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Chapter 257: Wrath of the Stars

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

[Holy Light Warhorse (Epic-Level Battle Mount)]

[SPD on land: 180%]

[Special mount skill: AoE Repentance to all targets within a 30-yard radius. The affected zone can be selected within 100 yards. Cooldown period: 30 minutes.]

[Special pa.s.sive skill: Holy Light manifested warhorse disregards all abnormal statuses. It remains loyal forever to its owner, increases the owner’s magic resistance by 2%.]

Li Yi held the horse head in awe for a good three minutes before recalling he had yet to dig up the Divine Bow. He quickly smacked the horse to summon the mount. He rode the shimmering Holy Light Warhorse towards where the Divine Bow was.

“Full speed ahead, Light!”

This mount was a show-stopper and practical too. It was second to none. Li Yi would never have thought he would obtain a mount…

Items dropped by Ca.s.sio, the hidden boss was quite interesting. He would drop 20 different items but only one item would be dropped each time, no matter the person who looted him. All items had a 1/20 chance of dropping.

Although the chances were the same, out of the eight years King of Pantheon was in session, not one player rode the Holy Light Warhorse…

Apart from Ca.s.sio, Li Yi never saw anyone riding it.

Many had specifically gone through the percentage of Ca.s.sio’s drops and finally found a tiny pattern to it.

Out of the 20 items dropped by Ca.s.sio, the first ten were gold-colored items dropped at random while the remaining ten were purple-colored items (including Holy Light Warhorse) dropped in an order. He would definitely drop a weapon first, followed by an armor. In order to possess the mount, he would need to die ten consecutive times. Of course, that was on the condition that a gold-colored item was not dropped. If a gold-colored item was dropped, then it was not counted into the purple-colored item sequence.

Every player’s acc.u.mulated kill of Ca.s.sio was considered an independent count. So if it was not solo killed, but rather a gang-bang by multiple players, then only the first item would be dropped. It could be a gold-colored or purple-colored item but never a mount…

The odds seemed good but truthfully, due to this unique mechanism, even if several thousand players teamed up to take down Ca.s.sio, they would only remain a recipient of a lowly gold or purple-colored equipment.

It was not worthwhile.

Li Yi was in luck. It was mentioned before in King of Pantheon’s background story that Ca.s.sio was killed by Evil G.o.d nine times and on the second year that King of Pantheon was in session, Elenor forcefully brought Ca.s.sio out to the Abyssal Canyon Crevice due to the abnormal shift there and died once in battle…

Li Yi’s timing was perfect and had managed to get to Ca.s.sio after he died nine times and has yet to reach that tenth time.

More fortunate though was that Ca.s.sio did not drop gold-colored equipment. Instead, he had dropped a purple-colored equipment and left Li Yi ecstatic.

Holy Light Warhorse ran faster than Crimson Tiger King. With its 180% SPD, it ranked just beneath Night Moon’s Purple Electric Fox. It was way faster than Brother Windcloud Nine’s legendary mount, Cerberus.

Red rays of light shot out in all directions from Silver Moon Canyon, reaching to the sky. Signs of divine weapons breaking through were no trivial matter. Although the Divine Bow could only be dug out by Li Yi, anyone could witness this weather-changing phenomenon.

Li Yi was fortunate that Silver Moon Canyon was not easy to reach, so when he got to where the Divine Bow was, not a Western Continent player was in sight. He was able to dig out the Divine Bow at ease.

A rainbow announcement from the System spread to all channels.

[The birth of an Eastern Continent divine weapon! All players will obtain Legend — Honor buff. There will be an x1.75 increase of EXP from farming monster for three days.]

[Congratulations! You’ve obtained the Gift of the Hunter G.o.ddess, the Wrath of the Stars. You’ve unlocked the Legendary achievement. Congratulations! You’ve achieved a Pantheon Heroes Hall of Fame!]

[Congratulations! You’ve collected two Legendary-level items and unlocked the Legendary Man achievement and special reward t.i.tle, I am Legend.]

The announcement by the System had Li Yi, a person who had reset in life, left in a daze. It was more than he expected. But once he took a look at the Divine Bow’s attributes, he helplessly shook his head.

[Gift of the Hunter G.o.ddess, the Wrath of the Stars (Orange quality, Legendary-level)]

[Equipment Level: 1 (Pantheon sealed)

[100-350 damage]

[STR +100]

[AGI +100]

[WIL +200]

[Critical rate 5%]

[ATK SPD 1.2 sec]

[Special effect: 100% hit rate. When drawing the bow back, the force of stars manifests into an arrow. No arrows required.]

[Special effect: Pantheon sealed]

[Special effect: Pantheon sealed]

[Special effect: Pantheon sealed]

[Special skill: Pantheon sealed]

[Special skill: Pantheon sealed]

[Note: The Hunter G.o.ddess had sacrificed her own life to create this super weapon but the bow is cursed and sealed by the forces of Pantheon. You are presented with an attribute-crippled bow.]

He finally had the orange-colored bow sealed by Pantheon at hand. The Epic-cla.s.s quest had come to an end. There was no continuation, no closure. It ended in such ambiguous circ.u.mstances.

There were at least a hundred players who obtained the sealed orange-colored bow in the past life but no one could unlock all its attributes. Not even that G.o.d-level Archer who Li Yi held a grudge against to this date could do so.

