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Inside the Fire Cave.

"Everyone stand back. Main tank, please aggro the boss. Please don't tank like an idiot, and evade its attack when it shoots out its fire! F*ck! Secondary tank, go and replace him! Tertiary tanks, prepare to back him up at any given moment."

There were at least 100 people crowded within the Fire Cave as they focused their attacks on the Fire Lord Galaxite.

These people were gathered by I Love Beast Beast. He went on the internet to doubtfully search for the article guide written down by a closed beta player after he had parted way with the Li Yi.

It was as Li Yi had stated. The guide did mention the strategy in fighting against the Fire Lord, but the boss was called the Fire King instead.

The strategy was slightly different but the overall basic strategy was similar to Li Yi's.

I Love Beast Beast looked at the time the guide was posted. It was two years ago, before King of Pantheon was even released.

Since closed beta and open beta were generally two different things, it was normal for the boss' name to be different.

Hence, I Love Beast Beast had believed Li Yi's words.

This was not surprising as doubt would surface in everyone's mind when they saw this guide...

However, this was all but a coincidence.

Thousands of guides from closed beta players would be uploaded to the internet daily before the King of Pantheon was released. Since there were countless people who had written the guide, there should be one or two that would fairly fit the description...

I Love Beast Beast was at the scene when Li Yi was pulling the boss. Since he knew of the strategy and the Fire Lord had resp.a.w.ned, it was only natural that he would not give up on this golden opportunity.

He brought at least 200 people to fight against Galaxite. However, he did not expect that the main tank was not able to tank against it at all. The secondary tanks were instantly killed when they took over. None of the five strongest tanks within the guild was able to tank the boss.

They were not able to control the situation. One would die the moment fire was shot toward them. Crowd ganking it was not effective as well. When the Fire Lord's HP dropped to a certain level, it would recover one-third of its maximum HP with each kill. It was his signature skill, Fire Resurrection.

Once the boss' HP had been reduced by two-third, it would be impossible to kill it regardless of how many people there were, save for the exception that no one died.

"What are you guys doing? Despite all of you have a complete set of Frost Equipment and 300 points worth of DEF, you guys still can't tank against a mini-boss? You guys are more worthless than an Archer."

I Love Beast Beast shouted in anger.

The five best main tanks in the guild looked at each other, being at a loss for words.

"Leader, at least a hundred of us had died at least three to four times. If we keep dying at this rate, our overall guild strength will definitely plummet." A healer said worriedly.

I Love Beast Beast was the only one who knew the Resurrection Spell, which had a cooldown period of thirty minutes. It was still manageable if one person had died. However, he would be overwhelmed the moment the death count was more than that.

I Love Beast Beast stared at Galaxite with full HP and sighed as he said, "Retreat!"

Fire Leaf. Ice Lotus.

Li Yi was browsing through the Auction House and would buy every Fire Leaf and Ice Lotus he could see, so long as they were not exceptionally expensive.

These two ingredients were required in creating the Fire Attribute Potion. The Instance Dungeon in which one could level up the fastest after Level 15 was no other than the Instance Group Dungeon - Pinnacle of the Fire.

The Fire Attribute Potion was a must in order to clear this Fire Instance Dungeon.

What Li Yi was doing now was to purchase most of the ingredients on the market and acc.u.mulate them. The price of the ingredient would definitely skyrocket when the Pinnacle of the Fire Instance Dungeon was released, and he would earn a huge sum of profit from it.

Li Yi swept the market like a maniac to the point where the price of these two items had already started to hike up. However, he did not care about it and would buy them as long as the price increment was not too ridiculous.

As a player who had been reset, he knew the true value of the Fire Attribute Potion best compared to everyone else.

"Why is it sold out again? Who's buying these things?"

"Exactly. What the f*ck man. I can't even get the ingredients to grind my mastery."

"Everything's out of stock when the population increases."

A group of novice Apothecarists gathered by the Auction House as they grieved together.

In King of Pantheon, there were many other cla.s.ses available to choose from other than the combat cla.s.ses. There was no restriction towards lifestyle cla.s.ses, and one could learn anything cla.s.s they wanted. Apothecarist was one of these cla.s.ses.

There was no restriction in the number of lifestyle cla.s.ses one could choose. However, mastering a cla.s.s was not a feat that everyone could achieve. Hence, it would be foolish to a.s.sume that one could master all of them. King of Pantheon had been operating for eight years, but the infamous lifestyle cla.s.s experts were so rare that one could count all of them with only one hand.

Li Yi had once learned Smithing in his past life. Unfortunately, it required a lot of ingredients, expenses, time and experience to master it. Ultimately, he had given up when he pushed it to the middle level.

Li Yi had created another path to earn some money ever since he had learned to create the Fine Steel Arrow. There were still many Archers in the early phases of the game. Since NPC only sold normal arrows, and he was the only one who knew how to create arrows with increased ATK, it was only natural that the sales were off the chart.

"Leader Sc.u.m, someone had created arrows from that Fine Steel Arrow Forging Book you've sold for 2 Gold Coins the other day. He's selling a set of these arrows for 30 Silver Coins. What a rip-off..."

"Are the sales good?" Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g paid no heed to it as he whacked the Adult Wild Boar without even lifting his head up.

It was unlucky of him that he had angered the large square-jawed man because the latter was more merciless than the former when the former showed no mercy. The large square-jawed man was persistent in killing him and his subordinates to the point where they were down back to level 5. Ultimately, the guild leader of the Huashan Guild had to step in to talk to the opponent to settle the issue.

"They're instantly sold out the moment they're posted up. According to the record from the Auction House, the daily sale is more than 500 sets."

"What the f*ck!"

Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g was rather depressed. As he turned around, the Adult Wild Boar decided to attack from his back and pushed him to the ground with its two-hit combo.

Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g's subordinate was stunned. As he was about to unsheathe his sword and attack, Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g shouted in anger. "Don't f*cking kill it. I don't need you. Burn this wild boar's face into your memory. I will kill it with my very own hands!"

Li Yi loitered around the Auction House for some time as he received three invitations from three different people.

The first one was I Love Beast Beast. He had invited him to fight the Fire Lord one more time.

The second invitation was from Holy Pure Eh. His group of glory knights had been grinding levels in the open field recently and would always encounter the level 20 boss Violent Ape King. Unfortunately, they were wiped out every time they encountered it and were hopeless against it. Hence, they decided to seek out for Li Yi.

The third invitation was from the Dark Empire Guild. The guild was currently exploring the Hero Level Frost Labyrinth. Every guild member was dispatched as they wanted to be the first in the server.

Li Yi pondered for a moment and ultimately rejected the invitations from I Love Beast Beast and Holy Pure Eh. He decided to a.s.sist the Dark Empire to clear the Forest Labyrinth of the Heroic difficulty.

Although he was not fond of the Dark Empire, he decided not to owe anyone anything anymore in this new life.

He decided to help the Dark Empire to clear the Frost Labyrinth of the Heroic difficulty. After all, he still had a quest that he had yet to complete in the Instance Dungeon.

After making his decision, Li Yi prepared his equipment and headed towards the Aegean Forest.

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