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Chapter 388: Legend is Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Frog Queen was just too terrifying.

Li Yi and Windless Heavenly Robe worked together to kill the Frogman Guards, but when they faced off against the Frog Queen, that was when they knew what overwhelming power was.

Black Magic was very destructive, but it took a long time to cast. However, this rule did not apply to the Frog Queen. The Frog Queen cast Black Magic that was both fast and ferocious, using one skill after another. A few hits later, and the two of them were already on their last legs.

They retreated and ran as fast as their legs could carry them. The two of them ran and fought for more than half an hour, and could still only than 2,000,000HP from the Frog Queen.

“Lil Bro, no!”

Hua Feihua stood in Hua Feiwu’s way, preventing him from attacking Li Yi.

[Light of Destruction! Deathstorm!]

Hua Feiwu did not stop, aiming his staff at Windless Heavenly Robe and launching his attack.

The dark aura spread everywhere and the storm came from nowhere. Windless Heavenly Robe groaned, and his SPD was slowed by 10 seconds as a result of Hua Feiwu’s skill.

Just then, the Frog Queen caught up to them, Divine Jade swaying. The moment she attacked, she used the AoE spell, s.p.a.ce Tear!

Darkness descended upon them and the four people present all lost HP rapidly. The Frog Queen did not know any single-target skills, so every attack of hers was AoE!





A fixed amount of damage floated from the top of their heads. Hua Feiwu was taken down immediately and Hua Feihua was left with 300HP, her life hanging by a thread.

“Why did you attack me? Why the f*ck did you attack me?”

Windless Heavenly Robe was furious, yelling at Hua Feiwu’s corpse.

He had been running perfectly fine at first, staying just outside the Frog Queen’s attack range. He and Li Yi were taking turns, so even if it was slightly slower, it was still just a matter of time before they got the Frog Queen. Now? Thanks to the slow effect on Hua Feiwu’s skill, the Frog Queen caught up to him, and it was too late for even Li Yi to try and grab her aggro.

“Don’t ask, heal! I can tank this!”

Li Yi yelled at Windless Heavenly Robe, shooting arrows as he ran.

“Why the f*ck did you attack me? You wanna PK? If you do, just say the word, why’d you hit me? Say something, why did you f*cking hit me?”

His extreme side was acting up again.

“Touch of the Wind! Wind Motion!” Just then, Hua Feihua played her flute and healed the two of them.

“My little brother attacked the wrong person, so sorry about that, really.”

Sometimes, one word from a woman was worth a hundred from a man. Windless Heavenly Robe looked at Hua Feihua and his fury dissipated.

“Let me heal you. Sorry, my little brother did not mean it.” Hua Feihua kept using healing spells on them, replenishing their HP.

There was a cooldown period for using healing items. A good Recovery Potion took two minutes to cooldown, so healing with potions was a last-ditch method. It clearly could not be used to grind down this boss, either.

When it came to fighting bosses, a professional healer was still the best choice for pressing forth.

“That’s enough, you don’t have to heal us anymore,” yelled Li Yi at Hua Feihua. Although he had no affection for that seductress, this life was no longer the same as the previous. Add that to Hua Feiwu’s incident, and as a result he had a little sympathy for this woman. If it were not for that, he would have killed them as soon as Hua Feiwu ambushed them.

“It’s… it’s okay, I’ll heal you, and I don’t need any equipment.” When she heard Li Yi’s words, Hua Feihua grew slightly excited and she put more effort into her healing.

This woman’s only strength was her opportunist nature. She only had eyes for the most capable people, and she barely had the time of day for incapable ones. She always believed that the previous incident was all Milk Dipper Solitary’s doing, and that it had nothing to do with Li Yi, so she had always harbored friendly feelings for Li Yi. That was why she was constantly trying to improve their ‘relationship’.

“Stop f*cking healing me, I’ll kill you if you go on!”

Li Yi scolded her as changed the party settings to [Disable support from friendly players outside of party].

