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Chapter 553: Oh, You’re Not That Dumb After All

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The way Li Yi dealt with It’s Me was simple. He did not even have to dirty his hands. He merely appropriated a name to do his work.

He created an alt ID called Bai Xiaoyaya in the Pantheon forums. He used this ID to write a ten thousand word article, detailing It’s Me’s methods, tactics, and history of deceit.

A seasoned cheater, It’s Me had always kept a low profile so that the many players who had been swindled by him remained unaware of his true ident.i.ty. Li Yi’s article provided answers to the doubts the swindled players had.

Li Yi’s post, backed by Bai Xiaoya’s name and reputation, quickly became a hot topic and received 30 million clicks and a hundred thousand comments within a day.

Thanks to Li Yi’s article, many of the players deceived by It’s Me were finally aware that they had been swindled by him…

Could anything that came out of a seasoned cheater’s mouth be true?

The majority of players started to express their doubts and switched from targeting Sister Windcloud Nine to blasting It’s Me.

Li Yi did not stop there. During this period, he posted a video of Sister Windcloud Nine looting the Deathcharger in the Tuhr Altar on the official website under the name of Bai Xiaoyaya. Although he was also present in the video, he was not worried about anyone recognising him, as he was in his Cursing Disciple disguise.

The response from the release of the video was even greater. Since Li Yi’s ID was similar to Bai Xiaoya’s, the post naturally captured the public’s attention.

The buzz around Sister Windcloud Nine was finally over. There were still many who had made up their minds that Sister Windcloud Nine was a cheater but at least these opinions were no longer shared on the world channel.

Li Yi’s post had spurred players to collaborate and initiate a ‘Cast the Cheater Out and Return Me to a Clean Game’ campaign.

The seasoned cheater, It’s Me bore the brunt of the campaign’s activities as a warning to other cheaters. He was killed, camped and blacklisted by all three camps. Out of 300 major cities, 218 cities refused him entry.

It was all downhill for It’s Me at that point. Although he was still deceitful, he had made such a name for himself that people were wary of him.

If he could not enter the city, who could he cheat roaming out in the wild?

A few days later, It’s Me deleted his account and quietly left the gaming scene…

Li Yi could not help but feel for him as It’s Me’s fate seemed similar to his own in the past life — being universally condemned, incurring public hostility, and used as a warning to others…

The storm went on for ten days before it grew calm. Sister Windcloud Nine was happy, and so was Brother Windcloud Nine. To celebrate, the couple gave away cash in the Western Continent’s Celestial Capital for three whole days. No matter the person or camp, anyone who pa.s.sed by would receive a share, even those who made another round to collect the money again.

Brother Windcloud Nine really was rich…

“Thank you…” Sister Windcloud Nine had not forgotten Li Yi. She sent him her thanks after the whole ordeal was over.

“You’re welcome. I did what I could.”

Sister Windcloud Nine was quiet for a moment before adding, “You’re Mr. Ulumuchi, right?”

Li Yi was surprised, “When did you become so smart?”

“Hehe, you’re Ulumuchi, and… Dark Wing!”

Sister Windcloud Nine’s next reply made Li Yi freeze.

“I recognized you back in the Tuhr Altar, but… I know you have a good heart so I didn’t say anything.”

Li Yi sighed, “You recognized me then? No wonder you were humming and hawing at that time, as though you had something to say.”

“You’re really good with transformations.”


The conversation between the two ended but it left Li Yi speechless.

He had always a.s.sumed that Sister Windcloud Nine was unaware of his ident.i.ty and even if she did know, she would never bring it up.

If she already knew who he was, why did she not mention it when she was aggrieved? Was she trying to keep him from getting involved in that mess?

Li Yi carefully reflected and concluded that Sister Windcloud Nine’s fine character was rare.

During the period where he was clearing Sister Windcloud Nine’s name, Li Yi’s progress of the Conquer dungeon was at 73%. Little Elf from the Magical Realm and Infinite Insanity had by then reached 89%, widening the gap between other players and tying at first place.

Li Yi rode on Onyxia to hang around in the Conquer dungeon. It had been three days since his dungeon progress had increased.

It was not that he was not trying but, as he progressed through the dungeon, the checkpoints grew increasingly harder. Even with Little Elf from the Magical Realm and Infinite Insanity providing strategies, these checkpoints could not be cleared without luck.

For example, a mini checkpoint called Hundred Corpses Event as an example, this challenge would be cleared when a player loots a Red Crystal but Li Yi was never known for his luck and was stuck looting Black Crystals…

There were many mini checkpoints similar to this and Li Yi attempted each and every one of them, only to helplessly abandon them.

It was best he left dungeons that were all about guessing and luck to Missus Rong…

Li Yi’s interest in the Conquer dungeon had disappeared without a trace.

