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Chapter 452: Ice Howl

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Pick the strongest hero to fight and only the winner has the right to enter the ruins!”

Lil Moigne walked down the stage and unlocked the metal grille beneath the arena where a giant Sandworm with chains intertwining its body crawled out.

“This is your first opponent, King of Sandworms!” Lil Moigne yelled.

“Who’s first? Who’s first?”

The thousands of players exchanged glances at each other and were widely discussing amongst themselves yet no one was willing to step up.

The sandworm on the arena was bulky at thirty over meters and was a remarkable presence when it stood erect. Its HP was a staggering 100 million so who would challenge it when n.o.body has ever fought this thing before?

Of course, they were in it for the dungeon but n.o.body was willing to be the first to test the waters. This was the thoughts of the majority of players.

Lil Moigne said, “Attention all party leaders, you have 30 seconds to think it over. If no one rises up to the challenge, I will randomly pick a party.”

There may be thousands of players present but each of them has their own party. Li Yi has one and he was the leader while Jiaojiao, Confused Fox, etc were his party members. Their total party members were above 200 but below 500. Each party was set up more or less the same.

“I’ll be first!”

Li Yi shouted and summoned Holy Light Warhorse to take a leap and landed in the arena.

“Summoning Order!”

Li Yi made a gesture and all his party members appeared around him.

A party leader’s special skill, Summoning Order that could only be used in Glory dungeon was more powerful than King’s Order. Disregarding any member’s consent, as long as the party leader initiated the order, the party members near and far would be forcefully teleported to the leader.

Lil Moigne nodded with approval, “Good. The battle begins one minute later. All partic.i.p.ating heroes, may the Light be with you!”

“It’s Dark Wing from Invincible Continent and his woman. F*ck! All bosses of Iron Alliance are here!”

“Having the b.a.l.l.s to go the first round, I’m betting they’ll lose.”

“Hahaha, this is going to be interesting to watch. This is not a bad dungeon.”

“Yeah, I realized that this dungeon’s design is kinda cool.”

The players of the three camps were in heated discussion as they watched the stage. They may be feeling bemused about the situation but they were also looking forward to Li YI challenging King of Sandworms.

The strategy provided by Li Yi to his party members was simple enough, “Once the battle begins, just attack.”

“Is there anything special for us to pay attention to?” Flower Underpants was shocked.

“I never fought this myself, so I really don’t know…”

Li YI was telling the truth.

“F*ck, if you never fought it before, why the rush?” Confused Fox smacked his own head. He was fuming from the ears.

Li Yi secretly laughed but kept it hidden, “We need to fight it sooner or later anyway so why delay?”

A minute pa.s.sed quickly. The chains twining on King of Sandworms unshackled. This terrifying king worm let out a sharp shriek and burrowed into the ground.


The ground busted open like crackling popcorn, leading all the way up to Li Yi’s party.


Li Yi yelled and ordered to split and run into two ways.

“Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!”

The ground exploded and the shattered stones and rubble would deal ten thousands worth of damage upon contact. Fortunately, all the Elites of Iron Alliance has reached Level 100 and were able to resist with their high HPs.

“F*ck me! This thing’s strong. Little brother, we’re doomed!”

The arena was too small. Even 500 players standing already took up one-fifth of the s.p.a.ce. Flower Underpants did not manage to evade in time and was blasted eight times. Soon, he found himself on the ground.


King of Sandworms was still moving underground, arching and blasting open the ground. In a mere minute, half the party was gone.

“Hahaha, it’s looking bad for Dark Wing…”

“Hahahaha, this is refreshing! This dungeon’s so much fun!”

“Today’s the day for the continent’s No.1 Archer G.o.d. I’ll bet he won’t be c.o.c.ky the next time.”

“Yeah yeah, let’s watch him lose.”

The spectating players were mostly watching with glee.

Tst tst tst—

It was then King of Sandworms trilled and snuck out of the ground, shakily heading for the crowd.

Unending Unmatched was the first to Charge up and restrained King of Sandworms.

“Healers heal! Those with DPS, go!” Li Yi barked out orders and took the lead in attacking.

Szh! Szh!

Boom! Boom!

The battle had officially started. King of Sandworms was jerking its head, ramming at Unending Unmatched while sweeping its tail on those players who were striking from its back.

This battle was a mess. Li Yi did not prepare a strategy and since n.o.body has played this monster before, they only knew how to attack.

However, Li Yi must be confident as he dared to be the first on stage otherwise he would not have volunteered. After a while, Confused Fox came to his senses.

This King of Sandworms only struck main tanks and as long as n.o.body attacked its back, it was practically a dummy. Compared to when it first broke the ground, it was smooth sailing.

“Bp! Bp! Bp! Bp!”

Ms. Jiao was at it, dragging her greatsword to one side of King of Sandworms. With black air surging around her, she started slashing up a combo.

No wonder there was no strategy to it. What strategy was needed for a dummy-like boss? Anyone with brains would just hit it.

King of Sandworms may have high ATK but it was no match for Unending Unmatched who has doubled-up on DEF and HP and aided by the four major healbots of the Iron Alliance. In conclusion, it was a no-brainer battle.

Ten minutes later, this battle ended. The party led by Li Yi suffered 352 casualties and earned this win with difficulty…

Lil Moigne nodded with approval. “Very good. Heroes, please rest. Let us welcome the second battle!”

