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Chapter 570: Soul Gate

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Before Li Yi clicked on Teleport, he was already in Camouflage. He then tore a Random Teleportation Scroll and waited about three seconds for the scroll to almost take effect when he clicked to confirm the teleportation.

Li Yi was immediately moved to another spot the minute he stepped into Land of Choice. Luck was on his side as he was sent to the East end, the most secluded area in Land of Choice.

Tst tst tst —

Iron Alliance forces were on the move. The players keeping watch at the gateway were unable to gain the upper hand and soon the area was seized by Iron Alliance.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth kept his hands on the sphere as he yelled out, “Brothers, combine your forces and fight! Don’t stop! Hang in there!”

It was then a screeching voice was heard, “Don’t listen to him. This b*stard’s playing you. He’s using you guys as tools. Look, he’s touching the sphere. F*ck, despicable piece of sh*t!”

The alliance by this group of players which was formed at the last minute did not have a solid base to begin with so even before Li Yi and the rest made their way in, there had been more than a few squabbles. Tyrant Sword King the Fifth was quite the smooth-talker. Not only did he resolved the arguments, he even earned himself the right to lay hands on the teleportation sphere.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth broke out in cold sweat after seeing many halted their attacks, “Brothers, don’t listen to that quack…”

Iron Alliance concentrated their efforts in attacking, putting a lot of pressure on players who kept watch at the entrance, yet Tyrant Sword King the Fifth still had his hands on the sphere. The arduous struggle at the entrance reflected a huge contrast to the latter situation.

“Brothers, hold on, I’m coming!”

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth shouted and left the sphere, drawing his Icy Blue Greatsword to charge head-on.

Regardless of whether it was an act, his actions have rea.s.sured the wavering minds. The players who held back due to hesitation were now back fighting with full force.

With only a handful looking on with folded arms, the pressure was back on Iron Alliance.


A golden arrow was coming at King Fifth from the back just as he was about to slay one Iron Alliance player. It was a direct hit to his head, dealing a -16,844 damage.

Skill Interruption!


Ripples of a shockwave spread out, an effect of one arrow taking a vast stretch down.

“Dark Wing’s here. Be careful, everyone!” Tyrant Sword King the Fifth yelled. A white glow flashed around him as he replenished his lost health.

“Don’t let Dark Wing get to the sphere!”

“Don’t let Dark Wing get to the sphere!”

Many players started to bark. Great, their hearts were not as one but Li Yi’s arrow has united their scattered hearts.

“Where is he? Where is he? Where’s Dark Wing?”

The players went crazy searching for Li Yi all around while Li Yi remained motionless, hiding in the East end under Camouflage.

It was chaos in Land of Choice. All Iron Alliance players each possessed a Random Teleportation Scroll that sent them to a different location upon entry. If one was killed, a least a dozen would have succeeded in teleporting elsewhere.

After Iron Alliance teleported away, Brother Windcloud Nine gathered his men to enter.

With men springing up everywhere, the outflanking tactic deployed by Tyrant Sword King the Fifth’s team was rendered useless. There was no telling who was the enemy or ally with everyone scattered around.

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth was barking out orders and unleashing Blade Storm when Li Yi fired another Overlord Arrow.


With the emergence of the words Skill Interruption, Tyrant Sword King the Fifth collapsed to the ground. Li Yi specifically made a sneak attack when he was low on HP.

Li Yi activated G.o.d Mode and consumed a bottle of Mana Spring to unleash Overlord Arrow.

One arrow took down a whole lot. Allies may end up as collateral damage but the impact of Overlord Arrow spoke for itself. In the twinkling of an eye, the number of enemies has been drastically reduced.

Iron Alliance and the Whole of Windcloud regained control over the situation.

Li Yi shouted, “Brother Nine, quick, to the sphere!”

Responding to Li Yi’s call, Brother Windcloud Nine, Sister Windcloud Nine, Windcloud Overlord, etc ran towards the teleportation sphere.

With the tables turned, Li Yi led a group of men to guard the entrance, killing any intruders on sight.

“Swiftly touch the sphere. If they were to rally we would be wiped out!”

Jiaojiao and Ouyang Qian ran over and extended their hands onto the sphere.

The time in contact with the sphere was c.u.mulative so when Jiaojiao and Ouyang Qian had their hands on the sphere, it immediately grew radiant.

Five minutes later, Sister Windcloud Nine and Jiaojiao were the first to be teleported in.

System Notification: [Invincible Continent Queen, Invincible Jiaojiao is the first to enter Soul Gate. System reward 10 million Gold Coins and +20 Skill Points obtained. Let us congratulate her!]

Jiaojiao and Sister Windcloud Nine were teleported into Soul Gate with less than a fraction of a second between them. However, that fraction of a second left Sister Windcloud Nine with nothing as they all went to Jiaojiao…

At the announcement of the System, the players outside went ballistic. They immediately united and went mad, teleporting into Land of Choice.

“Kill — Kill Dark Wing! F*ck!”

Pft pft pft pft pft…

The players who were forcing their way into Land of Choice were like cells reproduction, multiplying endlessly. Li Yi’s G.o.d Mode has disappeared by then and was unable to unleash Overlord Arrow, leaving the situation out of the control.

Unending Unmatched bellowed, “Guild Master, go touch the sphere. We’ll cover this!”

Flower Underpants too, panicked, “Brother Dark Wing, you have the most in acc.u.mulative time, go touch that sphere now before it’s too late.”

Li Yi nodded and fired up Rocket Propellant towards Black Teleportation Sphere.

“Dark Wing’s going to the sphere. Don’t let him reach it.”

“Blood Sacrifice!”

“Dark Sacrifice!”

“Life Prayer!”

Watching as Li Yi moved closer, these players with bulging eyes made even more desperate attempts to shower permanent attribute-reduction skills on him.

The grudge they had on Li Yi was too deep…

As Li Yi reached for the sphere, Tyrant Sword King the Fifth sprinted with large strides over with a b.l.o.o.d.y magic shield raised before him.

[Special skill: b.l.o.o.d.y Shield. When activated, the damage received and ATK would simultaneously be reduced by 90% for 5 minutes. However, damage reduction as well as ATK could be further lowered by 1% increments after a certain percentage of enemies are killed.]

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth was smart. He swept away dozens of low HP players with Blade Storm, increasing the damage reduction effect of b.l.o.o.d.y Shield to 100%. As a consequence, his ATK has now dropped to zero.

There were at least a hundred Priests who aimed at Tyrant Sword King the Fifth to release Dispel to clear the effects of his spell. Alas, they failed. The effects of b.l.o.o.d.y Shield grew stronger as more men were killed. There was still a chance to dispel him of such state if the shield was just formed. It was far too late to try and dispel now…

Tyrant Sword King the Fifth, unscathed, sprung near the Dark Teleportation Sphere and cried out to Ouyang Qian, “Little sister get out of the way, let me through!”

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