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Chapter 443: All Based on Luck

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Too many Dark Winner's Bracers had been dropped from the loot, so much so that everyone had multiple chances to roll the dice. This time, Li Yi had also joined in to roll the dice, and he managed to get himself one at the third roll with 85 points.

It was easy to allocate the T2 Equipment among the team members. It was not too difficult allocating the Mixed Equipment Sets either, but these sets could be traded easily. In a way, these Mixed Equipment Sets were slightly more valuable than the T2 Equipment Sets.

After all, these were things that could be sold off for money.

However, no bidding of Gold Coins was held since this was the guild's first-time group. Instead, it was decided by rolling the dice from the start till the end.

Soon, these purple Mixed Equipment Sets had also been allocated. Finally, it was the time for the most antic.i.p.ated segment, the Deathcharger's roll.

Li Yi raised the skeleton of the horse's head and declared, “Roll!”

Everyone became excited. After all, only those extremely practical and rare Epic-level equipment like the Wind Sword would retain its value over time. Everything else such as the common Purple Equipment would only be valuable initially and would depreciate quickly to become common street goods after a while.

It was just like the T1 Equipment Set that was so rare back then, but now it was a piece of equipment you would see on every player. The price of the T1 Equipment Sets differed according to cla.s.ses. Some could be obtained using hundreds to thousands of Gold Coins. These pieces of equipment would definitely be abandoned at some point as the player continued to level up.

All in all, equipment that was out of its time would be eliminated. However, that was not the case for mounts. On-ground combat mounts would never be eliminated!

If this Deathcharger were to be placed at the Auction House, the lowest bid for it should begin at somewhere around three million Gold Coins.

“Guild Master, I think we should stick with bidding with Gold Coins.” Pretty Good Mood could not stop himself from secretly sending a message to Li Yi.

Li Yi replied, “This is the first-time group for the guild, not a golden raiding group. If we were to go for a Gold Coin bidding now, many of our brothers here will have differing opinions.”

Although the Deathcharger was a great mount, it was still less valuable than the team he had before him.

“Mm…” Pretty Good Mood hummed and nodded, swallowing a sigh of regret.

75 points!

65 points!

23 points!

21 points!

9 points!

8 points!

89 points!

96 points!

Every member had rolled their dices anxiously. It would be a blatant lie if they were to say that they were not nervous. This was basically true gold and silver that could be sold immediately for money. If they managed to roll it for themselves, it was entirely possible for them to become rich overnight.

Li Yi rolled too, but he was unlucky this time around and only got 38 points.

The process of tallying and checking the points itself had taken up a significant amount of time with 200 members in the group rolling their dices at the same time. However, Miss Jiao was a patient one and waited until the end before rolling her dice.

100 points!

“Hahahahahahaha…” Jiaojiao was so happy that she could barely keep her mouth shut from laughing too hard. Her mouth was tiny and looked adorable when she laughed.

At this moment, Pretty Good Mood had finished tallying the results. He came to report to Li Yi, “Guild Master, a total of 5 people has gotten 100 points from their rolls.”

“What!” Jiaojiao leaped up immediately. Her tiny mouth fell open even wider than before.

Li Yi laughed loudly, “Since a total of 5 people got 100 points, they will roll the dice again.”

“Mine, it's mine…” Jiaojiao angrily said with her hands on her hips.

65 points!

45 points!

1 point!

80 points!

80 points!

The second round of rolling eliminated yet another three people. Now, there was only two left to decide the winner.


“I'm crying…”

The three people who got eliminated reacted fiercely at the news. They were one step away from the mount of everyone's dreams, so their frustration was understandable.

One of the last two players was Jiaojiao, and the other was a Thief named Bird in the Warehouse. He was the one that said he would never get an equipment today, but his luck had carried him to this stage.

“Son of a b*tch. I'm… I'm so nervous.”

Jiaojiao clenched her fist. She was really anxious.

