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Chapter 573: Sheep Herd Spell

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Overlord Arrow!”

“Explosive Projectile!”

Li Yi and Ouyang Qian struck an attack at the same time. Their target, Lil Jinlian.

Warriors have high DEF and HP so killing this cla.s.s with one move was not easy while by contrast, instantly killing Wizards was a cinch.

“Pft pft pft pft pft!”

Just as Li Yi and Ouyang Qian made a move, a white fog exploded around Li Yi’s party at the rise of Lil Jinlian’s staff. Apart from Sister Windcloud Nine who has the word Miss emerging above her head, all party members have turned into a little lamb.

“Baa baa…”

With their attacks canceled, every single member who became a sheep who were not in control of their bodies as they went around in circles.

This was a Wizard cla.s.s’ Epic-level Sheep Herd Spell…

Sheep Herd Spell was incapable of dealing damage but it was a powerful CC skill that turned targets into sheep for at least one minute. During this time, players who became a sheep were unable to launch any attacks nor disperse such state with special skills. They would hang around as a sheep for the whole duration unless someone hits them.

“Baa baa…”

“Baa baa…”

Jiaojiao, Li Yi, Brother Windcloud Nine, Shangguan Bailu, and Ouyang Qian wandered around aimlessly after they turned into a sheep, bleating as they went.

The only person who did not turn into a sheep was Sister Windcloud Nine and she was dumbstruck. She did not know how to handle this situation.

Li Yi cried out in a panic, “Hit me, Sister Nine, hit me!” But the words that came out of his mouth was only bleating…

“Baa baa… Baa baa…”

Sister Windcloud Nine held her staff close, feeling at a loss at the situation. If it were any other person in the same situation, they would just stab a sheep with a staff in their hands to disperse the Sheep Transformation Spell. It was a shame though, Sister Windcloud Nine was not like any other, or maybe, it could be said she was no ordinary woman…

Sister Windcloud Nine raised her staff high and darted towards Lil Jinlian the castor like a Warrior. Sister Windcloud Nine was not stupid. She knew well that as long as she killed this woman, the effects of Sheep Transformation Spell would disappear…

Lil Jinlian did not even have to lift a finger as her husband, Brother Simon slashed his double blades to make Sister Windcloud Nine drop dead on the ground.

“Stupid b*tch, release your Tuhr Sacred Sword!” Brother Windcloud Nine ran his mouth but only sounds of bleating came out.

Brother Simon charged towards Shangguan Bailu, diminishing her of her transformed state but she quickly fell into a Disoriented state, allowing Brother Simon to slash her to bits.

Huge numbers were not a threat in front of Sheep Herd Spell. The current situation was basically two, Brother Simon and Lil Jinlian against one and not Li Yi’s party of six against two. Oh wait, there was still Tyrant Sword King the Fifth too.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth took the opportunity to resurrect on the spot, joining in the fun with Brother Simon in killing the next target.

Brother Simon rammed onto Jiaojiao with Berserk Charge, prompting her to unleash Immortal Body and initiate Dark Charge towards Li Yi in a distance. However, a swing of Brother Simon’s hand fizzled a red light that dispersed her Immortal Body state. Tyrant Sword King the Fifth then followed up with a Charge, sending her into a Disoriented state.

Queen Jiao was no match against the two branch Guild Masters of Fluttering Snow Alliance. She only lasted ten seconds before she was killed and by then, there was still 20 seconds on the clock before Sheep Transformation Spell ended.

“Dark Wing!”

At the wave of Brother Simon’s arm, his body turned blood red, signaling the start of Sanguine Berserk. His ATK would gradually increase as his HP reduces.

Pft! Pft!

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth helped by stabbing Brother Simon twice, reducing his HP to less than 10%.

The lesser the HP, the more powerful the force of a Violent Warrior.


Pressing his sword against his forehead, Brother Simon leaped up with vigor as he stalked towards Li Yi who was a sheep.

“Demonic Netherstrike!”

With a blood pillar encaging Li Yi within, the Sheep Transformation Spell was dispersed. However, Li Yi was still restricted from motion. Demonic Netherstrike was a Violent Warrior’s finishing blow that restrained a target from launching any skill or attack.

“Blade Storm!”

Afraid Li Yi might escape death, Tyrant Sword King the Fifth lent a hand by spinning his Icy Blue Greatsword. He has not mastered a Weapon Warrior’s finishing blow, Blade Storm was the most damaging skill he possessed.

“Explosive Projectile!” Lil Jinlian too made a move. With the trio teaming up, Li Yi was not able to persist through even after a bottle of Divine Essence. Before Demonic Netherstrike ended, he collapsed to the ground, dejected.

Yet, there was still eight seconds before Sheep Transformation Spell ended!

“Let’s leave!”

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth yelled and forged the way ahead. Brother Simon and Lil Jinlian did not hesitate as they followed close behind.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth ran into Soul Gate and vanished…

Pft! Pft!

With Sheep Transformation Spell dispersed, Brother Windcloud Nine and Ouyang Qian returned to human form.

System Notification: [You’ve broken away from the battle.]

Li Yi, Shangguan Bailu, Jiaojia, and Windcloud Killer chose to revive there and then.

There was no option to resurrect in the midst of PK unlike when in battle with monsters. They had to wait until they broke away from the battle to revive on the spot.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth and Brother Simon fled not because they were afraid they could not beat Ouyang Qian and Brother Windcloud Nine but because Li Yi’s party would revive as a whole at the end of the battle.

Sheep Herd was a powerful CC skill but such a skill has a fairly long time limit per usage at once an hour.

