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Fatty gave it one shot before he gave up.

His height was fine, but he was way over the limit horizontally…

"The Black Wolf King is at the cave entrance!"

Eerily, the Black Wolf King appeared at the entrance to the cave, holding its cub in its mouth. They caught it just as it was trying to escape. Old Li Flying Dagger roared out loudly and caught up to it in a flash, waving his blade at it.

A beautiful [−3876] in damage popped out from the top of the Black Wolf King's head. Everyone was stunned for a second, and then they all rushed at it.

This time, Li Yi finally understood. Using long-range attacks to hit the Black Wolf King would only result in a measly 1HP in damage, but fighting it with close-range attacks multiplied one's damage significantly.

[You have obtained Argo's (Werewolf NPC) Blessing, ATK increased 200%-500%,




Moonlight Ocean's ATK was even more terrifying. Making full use of the Thief's natural high DPS at this very moment, the HP she alone took off the Black Wolf King was more than the other four combined.

The Black Wolf King did not use any spells, so all it could do was pounce and bite. Although its attack was very high in damage, it was also very infrequent, so I Love Beast Beast could easily replenish the HP they lost.

In no time at all, the Black Wolf King howled out in agony and collapsed to the ground.

System Notification: [Congratulations, you have completed the Black Wolves' Den dungeon. Obtained 10,000 EXP. You will be sent out of the dungeon in ten seconds. Beginning countdown: 10, 9, 8, 7…]

With the exception of Li Yi, the other four all stretched out their hands to loot the wolf corpse…

"What kind of stupid dungeon is this? No drops? Only 10,000EXP?" said Old Li Flying Dagger angrily.

Without exception, not one of the four obtained any loot from the boss.

'The Black Wolf King doesn't drop anything, so it'd be strange if you did get anything.'

"Dark Wing, my guild's calling me to join their activity, so I'll be taking my leave first." I Love Beast Beast bid them farewell.

"I'm gonna go grind too." Old Li Flying Dagger left as well.

"Brother Yi, I'll go now too, yeah? There are these three pretty ladies who keep bugging me to take them grinding. Man, it's a pain."

The loneliness on Chen Yang's face never lasted longer than the last snow before spring. He used the Dwarves' Innate Ability, Instant Slip-Away, and vanished without a trace.


Li Yi had intended to take out 300 more Wolf Soul Crystals and try it one more time, but before he could even say anything, these level grinders had each found an excuse to scram…

Only Moonlight Ocean was left, standing behind Li Yi wordlessly.

Moonlight Ocean showed Li Yi her current level.

Level 15, 37%!

Li Yi was stunned.

He had truly never expected that Moonlight Ocean's level would be even higher than her older brother's…

Li Yi asked, "Shall we give it a try?"

Moonlight Ocean nodded.

Aside from the 300 Wolf Soul Crystals, the entry requirements for the Black Wolves' Den dungeon also included a five-man party. Still, this did not pose much of a problem to Li Yi. He just randomly tapped a few players on the LFG (Looking for Group) Channel. Once they had enough people, they talked to the Werewolf NPC, and as soon as they entered the dungeon, they kicked the randoms out of the team.


The sound of wolves howling came from within the cave, the pitch-black sea of wolves utterly dizzying to those who saw it.

"Don't be so hasty to attack."

Li Yi stopped Ocean Moonlight, who was about to fight, and pondered carefully over the guide Heartless Fish had written.

There was only one sentence in Heartless Fish's guide, and the most crucial keyword was 'capture', not 'kill'.

Capture the Black Wolf King!

But how was he supposed to capture it? Kill all the other Black Wolves and then capture it? The problem was he did not have any capturing tools on hand, so even if he killed off all the Black Wolves, he still would not be able to capture the Black Wolf King once he came face-to-face with it.

When they were running the dungeon earlier, Li Yi noticed something. The color of the name on top of the Black Wolf King's head changed gradually. It was initially pale red, but as they killed more and more Black Wolves, the name on top of the Black Wolf King's head slowly turned bright red.

This showed the increase in its aggro meter.

"We don't move for now, just sit here and wait for a bit."

Moonlight Ocean looked at Li Yi in surprise but nodded in the end, taking a seat beside him.

Li Yi was thinking that since the Black Wolf King could mysteriously appear at the cavern entrance when it was escaping at the end there, what if they did not clear the monsters? Would it still appear at the entrance?

There was no way of finding out unless they tried.

That was Li Yi's thought process right now.

"You haven't learned the Thieves' Level 10 Stealth skill, right? Here, for you."

Li Yi took out a Stealth Skill Tome and handed it to Moonlight Ocean.

Moonlight Ocean's exposed eyes widened for a moment, and then she reached out her little hand to take it.

The Thief was a popular cla.s.s in any game, and King of Pantheon was no exception. The thrill of that astoundingly high DPS and the satisfaction of the one-hit kill were things that no other cla.s.s could emulate.

The price of Stealth Skill Tome at the auction was 2000 Gold Coins, and they were frequently out of stock. Thieves who could learn Stealth during the early-game stages, other than those lucky enough to earn the tome in a drop, tended to be extremely wealthy.

Moonlight Ocean had only picked up a few free skills from the Thief Skill Mentor, but she had not learned the Thieves' signature skill, Stealth.

"Thank you!" Moonlight Ocean pulled up the shared screen and typed out the words.

"Haha, you can't speak?" Li Yi was extremely curious because he had never heard Moonlight Ocean speak.

"I don't want to speak." Moonlight Ocean continued to type on the shared screen.


"I can't take your things for free, so this is for you." Moonlight Ocean tossed a helmet at Li Yi.

[Exquisite Soldier's Helmet (Blue)]

[Equipment Level: 10]

[ATK +10]

[DEF +10]

[Additional Attributes: Dodging probability increased by 1%]

It was a minor treasure.

However, to Li Yi, this item was not very useful.

"Uhm, lady, have you ever seen an Archer wearing a steel helmet? I want to wear it, but unfortunately, my carrying capacity ain't enough."

Moonlight Ocean, "..."

"Then I'll give you this." Moonlight Ocean started taking off her trousers.

"There's no need… I already have trousers, Gold Quality Hunting Shorts, ATK +15, AGI +10…"

Moonlight Ocean, "..."

"You don't want the helmet or the trousers, so what do you want?" typed Moonlight Ocean helplessly.

"I never said I wanted to trade, right?"

"But I can't take your things for free…"

Li Yi was rendered speechless, but he thought about it for a while and said, "Then just take it as you owe me one. In the future, if you obtain something I need, you can return the favor then."


Moonlight Ocean nodded in agreement. With a clap of her hands, the Stealth Skill Tome turned into a bolt of white light that leaped into her body.

"I don't really know much about this dungeon either, so if we fail at the end, please don't blame me."

"No problem." Moonlight Ocean's response was extremely concise.


The Black Wolf King inside the cave howled out suddenly, and when the Black Wolves pacing around the cave heard its call, all of them gathered toward the depths of the den. The area around the entrance instantly became empty.

Li Yi ran to the cavern entrance and peeked inside.

What he saw was all the Black Wolves sitting on the ground and looking at the Black Wolf King in front of them motionlessly. The whole scene looked like they were holding a meeting.

Li Yi glanced at the time.

It had been 1 hour and 56 minutes since they entered the dungeon!

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