Bird in the Warehouse was the first to roll the dice. The dice danced around and refused to settle down for a long time…

1 point!

“Hahahahahaha…” Jiaojiao exploded into thunderous laughter and even hugged Li Yi in excitement.

Bird in the Warehouse was stunned. This was too low of a point to roll.

“Let me do it!”

Jiaojiao brightened up and tossed the dice.

0 points!

Jiaojiao's eyes widened.

The crowd was dead silent…

“Ahem, Bird in the Warehouse is our winner!”

After a long while, Li Yi broke the tension and gave the skeleton horse head to Bird in the Warehouse.

“This… This… This… This is impossible, how… how would I…” Jiaojiao's face was frozen with disbelief as she rolled the dice repeatedly. This time, all of her rolls ended up with high points. This aggravated her so much that she stomped around furiously.

“Wah, how could this happen!”

Li Yi patted Jiaojiao's shoulders. “Whoever got it is destined to be its owner. It was due to everyone's hard work that we could complete the dungeon so quickly. He deserved it.”

Jiaojiao was in utter despair.

Bird in the Warehouse took the skeleton horse head happily and was immediately surrounded by his close friends.

At this moment, Confused Fox cleared his throat. However, he was cut off by Flower Underpants just as he was about to speak. He said, “Big Bird, name a price. I'll buy it from you no matter the amount!”

Confused Fox rolled his eyes at Flower Underpants. He spat in his mind, “What a cunning little fellow.”

Both of them were Guild Masters of their own guilds, and thus must maintain a certain level of status. If one of them had spoken up and asked for it, the other could never step in and s.n.a.t.c.h it away anymore.

Bird in the Warehouse shook his head repeatedly. “I'm sorry, but I don't intend to sell it.”

If one were to sell something like this, they could not do it here even they wanted to. They must either go to the Auction House or the Sea Island's Trading Centre.

The loot was allocated, and the first kill was obtained. Finally, Li Yi adjourned the team.

Pretty Good Mood was reluctant to leave. “Guild Master, I see our brothers are still very energetic. Shall we go to the next dungeon?”

“The next dungeon is an Epic-level large-sized dungeon, and we'll need to sign up before we can go in.”

“Sign up?” Pretty Good Mood was taken aback.

“Yes. Let's adjourn for now so that our brothers can go and have some rest. We'll continue our battle once everyone has recovered!”


Everyone left in small groups after that.

Jiaojiao logged off and went to cook. On the other hand, Li Yi exited the Dark Paladin dungeon and followed the newly opened secret pa.s.sage of the Ancient Civilization Ruins to the gates of the third group dungeon below.

The third group dungeon that had just been unlocked had a simple name—Glory.

A High Cursing Disciple named Aurelia was standing to the left of the gates to the Glory dungeon. On the right was a Church of Light High Priest named Grandis.

Each of them wore black and white clothing respectively, representing the antagonistic nature of the relationship between light and darkness. The atmosphere they created was extremely peculiar and eerie.

Li Yi walked towards Aurelia and spoke to her.

The plot behind the Light and Darkness instances was now nearing its end. The Great Lord Moigne had led the people to unlock the Ancient Ruins and discovered an alb.u.m of paintings about the ancient civilization. The alb.u.m had recorded all that happened in that past and those that were about to happen.

According to the alb.u.m of paintings, the King of Souls could only be defeated if Light and Darkness worked together to rescue those who were manipulated.

Great Lord Moigne and the Cursing Sect High Priest had met up to negotiate but were then captured by the King of Souls. This was the plot for the Glory dungeon, where both the Light and Darkness factions had a temporary truce to rescue the important figures of their own faction.

“Remember, the Evil G.o.d's Glorious Light is about to illuminate the world. Young one, you've made the right choice. I'm proud of you.” Aurelia praised Li Yi.