He attempted another mini checkpoint but abandoned it in ten seconds. Having completely lost interest, Li Yi immediately rubbed on the Frogmen Tribe Teleportation Stone and went to the Flaming Dragon Lair to do his daily quests.

He has been persistent in gifting the Frog Queen new garments every day. The Reputation Value between Li Yi and the Frog Queen was now at Adoration and steps away from Worship. With just a little bit more effort, he would soon have Overlord Arrows in the palm of his hands.

Stubborn-headed Windless Heavenly Robe was one of a kind. The quest given by Onyxia was cancelled yet he continued without ever stepping foot out of this place. He was still in search of the legendary Frogman’s Eye.

Arriving in the Frogman Tribe, Li Yi transformed into a frogman and went to the Tailor’s Shop to hand Windless Heavenly Robe a few Epic-level Cloth Armor Crafting Guidebooks.

Ordinary people would not understand their reasoning but stubborn maniac like Windless Heavenly Robe had a sort of amazing willpower that would never give up. If he had not b.u.mped into Li Yi, his tailoring skill would probably stop at the advanced level. Fortunately, with Li Yi providing him with Crafting Tomes and materials, he could advance further.

Given enough Crafting Tomes and materials, a stubborn maniac could easily improve their proficiency because they have an undying persistent will!

Windless Heavenly Robe was in a particularly happy mood after receiving the Crafting Tomes and materials. He was able to create new styles of equipment that could raise the Affinity between the Frog Queen and himself.

“Take a look out there. The Frogman’s Eye quest really is fake.”

“Don’t talk me out of it. I’m not a stubborn manic, I’m really not. Don’t look at me that way. I just… just don’t like going out there.”

Li Yi summoned Onyxia to talk with Windless Heavenly Robe in her human form. This was the best he could do for now.

Windless Heavenly Robe shouted out in surprise upon seeing Onyxia, “This was the NPC who gave me the quest!”

“Your quest is now completed. This is your reward.”

Onyxia placed a Purple Quality Ring in Windless Heavenly Robe’s hand.

“Wahahaha, I knew it! NPCs do not lie. Dark Wing, see that? The NPC personally came to give me equipment,” Windless Heavenly Robe could not stop grinning.

“There’s no continuance to this quest. You do not need to remain here.”


Onyxia spoke the last of the words prepared by Li Yi before leaving.

“The quest is completed, the quest is completed…” Windless Heavenly Robe mumbled as he was absorbed into his own world.

Li Yi turned to leave, leaping towards the Frog Queen’s bedroom to gift it with garments.

After completing the daily quest, Li Yi rubbed on the Reusable Teleportation Stone to return to the Celestial Capital in the Invincible Continent.

Upon his return to the Celestial Capital, he immediately teleported to the Newbie Village.

Two weeks had pa.s.sed. The two eagle eggs placed in the forest in the Newbie Village should have hatched by now.

Teleporting to the coordinates, Li Yi fixated his gaze on the branches but was soon frowning.

It was empty up in the tree. Where were the eggs?

There was nothing there. Empty…

Where were the eagle eggs?

Li Yi climbed on Onyxia and rounded the area.

If the eagle eggs have successfully hatched, the eaglets would build a nest here and survive on their own until the return of their master.

The eagle eggs were locked to Li Yi’s soul so apart from him, no other players could claim ownership of the eaglets.

However, this was not the thing that was bothering him. If the eagle eggs were touched by other players, just once, they would dissolve.

Li Yi strolled near the entryway of the Newbie Village and found Fengxi, the Newbie Killer still active in the area. He saw at least twenty newbie Summoners cursing at him while in corpse state.

Li Yi took out the Divine Looking Gla.s.s to check on Fengxi and found that the b.u.g.g.e.r was at Level 100 and equipped with a high-level Mixed Equipment Set…

He could be breezing through the Arena with that level and equipment. Why was he hanging out here? Could it be that the b.u.g.g.e.r was tortured by some Summoner player in the past? Why else would he be so fixated with this place?

Li Yi drank a bottle of Fury Potion, doubled up with Violent Bear’s Protection and activated G.o.d Mode before teleporting under Camouflage to coordinates near Fengxi.

Fengxi was in Stealth mode but under the watchful eye of G.o.d Mode, his actual coordinates were clearly displayed on Li Yi’s minimap.

Fengxi, who was wielding double blades, was creeping towards an unsuspecting newbie Summoner occupied with farming monsters. Li Yi drew back his Orange Quality Bow to launch an attack the instant Fengxi made his move.

“Powered-up Arrow!”

Tch tch tch tch tch pst—

Ultimate Flame Arrow swirled as it was shot towards Fengxi…



Critical Hit!

Back Attack!

Weakness Attack!

A pool of blood burst out of the back of Fengxi’s head as his body staggered back and forth as he took the newbie Summoner’s life with one swing of his arm. He then disappeared.

F*ck me! He logged out while in combat with only 3 HP left!

Li Yi was dumbstruck.

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