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Chapter 217: Past Life’s Resentment

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“h.e.l.lo, I’m Wind-on-Snow, Jiaojiao’s cla.s.smate.”

Adorned with fair and clear skin, with a calm and steady manner, the girl-next-door, Wind-on-Snow extended her hand towards Li Yi.

Li Yi did not reciprocate. He merely turned his head to the side.

“Dark Wing, are you mad? She’s my friend, even if you… you’re not showing her respect, you’re embarra.s.sing me!” Jiaojiao PM-ed, throwing a fit and spamming knuckle emojis.

Wind-on-Snow was in an awkward position. Her hand was still there, not knowing whether to pull back.

Even in the past life, Li Yi only had a vague impression of Wind-on-Snow. After the Windstorm Platform incident, Li Yi went in search for her for half a year but she seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

From an outsider’s perspective, n.o.body could tell that she was treacherous but who would expect that such a well-behaved girl would throw Li Yi under the bus.

Although Li Yi did not want to harbor any hatred, the moment he laid eyes on Wind-on-Snow, that grudge that he thought long disappeared, resurfaced.

“What’s up with you? You’re all weird,” Jiaojiao tilted her head and looked at Li Yi curiously.

“Nothing. You guys go ahead, I’ve matters to attend to,” Li Yi got onto Blazing Ape and promptly made his way to Curse Land.

“Your friend sure is a drag.” Wind-on-Snow helplessly sighed. The awkwardness was clearly written all over her face.

“He wasn’t like this before. I’m not sure why.” Jiaojiao watched Li Yi’s receding figure with worry. A sense of insecurity hovered over her.

It was a first for her to witness such behavior from Li Yi.

“You’re not seriously thinking about me and him being friends, right?” Wind-on-Snow smiled at Jiaojiao.

“Yeap, that’s him. He has a fine character. Hehe, although he’s no hottie, he’s not that bad. If you’d spend some time with him, I guarantee your life-long happiness,” Jiaojiao put in a good word for Li Yi.

Wind-on-Snow shook her head. She could not believe a word Jiaojiao said because of Li Yi’s earlier att.i.tude towards her.

Wind-on-Snow smiled, “If he’s that good, you should keep him for yourself.”

“Tsk, He and I are brothers, the kind of brothers that surpa.s.ses genders…”

It was fortunate Li Yi was not around to hear those words, or else he would return in a jiffy and whup her a.s.s.

Li Yi’s mood turned sour after b.u.mping into Wind-on-Snow. He was so upset that he lacked the focus to beat the black and white bosses, and died.

He forced himself to keep himself steady when he started the second round, and finally managed to defeat the black and white bosses after much struggle. Looting them brought him down the dumps once more — He came up empty-handed!

“Motherf*cker, I knew meeting that b*tch would result in nothing good!” Li Yi channeled all his hatred onto Wind-on-Snow. The grievance from being hoodwinked in his past life had crept into his heart, it was so heavy that he wanted to scream and shout.

“You know Lil Snow?”

It was at that moment, Jiaojiao sent a voice message.

“I don’t know her, and I don’t want to know her.” Li Yi suppressed his anger.

“Why didn’t you want to shake her hand earlier?”

“Why would I want to shake her hand? Is it because she’s your friend so I mustgive face 1 to you and shake hers? F*ck! I resent her and I never want to be involved with this person. This is my reason.”

Jiaojiao was silent for a while before replying, “You seem quite off today.”

“I have always been like this. This is the real me, no hiding, no concealing. Compliment me if you like it, chastise me if you don’t. Now, this is living true to yourself.”

“You have a temper on you today. I’ll leave you be, not gonna talk to you now,” Jiaojiao went offline.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Loud music was blasting upstairs. It was obviously Jiaojiao venting her frustration.

“Die wh*ore! Jump one more time and I’m coming upstairs to rape you!” Li Yi wrenched off his helmet and yelled at his ceiling.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” The music from upstairs became louder.

“G.o.ddammit, was it you who kicked my door the last time, right? Come up! If you come up I’ll slash your d*ck and find a bunch of old folks to burst your a.s.sh*le!” A bellow of rage that drowned out the music was heard coming from upstairs.

