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Chapter 262: Eruption

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


The Lightning Leopard roared out and tossed its head as it broke free.


He was just 1% away from succeeding. Li Yi cursed once and gave up on using Capture, resorting to more shooting instead.

The highly determined Archer from the previous life had once mentioned that as long as the Lightning Leopard had more than 100,000HP, it could never be captured. Li Yi had given it two tries earlier and probed that the Archer was right. That was why he stopped messing around and put all his efforts into reducing the Lightning Leopard’s health.

Call Me Red Wolf and the other three continued to resurrect themselves over and over again, but not one of them could escape Li Yi’s grasp.

They were dead as soon as they got up. Anyone who stood up would die, and even if all three of them stood up at the same time, Li Yi would just use the Chain Arrow Skill and Eliminate to take them all down at once.

There were four of them, but except for the useless Gray Wolf who did not even die, the other three could not stand up no matter how they tried.

Soon enough, the five-deaths limit was up. One after another, the three of them were forced to go to the temple.

Once a character was forcefully sent to the temple, their characters would be weakened for an extended period of time. Li Yi felt the pressure lift from his shoulders. He killed Gray Wolf with one shot and downed an Advanced Fury Potion, concentrating all his fire on the Lightning Leopard.

In no time at all, the Lightning Leopard’s HP fell below 100,000. However, Li Yi continued until its HP was lower than 50,000, just in case.

He used Capture!

Just then, Call Me Red Wolf and the others were still trying to run back. There was no one around to distract Li Yi.

1%… 6%… 18%… 39%…


It broke free!

1%… 5%… 16%… 34%… “Smack!”

It broke free!

1%… 5%… 16%… 34%… “Smack!”

It broke free!

1%… 5%… 11%… 79%…


It broke free!

1%… 5%… 16%… 39%… 99%… 100%!

He succeeded!

After Li Yi used Capture more than thirty times, he heard a cheerful jingle. The Lightning Leopard roared once and turned into a bolt of golden light that flew into his palm.

[Congratulations! You have successfully tamed the Epic-level Lightning Leopard, and obtained a cla.s.s achievement, Partners in Crime!]

[Lightning Leopard (purple-colored quality)]

[Level: 1]

[Nature: Pa.s.sionate]

[Attribute: Holy Light Path, Mythical Type]

[HP: 800]

[MP: 160]

[ATK: 600]

[DEF: 200]

[M-DEF: 1000]

[AGI: 1500]

[ATK SPD (Extreme Speed)]

[Movement SPD (Extreme Speed)]

[Rip: Deals damage worth 150% of user’s ATK to target with a swipe of sharp claws. At the same time, there is a chance that the target will Bleed. Skill cooldown: 30 seconds. Also, every use of this skill will acc.u.mulate one orb of Holy Light Energy.]

[Combat Stealth: Creatures with this skill may turn invisible at any time during combat. If the user launches a successful sneak attack with this skill, the user will be rewarded with an orb of Holy Light Energy.]

[Wild Meteor: Scratch the target madly, dealing significant chain damage. Upon activation, the user cannot move for 3-5 seconds. This skill has no cooldown time. (Requires at least one orb of Holy Light Energy to use. The player can acc.u.mulate a maximum of 3 orbs of Holy Light Energy at a time. Each orb will increase ATK by 100%, and releasing all three at once will result in dealing a terrifying 300% damage.]

It was purple-colored in quality, and it had a Pa.s.sionate nature!

Li Yi could not help but laugh, because this Lightning Leopard was just too f*cking perfect.

Each pet had its own nature. A pet of the same type but different nature would react completely different in combat.

For example, the Mutated Small Wild Boar had a Gentle nature. This nature suited players the most, as the pet would do practically whatever the player wanted. They would not even need to put in 45 Pet Path Skill Points to unlock any restrictions.

Another example would be the Violent Bear King’s Steady nature. This nature was the most stable. When a pet’s HP fell below half of its initial value, it would feel scared. Sometimes, they would even ignore their master and run away. The Steady nature solved that problem because no matter how much HP they had left, a Steady pet would never try to escape.