“I… I…” Hua Feihua gripped her flute, on the verge of tears. She had meant to flatter Li Yi, but she had instantly infuriated him instead.

“It’s not that I don’t want you to heal us, it’s that you can’t for now. Healing increase your aggro rapidly, so if you heal us a couple more times, your aggro will definitely surpa.s.s ours. When that happens, the Frog Queen will kill you with one hit,” explained Windless Heavenly Robe to Hua Feihua as he ran. Unlike Li Yi, he did not understand Hua Feihua, so when he saw sensual, obedient little Hua Feihua, he had a sincerely good impression of her.

“Ohh… I got it, I’ll heal slowly.” Hua Feihua understood immediately and nodded fiercely. Without so much as a glance at her little brother’s corpse, she followed closely behind the two of them, looking for a chance to heal them.

Seeing that Hua Feihua was no longer randomly healing them, Li Yi turned off the limitations as well. The Frog Queen’s attacks were ridiculous, and she would sometimes summon Frogmen underlings as well. It was much safer to have a healer with them over no healer at all.

“Alright, just like this, keep it up.” Windless Heavenly Robe just kept piling on the praises until Hua Feihua felt almost light-headed.

“I’m nothing, it’s my honor just to be able to heal Guild Master Dark Wing. I’m happy as long as you don’t think me a nuisance, tee-hee.”

Windless Heavenly Cloud said, “Haha, of course not, we’d never…”

Before Windless Heavenly Cloud could complete that sentence, Li Yi interrupted him, saying, “I think you’re a nuisance, don’t follow us anymore. Go look for your brother, why don’t you? We’re fine with or without you.”

“Urk, it’s okay, it’s okay. My brother knows the way.” Hua Feihua followed them stubbornly.

Li Yi and Windless Heavenly Robe attacked as they ran. Li Yi’s ATK was much higher than Windless Heavenly Robe’s, so whenever it was his turn to attack, he could always take 100,000HP or more from the Frog Queen. At this rate, they would surely be able to kill the Frog Queen within at most an hour.

Of course, this was only if they did not run into any dead ends and no one else got in their way.

Windless Heavenly Robe was only familiar with the pathways around the Frogmen Tribe, so as soon as they left the village, Windless Heavenly Robe became completely lost. It was all on Li Yi now, his memory being the only thing they had to go on.

The Frog Queen caught up again, and Li Yi threw a Mislead at the Lightning Leopard, pulling the aggro back with just one shot. The Lightning Leopard dashed ahead quickly, and with its speed, the Frog Queen would not be able to catch up even if it doubled its pace.

“Pfft! Pfft!”

Li Yi dealt damage at a steady rate, shooting as he ran.

“Darling, do you think that r.e.t.a.r.d Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g would come after us again?”

“Seeing him suddenly reminds me of that middle-aged client I had three years ago.”

“Cough cough, darling, let’s change the subject.”

“Why, don’t you wanna hear about it? That middle-aged client was so much more powerful than you, he left me unable to get out of bed for three days. You should remember that too.”

“I… I don’t f*cking remember.”

“Are you swearing at me?”

“No, I’d never dare swear at you. I’m swearing at myself.”

“Slap yourself 20 times.”

“Yes, darling!”

“Smack! Smack! Smack!”

Not Gray Wolf slapped himself as he crawled out of the pathway, and Call Me Red Wolf followed behind him, satisfied.


Li Yi was the first to notice them, and he immediately swore inwardly.

“Darling, there’s someone ahead.”

Gray Wolf rubbed his eyes and instantly yelled out, “That’s the Eastern Continent’s Dark Wing, they’re fighting a boss!”


Li Yi grabbed the advantage by making the first move. He downed a bottle of Advanced Fury Potion and unleashed his Chain Arrow Skill at Red Wolf…

“Chain Arrow Skill! Eliminate!”