Li Yi held in his hand an orange bow blazing in a rainbow glow. He recalled the G.o.d War scene on Mount Pantheon in the past life.

n.o.body wanted to be in the same party as Li Yi. Li Yi was proud of his techniques. He solo-ed against an entire party.

He was filled with so much confidence, until… his opponent dispatched just one person.

A single Archer holding an orange-colored bow. Just one arrow stopped Li Yi in his tracks.

“You’re strong but too bad, King of Pantheon isn’t a one-man game!” A cold voice was heard coming from the Archer.


He was instantly killed with one shot while in Stealth mode. This left Li Yi’s confidence in tatters…

Li Yi’s Thief, in his opinion, was played to its fullest potential. Even if he were to play Thief in this life, there could not be any more improvements that could be made. Hence, the decision to switch to the Archer cla.s.s.

“Orange-colored bow, I finally have it and it’s the first one too!”

Li Yi let his voice roar. The pale blue force of stars manifested into an arrow in his hands. He drew back the Divine Bow and fired an arrow into the sky.


The arrow penetrated the sky, striking a pa.s.sing eagle by sheer luck. A grand -9105 Critical Hit exploded in the sky. It took only one arrow to kill that eagle.

Although most attributes and special effects of the orange-colored bow were sealed, it was still Legendary. Despite being sealed, it was far greater than any regular weapon.

With the Divine Bow in possession and the quest completed, Li Yi still had not left. There was still the Lightning Leopard. It was not easy coming to this place. The trip would not be complete if he were to leave without getting one.

Water-elemental Turtle had been defeated so there was a 50% chance of sp.a.w.ning a Lightning Leopard. The next sp.a.w.n would take less than 24 hours so Li Yi had to wait.

Li Yi arrived at a new sp.a.w.n spot of the Lightning Leopard and climbed up a tree before logging off.

When he went offline, it was night in the King of Pantheon. It was afternoon in the real world though.

Li Yi refreshed himself by washing his face. His tummy was grumbling. He unknowingly played through the entire whole day again…

He flung open his refrigerator, only to see piles and piles of instant noodles. He was left with no appet.i.te. On second thought, since he had the time, he might as well head out for a meal.

“Jiaojiao, let’s go for a meal, my treat,” Li Yi called Jiaojiao.

“Where to?”

“No idea. How about some c.o.c.k?”

“Get lost!”

“I’m talking about Kentucky, what are you thinking about?”

“Get lost!”

They could fool around like this because their relationship grew ever since that Ring of Windstorms incident. There was no estrangement between the two. They spoke their minds and could talk endlessly. They shared the same bromance they had in the past life.

Li Yi waited downstairs. About ten minutes later, Jiaojiao showed up dressed in black jeans.

She was voluptuous and curved in the right places. She really had the body. If there only was one flaw, it would be the domineering and boyish att.i.tude she had. Apart from this, this girl was beyond perfect.

“I can cook. This time is your treat but if you’re hungry next time, just come upstairs for a meal,” Jiaojiao patted Li Yi’s shoulder in a casual manner.

“You should’ve said so. I could have saved big expenses.”

The two got up a taxi while laughing.

“Anyway, you have some connections around here, right bro?” Jiaojiao sat in the taxi while asking Li Yi anxiously.

“What’s up?”

“Look at me, I’m gorgeous. What if I b.u.mp into some thug? I wouldn’t dare go out with you if you can’t protect me.”

“You’ve been reading too many novels. You should stop browsing that Sis place. I’ve heard that the place is breaking apart, something about leaking members’ private info.”

“What? I only browse it once in a while, not often. Sigh, you wouldn’t understand even if I told you,” Jiaojiao helplessly sighed.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Aren’t I gorgeous enough?’

“Gorgeous? Really? You’re just alright looking.”

“Tsk, with those standards of yours, it’s no wonder you haven’t got a girlfriend,” Jiaojiao was about to give Li Yi the middle finger when suddenly remembered the promise she made with Li Yi. Her middle finger shifted course into a wagging finger partway, wagging several times at Li Yi.

“Who said I didn’t have one? Lil Snow’s my girl. We often talk on the phone.”

Jiaojiao was silent for a moment before heavily snorting through her nose. She turned to look out the car window, ignoring Li Yi.

The rest of the journey went without conversation but they quickly reached their destination. The two got down the car and entered a restaurant.

The two had a whale of a time during their meal. Li Yi suggested ordering some alcohol, to which Jiaojiao obliged. In her own words, it would be a waste not to burn his pockets when he was treating.

“Bring over two bottles of your most expensive red wine. It need not be good, as long as it’s expensive.”

The way Jiaojiao ordered wine left Li Yi speechless.

“Come, bro. To our friendship! Cheers!”

Jiaojiao lifted her wine gla.s.s and clinked it against Li Yi’s. Cling! She downed the drink.

She could really hold her liquor.

Li Yi was not one to back down. With one pull of his head, one gla.s.s of wine was gone.

Li Yi gestured the waitress by wagging his finger, handing over his LED card. He imitated Jiaojiao’s tone, “Bring over two bottles of your most expensive red wine. It need not be good, as long as it’s expensive.”

“Are you planning to make me drunk?” Jiaojiao flashed Li Yi a cold smile.

“What? Scared?”

“As if! Come at me if you have b.a.l.l.s.”

“Only a b*tch wouldn’t dare.”


“Cheers!” The two toasted.

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