“Do you think you’re a Warrior? Carrying your staff and charging like that? What about unleashing your Tuhr Sacred Sword? Even if you can’t use your sword, just stab us with your staff,” Brother Windcloud Nine barraged Sister Windcloud Nine with words, to the point her eyes were welling up with tears.

“I thought if I just hit her, the Sheep Transformation Spell would disperse…”

Brother Windcloud Nine glared at her, “Are you still talking back?”

Sister Windcloud Nine pursed her lips with a pouty expression. She looked like a student who has been wronged.

Jiaojiao could not put up with it any longer, “Cut it out. Did you do any good? If you did good, why did you turn into a sheep?”

“That’s right, we all turned into a sheep, only Sister Nine did not. This means Sister Nine’s one h.e.l.l of a girl,” Big-t.i.ts Qian walked over to Sister Windcloud Nine to pet her head and give a quick slap on her b.u.t.t.

Brother Windcloud Nine was annoyed, “She’s good? She plays a Cursing Priest, of course she has high resistance against abnormal states, or else look at her! She wouldn’t be able to survive anywhere!”

“Let’s stop finding faults and think of what we should do next.”

Li Yi waved his arm and stopped Brother Windcloud Nine from reviling Sister Windcloud Nine further.

The person who felt the most woeful about the situation was Li Yi. Twice, he had exchanged blows with Brother Simon and his wife, Lil Jinlian put on a lackl.u.s.ter performance so he placed her in the back burner. Big mistake. If he knew Lil Jinlian was proficient with Sheep Herd Spell, he would have initiated G.o.d Mode. The chances of G.o.d Mode to resist against abnormal statuses was 50% and above.

However… it was too late now.

It was then, another two were teleported in. They were Unending Unmatched and Confused Fox.

“How is it looking out there?”

Seeing the two enter, Li Yi immediately enquired.

Confused Fox answered, “It looks under control. Everyone’s tired out from fighting, it’s not as intense as the beginning. Basically, whoever who teamed up would occupy the teleportation sphere for a while. You have one go then I have one go. No one has the upper hand.”

As they were in conversation, another three were teleported in but at a further location. Before they realized it, the trio had already made it through the dark corridors and into Soul Gate.

“They’re not our people. They must be from Fluttering Snow Alliance, huh?”

“Mmm, they must not be an ally since they were afraid to show themselves.”

Brother Windcloud Nine asked, “Do we continue to wait?”

Li Yi nodded, “Yes, we must gather at least 20 people or else how else can we clear the dungeon?”

Soon, another two were sent in but they were not of Iron Alliance. They were Reigning the World’s Night Moon and Princess Huaiyi.

Both parties did not open fire. They merely exchanged glances before Night Moon pulled Princess Huaiyi to tread into Soul Gate.

Tst —

Another one was sent in. Dressed in black, covered with a mask, and blessed with a voluptuous curve was none other than the woman who was more violent than Jiaojiao, the Cat that Sings.

The Cat that Sings held two Engineered Bombs in her hands and snorted at Li Yi’s party, “F*cking h.e.l.l, are you sissies ganging up on me?”

“Are you looking for trouble?”

Unending Unmatched sprinted forward to swing his sword left and right!

The Cat that Sings dodged to a side and shouted at Li Yi, “Hey, the guy holding a golden bow, it was you who got me the last time huh?”

“That’s right.”

“Great, I’m gonna f*ck you today!”

In a flash, the Cat that Sings vanished out of sight with Stealth…

Jiaojiao’s face twisted, “Perverted Wing, you’ll just do any woman out there, huh?”

“I don’t, I don’t even know her.”

“If you don’t know her, why did she say… say… such a thing.”

“I… I don’t know.”

“It’s no wonder the web’s circulating you have three thousand girlfriends, sure enough… Sure enough…”

“That’s a fake. Don’t listen to nonsense on the web. You’re my only girlfriend.”

“Pah, I don’t believe you.”

“Huh, where did the girl go?”

Li Yi and Jiaojiao were engrossed in kidding around and by the time they attempted Sensory, the Cat that Sings was no longer around.

If they could not sense her, she must not be in the dark corridors anymore.

Sensing and blasting their magic, everyone kept busy at it yet were unable to discover the Cat that Sings. This old shrew seemed to have disappeared after leaving those words.

Tst tst —

There was an ongoing flow of people being teleported in. Some from Iron Alliance, some from Fluttering Snow Alliance and many players that Li Yi did not recognize.

Touching the teleportation sphere was most difficult in the beginning but after No. 1 spot and reward was taken, the duration to be in contact with the teleportation sphere would gradually lessen. In the end, it would only take two to three minutes to be teleported in. The difficulty level compared to the beginning was lowered by a large margin.

Killing Fluttering Snow Alliance member on sight and letting go unfamiliar faces, Li Yi and his group kept watch until they gathered a team of 25.

When their party quota was filled up, there was still a handful of alliance members who have yet to find a party.

“Let’s go in!”

Li Yi waved his arm and led the party into Soul Gate.

Soul Gate dungeon was ingeniously designed with one stage overlapping another, identical to the initial Land of Choice. The layout of Soul Gate was restricted to only moving forward. In other words, once a person entered Soul Gate, there was no turning back and they could only keep going forward.

System Notification: [You’ve entered Soul Land…]

Li Yi and his party went in.

In the dark corridor, emerged the Cat that Sings.

“F*ck, I was disconnected.”

The Cat that Sings casually tossed dozens of bombs, blasting players who were just teleported in before happily swaying her bountiful tush and treading into Soul Gate.

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