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Chapter 410: Beloved Bracelet

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Emperor Lan battled it out with a giant dragon engulfed in flames in the grotto filled with boiling hot lava. Flashes of b.l.o.o.d.y crosses flickered in the air at times. It was accompanied by roars of Flaming Dragon that shook the earth…

Southern Continent’s Camp Hero, Emperor Lan was the only remaining living G.o.d-chastised Paladin left in King of Pantheon. His power rivaled that of Augustus, but he was still losing the fight when faced with the malicious Flaming Dragon.

Flaming Dragon’s body stretched up to thirty meters. Although its height could not be compared to the Black Dragon sibling duo, it made up with its body that was burning in scorching flames. If it were not for Emperor Lan’s unparalleled skills, he would have been roasted long ago.

“Cross Slash! Chastising Sword!”

One after another G.o.d-chastising skill sliced at the head of Flaming Dragon. Each strike dealt cost about 50,000 worth of damage. Nonetheless, Emperor Lan had been attacking for the past ten minutes, but Flaming Dragon’s HP still remained as three huge question marks.


Flaming Dragon burst into a violent rage and howled into the air. Then, it spewed a breath of piping hot flames at Emperor Lan.

The temperature in the grotto spiked. s.p.a.ce was tight inside the grotto. Emperor Lan could not dodge in time, so he took the hot flames head-on.

Although Emperor Lan had activated Cross Shield, Flaming Dragon still managed to take out two-thirds of his HP.

Emperor Lan held onto his chest as he fell on his knees. Flaming Dragon’s flames soaked into his body, causing serious damage to his body consistently.

“Breath of Fresh Air!”

Emperor Lan was almost at death’s door when a pale blue breeze blew in his way. It only had to twirl above his head once before recovering his HP by half.

Tst tst tst—

His HP continued to increase, and it was full in mere seconds.

Emperor Lan got up and stared coldly at Caitley by the entryway.

“Mind your own business!”

Emperor Lan’s expression sank once he caught sight of Augustus standing behind Caitley.

“Augustus, are you going back on your word?”

Augustus smiled and said, “The wicked Flaming Dragon is stirring up a mess. Your purpose is to steal Fire Dragon Sword. I’m only here because I like butchering dragons. There’s no conflict of interests between us. Why is there a need for us to fight each other?”


Flaming Dragon was not the least bit interested in their small talk. It dropped its jaw and shot a hot burst of flames at the trio.

A giant cross appeared over his head as Emperor Lan lunged forward to draw Flaming Dragon’s attention.

A blade materialized in Augustus’ hand as he joined in on the fight.

Emperor Lan was a G.o.d-chastising Paladin while Augustus was of the Blademaster cla.s.s!

The duo encircled Flaming Dragon from the left and right while Caitley stood from afar, trying to heal them both.

The trio had perfect chemistry between one another.

“Perverted Wing, how long more before this animation ends? Can we fast forward it?”

Jiaojiao supported her chin with her hand. She had gotten tired of watching it.

“Almost there, almost there.”

The Camp Heroes were indeed powerful, but Wicked Flaming Dragon was all the more terrifying. Even if it stood still and did not attack, its high temperature was making Augustus and company’s HP bleed at 3,000 per second. If it were not for Caitley’s quality healing, they would have all be dead.

The battle did not go on for long. The winner was revealed in just ten minutes.

“Thousand Sword Criss-cross!”

“Heavenly Punishment!”

Emperor Lan and Augustus unleashed their killer move at the same time. The air was permeated with blade aura. Lightning flashed across the sky, and it was accompanied by rumbling thunder. Flaming Dragon roared in anger. His HP was finally displayed above its head.


Out of its 300 million HP, only 90 million of it remained.

“Roar, roar—”

Flaming Dragon let out two searing shrieks. It extended its front claw and scratched the s.p.a.ce before him. An opening appeared out of thin air, and it wormed its way into it…

s.p.a.ce Shift. Flaming Dragon made his escape…


Emperor Lan collapsed with a hand pressing on his chest.

The wicked flame was still burning within him. Caitley could heal him by giving him HP. She was unable to treat his wounds.