Grandis snorted coldly. “Do not be tempted. Come to my side, hero, only the glorious light is worthy of our lifelong faith.”

All the players could simply stand at the side if they were interested in listening to the argument between these two. They would never repeat their lines throughout the whole day.

Li Yi simply said, “Sign up.”

Aurelia asked, “Do you want to enter the Ancient Civilization Ruins?”


“Yes!” Li Yi answered before the inquiry panel could even have the time to appear.

“The Ancient Civilization Ruins are very peculiar and would require more power than yourself. You will need many other companions…”


[Dark Wing has successfully joined the Glory dungeon team…]

That was settled!

Li Yi smiled slightly and opened the information panel for the dungeon. Then, he added the Iron Alliance's First Elite Party under his name.

Aurelia shook her head. “The number of your companions aren't enough. Besides, we'll need to work with the detestable Light faction this time. Thus, you'll need to patiently wait for our time to enter the dungeon. Go and busy yourself with something else for now. I'll notify you when the time comes.”

Aurelia sent him a friend request which Li Yi accepted.

All NPCs could actively add players as friends. This was first introduced by King of Pantheons. According to the official explanation, this mechanism was included to allow the players to have a closer interaction with the NPCs.

After signing up, Li Yi went offline as well.

He was exhausted as well after clearing two dungeons consecutively.

Li Yi went upstairs and found that Jiaojiao had finished cooking and was waiting for him to join her.

“Since I've joined the bet, I'll concede defeat. Say it, what do you want me to do?”

During the meal, Jiaojiao was still thinking about the bet that they had.

“Accompany me to sleep for a month.”

“No problem,”0 Jiaojiao promised without hesitation.

“Be my maid for a month.”

“No problem!”

Li Yi touched Jiaojiao's head in confusion. “Is your brain working okay?”

“Of course, I'm entirely normal.”

“Why would you agree to this so quickly? What are you plotting?” The more natural Jiaojiao was acting, the stranger Li Yi would find the whole situation to be.

“Really, I don't have any problems nor do I plan to pull anything, hehe.” Jiaojiao covered her mouth and giggled.

“Give me a reason.”

“My mom's going for a faraway business trip again. This time, it's a month long, and I don't dare to sleep in the house by myself. It's not appropriate for me to go to my younger sister's house too since she has a boyfriend already…”


Li Yi finally understood what was going on.

After the meal, Jiaojiao went to clean the table and wash the dishes. At the same time, Xie Qin dragged Li Yi into the bedroom to chat with him.

Xie Qin looked at Li Yi for a long time without speaking, looking extremely conflicted.

“Aunty, you could say everything you have on your mind. It's okay.”

“Lil' Yi, I know clearly how you see Lil' Jiao in your heart. I support both of you, 100%. However, since Lil Jiao is yet to be 18 this year, you should know what I'm getting at. I'm not against your relationship, but never… never…”

Xie Qin's cheeks flushed red.

Li Yi grinned to himself and nodded.

“I'm relieved. The organization has arranged for me to go to the nearest town to study. From now on, Jiaojiao will be under your care. You must treat her well. This child is quite naive and would be willing to give her life to whoever that she loves…”

Xie Qin rambled on for another half an hour. She finally let Li Yi go reluctantly when Jiaojiao called out for her.

Li Yi, however, was delighted. He went home, took a shower, and fell straight asleep on the bed afterward.

On the following day, Li Yi was rudely awakened by the ringing of his phone early in the morning. It was Flower Underpants who called.

“Brother Dark Wing, go on the official website now, hahaha…” Flower Underpants sounds excited.

“What happened?”

“Just go and check it out. I promise it'll be a pleasant surprise.”


Li Yi rubbed his eyes as he sat up to switch on his computer. Then, he logged onto the official website of King of Pantheons and saw the pinned post that had the t.i.tle written in red.

[Announcement: Three Major Guild Alliance Found to Have Cheated, Light Conference First Kill Cancelled]

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