There were good and bad pets, so naturally, there were also good and bad natures. The Explosive Ape’s Temperamental nature was much more frustrating. Pets with this nature did not like anyone at all, so their aggro was completely out of control. However, the Temperamental nature was also useful in that the pet’s ATK would increase as its HP decreased.

A pet’s nature could be changed, but this would require using a G.o.d-granted Scroll to randomly give them a new nature. A G.o.d-granted Scroll cost about 10,000 Gold and there was no way to control the price. In the past life, many people had spent several million or even tens of millions, searching in vain for a good nature.

A pet with a Pa.s.sionate nature would not be affected by any external factors during combat. It would always be able to use 120% of its combat power, 20% more than pets of other natures. At the same time, it would never try to run away. Instead, it would loyally execute its master’s every order.

Pets of other natures, even Steady ones like the Violent Bear King, would still feel Fear when their HP decreased. This meant that a drop in their attributes and ATK was inevitable. Only Pa.s.sionate pets would never encounter this phenomenon!

Of all the pet natures, the Pa.s.sionate nature was the strongest.

Li Yi laughed heartily. He summoned the Blazing Ape and left Silver Moon Canyon.

This trip had given him some considerable returns. Not only did he get his hands on the orange bow, he even obtained a Holy Light Warhorse and Lightning Leopard as a bonus. It had been a year since he restarted this life and played King of Pantheon, but this was the first time he felt so good about it.

Not Gray Wolf and the other three were still rushing back. By the time they made it back, Li Yi was long gone.

“I’ll give 50,000 Gold Coins to anyone who can kill Dark Wing! I’ll give 50,000 Gold Coins to anyone who can kill Dark Wing! I’ll give 50,000 Gold Coins to anyone who can kill Dark Wing!” Not Gray Wolf was so angry that he announced it over and over again.

Since she did not manage to catch the Lightning Leopard, Call Me Red Wolf was so furious that she threw her game helmet to the ground, so she could not log on now. Instead, she went around the house looking for things to smash.

“Oh, Mommy, stop smashing things! Mama, Mother, please, we had to spend money on all those things.”

Not Gray Wolf tossed aside his game helmet and fell at Call Me Red Wolf’s feet. He hugged her thighs and refused to let go.

“Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!”

Call Me Red Wolf yanked Not Gray Wolf’s hair. Swinging both hands, she slapped him about the mouth until the corners of Not Gray Wolf’s mouth bled. His head was a dizzy mess, and he could barely tell up from down.

“It’s all your fault, all your fault! You useless thing, you can’t do anything but act c.o.c.ky all day.”

“Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!”

“Darling, I was wrong! Ouch, please have mercy. If you hurt your hand slapping me, I’ll be heartbroken. Ow, why are you using your foot to kick me now? Ow ow oh h.e.l.l, please stop hitting me…”

Not Gray Wolf held his head and darted back and forth. Finally, he stuck his head under the bed and let Red Wolf kick his b.u.t.t as much as she liked, refusing to come out no matter what she did.

That night, Not Gray Wolf had to eat that thing until dawn…

Abyssal Canyon Crevice.

The two camps cursed each other across the canyon. They even occasionally threw a couple large fireb.a.l.l.s or Blizzard spells at the opposite side, creating quite the storm.

Suddenly, a group of players ran up to the Western Continent side. There were several tens of thousands of them, crowding up the area.

“Why do they suddenly have so many people on that side? What are they up to? A border rush?”

“c.r.a.p, they’re trying to rush the border!”

A few keen-sighted Eastern Continent players noticed the commotion on the other side and immediately announced it to the World Channel.

“The Western Continent people are trying to rush the border! Everyone who’s available, come to the Abyssal Canyon Crevice now! We gotta protect the border and make sure those b*stards don’t get through! Protect the honor of the Eastern Continent with your lives!”

“Aye! Aye! Aye!”