“Emperor Lan, you’re not dead, right?”

“Relax, your Augustus isn’t dead yet, so I won’t die.”

Emperor Lan struggled to get up and walked toward another entryway in the grotto. He was going to pursue Flaming Dragon.

“Flaming Dragon’s s.p.a.ce Shift will bring it to where Fire Dragon Sword is located. You guys don’t need to follow him, or else don’t blame me when I kill you!”

Caitley had qualms about leaving him alone, so she went up to him. Emperor Lan smacked her away with a Cross Slash.


Augustus shook his head. “Don’t go after him. You know how he is. He’ll really kill you if he says he would.”

“Flaming Dragon’s unusual activity this time affects the safety of the entire continent. Augustus, we can’t even go against Flaming Dragon by ourselves and had to team up with Emperor Lan. Only then could we begin to think about securing victory.”

“You didn’t mention anything about the safety of the continent when you called me here. You told me that your ancestor was a Priest of Gloryland, a lover of Wicked Flaming Dragon. You have me accompanied you to search for a relic. Caitley, I’m starting to doubt your words.”


Caitley’s expression was stiff and awkward. She mulled over her thoughts for a moment before taking off the bracelet on her wrist and tossing it to Augustus.

“This bracelet was supposed to come in a pair. I came here primarily to search for the other bracelet. Killing Wicked Flaming Dragon comes in second. It’s to avenge my ancestor!”

The bracelet fell onto the ground. Augustus was bleeding from the side of his mouth. He smiled and said, “For me? Is this a love confession?”

The earlier battle with Wicked Flaming Dragon left him wounded. He did not have an ounce of strength left to pick up the bracelet.

Caitley gave a warm smile, “There’s something written on the bracelet. Pick it up and read it. You’ll understand then. It’s what I’ve been meaning to say to you.”

“Then I better have a look.”

Just as Augustus was straining himself by bending down to pick up the bracelet, an opening appeared in the air. Wicked Flaming Dragon’s head popped out of it. The dragon opened its mouth, and scorching flames shot out and towards the duo.

Augustus was gasping for air. The wicked flame surging in him had already drained all of his energy and strength.

In a fraction of a second, Caitley hurled herself at Augustus. She crushed a scroll and stuffed it into his hand.

“I leave it to you to protect the peace of the world. May the wind guide you…”

Tst tst—

Teleportation Scroll!

Augustus’s body disappeared in a poof. The raging flames had burnt Caitley to ashes. On the other hand, the shiny bracelet lied quietly on the ground…

“Roar, roar—”

A sword engulfed in burning flames emerged above Wicked Flaming Dragon’s head. The Wailing Grotto was experiencing astonishing changes as the sword spun and spun…

The grotto’s area increased in size and the pa.s.sageways altered. Countless Fire Elementals spread throughout the grotto.

Wicked Flaming Dragon let out two satisfied roars before disappearing once again into an opening he had torn out with its claw.

It was then the shiny bracelet began to shimmer and absorbed Caitley’s soul into it…

Over time, the scenery changed. Li Yi and Jiaojiao watched the whole story unfold as though they were in front of a television.

Emperor Lan’s days were filled with endless suffering since the wicked flame entered his body. It was not long before he departed for the North, hoping to put out the wicked flame with the extreme cold there.

Augustus did not suffer severe wounds, so he recovered in due course. He entered Wailing Grotto several times and searched for day and night for years, but he always came up empty-handed.

In the end, a Fire Wizard from the Fetched Moon royal bloodline came to Wailing Grotto and found Wicked Flaming Dragon based on his bloodline. However, it did not end well for him. He was controlled by Wicked Flaming Dragon upon encounter and became a brain dead flaming skeleton…

The scenes changed again. Li Yi and Jiaojiao returned to where it first began.

Their surroundings were painted red, and lava was continuously spurting out from the ground.

Vengeful Flames Instance Dungeon was over and done with. Li Yi and Jiaojiao each bagged a reward of 1 million EXP.

Both Flaming Skeleton, who had only 4 million HP left stood beside Caitley by the fiery red magical gate. They activated their spells and blasted at the gate from time to time.

This was the Flaming Dragon Lair!

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