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Countless Black Wolves rushed over, surrounding Li Yi and Moonlight Ocean.

"Don't attack!"

Li Yi barked loudly, stopping Moonlight Ocean in her tracks.

The pack of Black Wolves just surrounded them but did not attack, simply glaring at them ferociously.

Li Yi had long since noticed that the red words above the Black Wolf pack's heads had faded significantly as well.

The Black Wolf pack surrounded the two of them for more than ten minutes, and then they scattered once more, returning to their original positions around the cave.

The red names turned fainter again.

Li Yi said, "Wait a little longer."

Moonlight Ocean nodded.

Time pa.s.sed slowly, but the Black Wolf pack did not display any other strange behavior.

Time lapsed since they entered the dungeon: 5 hours and 55 minutes.

5 more minutes and the two of them would be automatically booted out of the dungeon.

"Do we still not fight?" typed Moonlight Ocean.


Li Ti replied with an 'mm', but his eyes were fixed unblinkingly on the Black Wolf pack inside the cave.

The red names above the Black Wolves' heads were starting to darken.

"Use Stealth and hide behind me. Stay there without moving."

Li Yi summoned the Mutated Small Wild Boar and ordered it to wait at the entrance.


As the Black Wolf King howled, the Black Wolves rushed out, pouncing on and tearing into the Mutated Small Wild Boar at the entrance madly.

At that moment in time, Li Yi had changed the Mutated Small Wild Boar's settings to Idle Mode, so it would not fight back. Instead, it just stood there and obediently took the pummeling.

Thankfully the Mutated Small Wild Boar's defenses were strong enough for it to last more than two whole minutes before it collapsed with a grunt.

The Black Wolves pounced at Li Yi. This place was extremely narrow, so faced with the wolf pack's surround attack, he had nowhere to dodge to at all.

Li Yi crouched down and set up a Spike Trap on the ground before retreating to the edge of the map.

Their backs were against the wall now. If the Black Wolf pack were to rush at them right now, the only thing that awaited Li Yi and Ocean Moonlight was a dead end.

The Spike Trap successfully obstructed the Black Wolf pack for a second, causing their movements to slow down slightly. As the Black Wolves ran forward, the [−1] symbols appeared above their heads.

6 hours had pa.s.sed!


The Black Wolf King gave a long howl, summoning the Black Wolf pack over to it.

Li Yi and Ocean Moonlight did not kill a single Black Wolf, and simply waited out the time limit in the dungeon.

[Congratulations, you have completed the Black Wolves' Den dungeon. Obtained 30,000 EXP. Also, you have received the Black Wolf King's Gratefulness. Obtained an EXP Pearl.]

There was a flash of white light. Li Yi and Moonlight Ocean were sent out of the dungeon at the same time.

"Only 300,000EXP, this dungeon truly is nothing to shout about." Ocean Moonlight shook her head, and with a wave at Li Yi, her body began to disappear slowly.

She had actually logged off.

Li Yi looked at the EXP Pearl in his Backpack, waves of excitement pounding in his heart.

[Special Tool: EXP Pearl]

[No level requirements]

[Function: With the EXP Pearl, the EXP you obtain will be increased by 10%.]

[Source of Pearl: Black Wolf King, drop rate 0.1%.]

[Note: This accessory does not take up any slots and will be effective as long as it is in the Backpack. It is not locked, so there is a certain chance of the item dropping when the character dies.]

The reason Li Yi was so eager to enter the Black Wolves' Den was not for the EXP. His true aim was this EXP Pearl right here.

In the previous life, the White Elf Wizard, Heartless Fish, had this EXP Pearl, and so he leveled up at a much faster speed than everyone else. If it were not for the fact that he was killed one day and the Pearl was dropped, there was a chance that n.o.body would ever have known that the Black Wolves' Den had such a treasured drop.

They were both EXP Pearls, but the one Li Yi had was much better than Heartless Fish's. Heartless Fish's Pearl only increased his EXP by 5%, whereas this one increased it by 10%.

