff, Karone’s Determination, to everyone.

“Take note of the ​​Sea of Fire. Everyone retreat now!

“Be careful of the Fire Projectiles. Main tanks wallop it and pull back the aggro.

“All-out attack. The boss cannot retaliate when it’s acc.u.mulating fire energy. Seize the opportunity to force it into the second form right away.”

As the battle started, Li Yi could predict the boss’ actions in advance each time, reducing the casualties to a minimum. As the number of times increased one after another, the members began to be convinced.

When the battle with the first form finished, only 5 people died!

Because of Li Yi’s arrangement, as soon as the healers saw someone on fire, they would immediately focus on healing that person. Through this method, they actually managed to save seven or eight people.

This time, even Delicately Cute herself was convinced. Her worries were obviously unnecessary. As long as the body did not catch fire, resisting the boss for a short while was not a problem at all.

Compared with the first form, although the second form was slightly more difficult, yet because the party still had many Invincibility left, once they came into contact with any fire that was unavoidable, they could use Invincibility right away to resist upfront. The greater the number of people, the greater the strength. This caused the boss’ HP to reduce rapidly, and it was not long before the battle was dragged on to the boss’ third form.

Once the Fire Net was launched, even if Li Yi gave early warning, it was not of much use. This segment was all about individual game control. If the players played well, the Fire Net would not be able to touch them at all; if they did not, they would be eliminated right away.

In a flash, about a dozen had died…

Chen Yang had also died, and it was under the circ.u.mstance where three of his Invincibility had not been used at all, causing Li Yi to not know whether to laugh or to cry.

If you were to say that he was not a powerhouse, yet his three Invincibility was unused and was about to reach the third form; if you were to say he was a powerhouse, yet he actually did not use Invincibility when coming into contact with the Fire Net and was burned to death…

Li Yi choked out a sentence, “Please go die…”

Chen Yang was having a kind of inexpressible complicated feeling. The reason why he was lying down was that Fire Ice gave him a flattering smile, and he was so thrilled that he…

“Full output from those who can fight. If you’re not confident about moving in the Fire Net, then use your Invincibility to resist it and strike hard!”

A golden Holy Light surrounded them. Upon hearing Li Yi, many chose to use Invincibility to fight up front.

“Wallop it! Give me a good fight!”

When the boss’ HP was left with only one-tenth, everyone was electrified.

The party had a remaining of 18 people who were still alive. As long as they persisted for a little while more, they would surely make it through this time.

“Use Invincibility, full force!”

Seeing that the Dragon Head had turned red, Li Yi initiated Invincibility and released his arrows non-stop on the spot.

At this time, the benefit of leaving Invincibility until the end was reflected. The fire spurted by the boss could no longer be described as perverse. It filled the sky and the ground and was everywhere. Even the air was ignited.

There was no place to hide!

To empty the boss’ HP in the final stage, one had to rely on Invincibility.

Three times of Invincibility. Not even once did Li Yi use it previously, but they were all used up at this stage.

There were also two others who had not use any of their three Invincibility.

One was Chen Yang, who had died on the ground, while the other was the Century Flower Guild’s Qing Pingle.

No one held back anymore. The flames had already covered the entire field, and besides attacking perpetually, there was no other option.

Using the three Invincibility for 30 seconds, Li Yi shot out a 30,000 damage!

“Ares, the G.o.d of War, who’s above. Is what I’m seeing true? You guys actually knocked down the ancient weapon of war made by the ancestors, Fire Beast!”

At Karone’s exclamation, the Fire Beast was torn apart, and a Fire Dwarf screamed as it climbed out from underneath. Before it had run out a few steps, it plopped to the ground.


The corpses whooped with laughter.

The System’s spam started.

[Platinum Hand achieved the first kill of the 50-person party dungeon boss, Fire Beast. Recorded in Pantheon Hall of Fame.]

[Player *** obtained System reward 300 Gold Coins! System reward 500 points Reputation Value with various major cities obtained! System reward 30,000 EXP and +1 Skill Point obtained!]

[Player **** obtained System reward 300 Gold Coins! System reward 500 points Reputation Value with various major cities obtained! System reward 30,000 EXP and +1 Skill Point obtained!]

[Player ***** obtained System reward 300 Gold Coins! System reward 500 points Reputation Value with various major cities obtained! System reward 30,000 EXP and +1 Skill Point obtained!]

[Player **** obtained System reward 300 Gold Coins! System reward 500 points Reputation Value with various major cities obtained! System reward 30,000 EXP and +1 Skill Point obtained!]

Looking at the red text from the System’s announcement, Chen Yang was the first to respond. “F*ck! Why isn’t the first kill ours?”

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