Several hundred Holy Light pillars descended from the sky and resurrected all dead players.

Any resurrection spells by players were ineffective in Glory dungeon. They would have to depend on NPCs to revive.

“Let us welcome a beast from the North Pole Iceland, Ice Howl!”


At the opening of the metal grille, a snowy ape-monkey the size of an elephant sprung out, clad in chains. It was Ice Howl, a wild beast of the Northern Iceland!

“I’ll do it!”

“I’ll do it!”

“I’ll do it!”

Various party leaders raised their hands, following Li Yi’s earlier performance.

“The first party leader please get up the stage. Remaining heroes, please wait.

The party leader who first raised his hand was teleported onto the arena and pulled his party members up with Summoning Order.

“Western Continent’s Sea G.o.d Clan!”

The players in the battle arena yelled in unison, introducing themselves. They were not as famous as Li Yi so they had to depend on themselves to make themselves known.

The battle began a minute later when Ice Howl was unchained. It lunged towards them, howling at the top of its lungs.

The main tanks were quick to pull aggro, those with DPS were launching attacks while healers were bombing their teammates with heals.

At the beginning of the battle, Ice Howl did not have much to show for compared to King of Sandworms. One main tank was enough to go against it. Its only killer move was inhaling and exhaling a large burst of frost but this move was easily evaded. By circling to its back and stabbing it at its a.s.s, it could cause no harm to players.

Ice Howl only had 70 million HP and this was one of the reasons why the party leaders were eager to be picked. Most players knew that monsters with low HP were easy targets.

“Ao ao!”

When Ice Howl’s HP dropped to 60 million, it turned berserk and pounded its chest with its claws, shoving all partic.i.p.ating players to the arena corners from its shockwave impact.

All partic.i.p.ating players had a Disorient symbol on their head. They were all Disoriented.

This was a specialty of Ice Howl and could not be dispersed!

Ice Howl pounded on its chest and pointed at the crowd. One of the players had an eye-catching skeletal symbol appear above his head.

System Notification: [Ice Howl will launch Charge at skeletal target within 3 seconds. Please dodge!]

It was then the Disoriented state on players was dispersed.

“Skeleton leave the crowd!” Sea G.o.d Clan’s party leader yelped.

“Ao ao—”

Ice Howl came crashing like a meteor but because the party leader reacted quickly, the targeted player managed to escape in time. However, due to the lack of s.p.a.ce in the arena, Ice Howl collided with other players.

Those players who were b.u.mped by Ice Howl were instantly killed. As for Ice Howl, its body turned red and went berserk…

Its ATK and SPD increased by 1000%…

Wham! Wham! Wham!

Ice Howl was leaping about in the arena at high velocity, killing anyone upon contact. In mere seconds, 500 of them were all vaporized…

“Ao ao—” Ice Howl pounded its chest, walking around with puffed up chest as if showing off in the arena.

“A pity. Sea G.o.d Clan has lost the right to challenge the ruins.”

Lil Moigne waved his hand and the corpses of the Sea G.o.d Clan disappeared. Their failure to defeat the boss and their death signaled TPK in the dungeon.

“Who dares challenge Ice Howl?” Lil Moigne raised his voice.

It was complete silence in the stands. No one dared to speak up.

This monster was too vicious, going berserk from a single knock, leading to a TPK…

Lil Moigne added, “All party leaders, please listen up. You have 30 seconds to consider. If no one braves the challenge, I will randomly pick a party.”

Still, no answer.

When 30 seconds was up, Lil Moigne randomly picked a party leader and tossed her on stage…

This time, Li Yi recognized the party leader. It was the Guild Master of Reigning the World, Night Moon.

Although Night Moon was unwilling, she has only one minute to discuss tactics…

The battle soon started and opting the same strategy as below, Night Moon began launching their attacks faster than the Sea G.o.d Clan.

“Ao ao—”

Ice Howl pounded on its chest and howled, shoving quaking players to all four corners. It then pointed at the crowd and an alarming skeletal symbol appeared above Night Moon’s head.

“Everyone, to the right!”

Once Disoriented effect was over, Night Moon shouted and ran to the left.

“Ao ao—”

Ice Howl headed towards Night Moon with Charge but Night Moon evaded smoothly.


Ice Howl did not collide with any players and rammed onto the wall, entering a Disoriented state.

“Launch your skills, kill!”

Night Moon was overjoyed and immediately ordered an attack!



Attacks fell like raindrops and when Ice Howl recovered, 20 million HP was taken off.

“Ao ao—”

It was not long before Ice Howl repeated the same tactic, and appointed a target to ram, causing all other players to fly to the opposite corner.

This time, the target was not Night Moon but a male White Elf Priest.

Night Moon instructed, “Everyone to the right and the targeted Priest to the left!”

“Ao ao—”

Night Moon made no mistake in her command but the While Elf Priest messed up. He did not run to the right, instead, he made his way toward Ice Howl…


The White Elf Priest was knocked dead while Ice Howl went Berserk!

Ten seconds later, All 500 members of Reigning the World were dead…

One person’s slip up caused the death of an entire party. This was the power of Ice Howl!

Finally, Confused Fox saw the reason why Li Yi wanted to be first…

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