'Capture, capture, what a cunning guide…'

Thinking back on Heartless Fish's guide, Li Yi was speechless for another good while. However, when he looked at the EXP Pearl, he decided to let it go again. The probability of obtaining it was 0.1%, so even if others knew how to get it, it was not that easy to get.


'Thank goodness I didn't have to loot it…'

Going to the Black Wolves' Dungeon to obtain the EXP Pearl was Li Yi's only aim, so now that he had gotten his hands on the Pearl, all those Wolf Soul Crystals he had collected were clearly useless now…

'Ah well, it's not like I need the money…'

Li Yi was completely satisfied. Taking out the Return Scroll, he waved it casually.

"Hahaha, young man, you did well. I'll take all these Wolf Fangs, you go and get me 1000 more Wolf Soul Crystals."

Raoul accepted the quest items from Li Yi, satisfied, and gave him another quest.

"Here, the Wolf Soul Crystals."

"...Young man, you're doing well, to think you could get the Wolf Soul Crystals so quickly. I'll take them now, you go pick me 100 Blood-colored Flowers. If you can level your Harvesting Skill to more than Level 10 or above, you can harvest some of these in Eastcloud Valley."

"100 Blood-colored Flowers, for you."

"...Young man, how… how did you do it?" Raoul accepted the Blood-colored Flowers, his jaw hanging in surprise.

Li Yi smiled slightly. Ever since the Auction House opened, he could get anything he wanted as long as he had the money.

"You're so similar, just so similar. You're practically exactly like him…"

Raoul stared at Li Yi dazedly and then turned around without a word, taking out a quiver for arrows and handing it to Li Yi.

"Young man, take this quiver. You're more suited for it than I."

System Notification: [Obtained Special Container, Elf Quiver, carrying capacity 80 slots.]

Now his Backpack finally had s.p.a.ce.

Li Yi was ecstatic.

The quiver was a Special Container. Just as the words sound, it meant that the quiver could only carry Archery items like arrows, and it was useless to other cla.s.ses. However, to the Archer Cla.s.s, having a quiver meant that they could empty out more s.p.a.ce from their Backpack and use it to carry other items.

"I also have these arrows, might as well give them to you as well."

System Notification: [Obtained 100 Blood Wolf Arrows.]

[Blood Wolf Arrows]

[ATK 5-10]

[Special effect: 100% Critical Hit.]

"Mentor, do you have any more Blood Wolf Arrows?"

Raoul shook his head.

"That's too bad…" Li Yi sighed.

100% Critical… Of course when it came to such vicious arrows, if he could just get his hands on them, the more would always be merrier."

"Arrows with additional attributes may seem strong, but without a good bow to complement them, they would still be useless."

"A good bow!" Li Yi's eyes were immediately ablaze with pa.s.sion.

The Arrow Crafting Skill was not the only reason he did the Triggered Quest. A peak-level Archer needed more than just the best arrows, they also needed the best bow at the same time.

"The person who used that bow had once shot down Mount Pantheon that had been floating in the sky. She had committed such a grievous crime, and yet the pantheon of G.o.ds could do nothing to her. Not only did they overlook her mistakes, they even crowned her the G.o.ddess of Archery."

"Do you want that bow?"

Raoul smiled slightly and took out an old goatskin scroll, handing it to Li Yi.

"This is an incomplete treasure map. If you can find the other incomplete treasure maps and form a complete treasure map, perhaps by then you would be able to lay your eyes on that bow."

Li Yi accepted it.

"The Arrow Crafting Skill is merely a small side-path. If you truly wish to learn, go search the Pinnacle of the Fire. When I was young, I had once carved an Arrow Crafting Skill into those walls."

Li Yi bid Raoul farewell and then jogged to the Auction House.

By now, the average level of players was Level 10. Within a few days, they would probably reach Level 15. A get-rich scheme was beginning form in Li Yi's mind.

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