Just as the Eastern Continent’s border guard players sounded the alarm, the Western Continent players launched their attack. The Violent Warrior stepped forth and used Violent Throw to toss the Wizards onto the opposite bank.


A Paladin dressed in gold-colored armor was the first to reach the opposite side. He used a precious Levitation Potion and had a Violent Warrior toss him over.

“Brother! Windcloud! Nine!”

“c.r.a.p, that Old Windcloud Dog is here! Let’s gang up and kill him!”

The Eastern Continent players gathered quickly and rushed at Brother Windcloud Nine.

They used Fire Projectiles, Ice Projectiles, Blizzards, Chain Arrows, Black Rays, Death Holes…

Several thousand players all attacked at once, resulting in a tremendous force.


Brother Windcloud Nine sneered coldly and patted Cerberus’ head. The wide-reaching h.e.l.lfire erupted around them.

Cerberus’ three heads sprayed out flames madly, burning all the attacks from the Eastern Continent players clean away. When h.e.l.lfire reached the Eastern Continent players, there was a barrage of [−8,000] figures. Brother Windcloud Nine took out several hundred people with just one move!

“Brother Nine is unbeatable, Brother Nine is unbeatable!”

“Once Brother Nine attacks, no one can withstand him!”

The crowd of Western Continent players were in high spirits, yelling slogans at the top of their lungs.

There were barely any Eastern Continent border guards left. The Floating Scaling Ladder constructed from Resilient Cable Wire was complete, and the Western Continent players rushed across like a tide.

Someone had already uploaded the video of Brother Nine wiping out hundreds with one move to the Western Continent Channel. In an instant, the Western Continent players lost their minds.

“That punk Dark Wing acts as though we don’t exist here on the Western Continent! He’s challenged us so many times, so how long are you going to bear it? Do you have the guts to follow me, and flood the Eastern Continent with blood?” Brother Windcloud Nine yelled in the World Channel.

“I do!”

“I do!”

“I do!”

Several tens of thousands of replies filled the Eastern Continent Channel. Brother Windcloud Nine’s overwhelming boldness had triggered the long-suppressed rage burning in the hearts of the Western Continent players.

“We shall follow Brother Nine and flood the Eastern Continent with blood! Kill their men, and take their women!”

“Gather at the border of the Abyssal Canyon Crevice!”

More Western Continent players gathered at the Abyssal Canyon Crevice. The party gradually grew, from 30,000 people… to 80,000, 120,000, 200,000…

They were truly like locusts. The ground was littered full of people. Brother Windcloud Nine spent three hours gathering his forces before he finally led the large army and advanced toward the Eastern Continent’s major cities grandly.

The Eastern Continent players had begun to gather as well at a plain near the Abyssal Canyon Crevice in order to stop the Western Continent players.

There were 50,000+ Western Continent players, a terrifying figure indeed. This was also the PvP war involving the most players in the history of King of Pantheon.

Compared to the Western Continent players. there were far fewer Eastern Continent players. Although Confused Fox and Flower Underpants were recruiting fighters as hard as they could, they could not accomplish much. In the end, only 10,000+ players heeded their call.

How could they possibly fight a war with such a large discrepancy in numbers?

It was Pretty Good Mood’s idea to hide their army of 10,000 in the mountain range further ahead from the plains. When the Western Continent players reached the plains, he would immediately launch an attack, cornering the enemy!

Pretty Good Mood had a good plan, but unfortunately, this was his first time partic.i.p.ating in a war with several tens of thousands of fighters.

The Western Continent players rushed at them, 10,000 in all. They were all armored cla.s.ses with high DEF like main tanks. Pretty Good Mood was instantly stunned.

“Great Commander, should we still fight?” Confused Fox was anxious.

“Yes!” There was no time to think. If they were even a moment late, they would be done for once the enemy Charged up to them.

“Fight! Fight with everything you got!”

Confused Fox gave the order and a barrage of magic rained down on the Western Continent players…

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