The pathways inside Wailing Grotto were very narrow, which made dodging extremely difficult. Li Yi attacked quickly and viciously, so by the time Red Wolf was aware of him, two arrows were already at her face.

That woman was a mean one, too. In the face of danger, she yanked Gray Wolf to her and used him as a shield.

“Phantom Footprints!” Gray Wolf yelped, using his invincibility skill to tank it.

“Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!”

The three arrows met their mark, and the word [Invincible] rose from the top of Gray Wolf’s head three times.

“Heavenly Robe, take the aggro and run back.”

Li Yi roared at Windless Heavenly Robe as he drew his orange bow, unleashing a barrage at the couple.

Gray Wolf and Red Wolf were the sneakiest duo around, and Li Yi had experienced their craftiness more than once. That was why the best way to deal with them was to kill them as soon as possible!

Red Wolf set three traps underneath her feet. Dragging her shield, Gray Wolf, behind her, she made a run for it.

Gray Wolf and Red Wolf knew Li Yi too well. They knew that they were no match for him in a direct confrontation, so they ran!

“Darling, I’ll summon my pets so he can’t come over.”

Not Gray Wolf pointed at the ground with his staff and summoned eight White Skeletons to obstruct the pathway completely.

Li Yi stopped before the traps that Red Wolf had set, bending down to take them apart. He used his trap path skills as well. Although those skills of his were not as well-honed as Red Wolf’s, he was still more than capable of dismantling them completely!

The eight White Skeletons rushed at him. The Lightning Leopard turned into a bolt of golden light that dashed forth, and with a gentle swipe of its paws, it killed off all the White Skeletons within 5 seconds.

Li Yi gave chase and looked around. The pathways around him were all empty, with nothing left in sight.

Not Gray Wolf and Call Me Red Wolf had gotten away.

“Dark Wing, come quick, I can’t hold on much longer.” Just then, Windless Heavenly Robe sent him a message.

“On my way!”

There was no time to chase the couple any longer. Li Yi turned back the way he came to a.s.sist Windless Heavenly Robe.

As soon as Li Yi left, Gray Wolf and Red Wolf peeked out of a pathway.

“They’re attacking a boss!”

“We gotta steal it!”

“Let’s go!”

Just as the couple was about to step forth, a white light zoomed at them from the distance and crashed into Gray Wolf.

“Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!”

The white shadow screamed as he waved his kitchen knife, and he somehow chained a combo of 4, forcing Gray Wolf to the wall.

When Not Gray Wolf saw the white shadow’s face, he was so angry smoke threatened to come out of his ears. “Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g, why are you so r.e.t.a.r.ded? Can you even kill me?”

The Violent Combo 4 had taken a total of 300HP from him.

The White Shadow was none other than Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g. He had wandered around here aimlessly for a while before he finally found them.

“You’re the r.e.t.a.r.d, your whole family’s r.e.t.a.r.ded!” Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g was furious, swinging his kitchen knife even harder.


Not Gray Wolf swung his staff, attempting to summon a Headless Horseman. Just then, a powerful spinning Flame Arrow flew at him and hit the back of Not Gray Wolf’s head squarely, dealing [−3876] in damage!

“Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!”

Three consecutive Flame Arrows cut Not Gray Wolf’s HP down to zero, killing him.

Just then, Call Me Red Wolf was setting up powerful Explosive Traps beneath Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g’s feet, trying to blow him up. Another Flame Arrow came flying and hit her, forcing her three steps back.

This was the Repelling Arrow Skill!

Call Me Red Wolf raised her head and saw the Hunter G.o.ddess’ image appear behind Li Yi’s back, shooting at her endlessly…

Li Yi did not leave. Instead, he had transformed into the Lightning Leopard and had been hiding right there in Stealth mode.

Crooks like Gray Wolf and Red Wolf had to die, or else they were guaranteed to disrupt the boss fight.

Call Me Red Wolf was just about to run when Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g wailed out loud, making her freeze in her steps. Immediately after that, Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g leaped high into the air and pounced down, pressing her underneath his body…

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