Li Yi was not one to back down, “Don’t make me angry. If you really cross the line, I will rape you now. I’ll rape you and then kill you, h*ll, I’ll kill you then I’ll rape you!”

“Come up if you have the b.a.l.l.s!”

“If you have b.a.l.l.s, you’ll open the door!”

“Come up!”

“I’ll go up if you have guts to open the door!”

The two went at it for more than half an hour until they both tired out before halting.

Li Yi went back online. So did Jiaojiao.

“Today, I encountered an idiot. He said he’s coming upstairs to rape me. F*ck! As if I’m scared sh*tless?” Jiaojiao sent Li Yi a message.

“That bad, huh? And you’re not afraid? If he really is going upstairs to rape you, what are you gonna do?” A heated exchange with Jiaojiao had cooled Li Yi’s frustrations quite a bit.

“If… If he does try, my place is installed with an alarm. The moment he’s up here, it alerts the police. Humph humph, of course, even without the alarm, I’m not afraid of him. I learned taekwondo. One kick would be enough to take out this little thug.”

“Hahahaha…’ Li Yi was filled with laughter. The anger in his heart soon evaporated.

“How dare you laugh at me. If it wasn’t for you, I… Humph humph… Fine, I don’t wanna talk about it. It’s my turn to set you straight once you lose that temper of yours.”

Jiaojiao continued, “Right, I remembered you said that you’re in this city too. Where do you live?”

“Well, I’m at Garden Estate.” Li Yi picked a nearby area at random.

“F*ck me, no way. It’s close to where I live,” Jiaojiao cried out.

“Where are you?”

“I… Cough cough, I’m at… Not gonna tell you.”

“I thought we’re bros?”

Jiaojiao thought about it, “Yeah, I guess we are.”

“Then why act so reserved? Or are you afraid I’ll find you and rape you?”

“Tsk, one kick from me and you’ll become the last eunuch of China.”

Jiaojiao would not reveal where she was staying no matter how much Li Yi asked. She was still wary of him.

“Lil Snow’s my friend. She’s quite obedient even in school. I thought of introducing her to you. Who knew, sigh, you really let me down.”

Li Yi answered, “If your best friend did something to you, a really bad thing that affected your whole life, how would you handle it?”

“Sever ties completely and never speak to them forever,” Jiaojiao replied right away.

“Then let me talk about my first impression. When I saw Wind-on-Snow, I felt that she’s dishonest. Although she looked well-behaved, her shifty eyes gave it away. Such a person would easily turn their backs on their friends.”

“Is that why you refused to shake her hand?” asked Jiaojiao.


He could not explain about his reset in life so Li Yi tried to warn Jiaojiao this way. If Wind-on-Snow could betray him like that, she may do the same to her friends. He was keeping his guard up but others were not, especially Jiaojiao. Even when he was duped, she still firmly believed in Lil Snow’s innocence.

“What kind of logic is this…” Jiaojiao could not bring herself to agree with Li Yi.

“Anyway, that’s all I’ve to say. It’s best that you keep this in mind. Time will prove this.”

“Sheesh, so you’re saying that you’re not willing to hang out with Lil Snow?” Jiaojiao was not ready to let this topic go just yet.

“I’ll just hang out with you, but her? No way in h.e.l.l.”

“s.h.i.thead, and here I think of you as my bro.”

“Bro, my a.s.s. I have always thought of you as a woman.”

“What’s so good about me? I have average looks. Well, apart from being quite fair, I really don’t have any good points.”

“Oh, are you fair?”

Jiaojiao went silent for a while then went offline. Li Yi reckoned that there was a 9 out of 10 chance that she went to paste some cuc.u.mber on her face.

Jiaojiao was tan-skinned. She was not naturally fair, yet she was persistent in whitening her skin. Hence, the religious adherence in pasting cuc.u.mber as self-care at home.

Li Yi’s mood improved considerably after a chat with Jiaojiao. Since he had nothing to do, he headed for Blade Peak Arena for some torture fun.

An Arbitrary Fight was available for those who had below 2,000 Battlefield Points. Regardless of level or cla.s.s, the System would select two opponents at random to battle but as Li Yi’s level was higher than the average, it was hard for the System to find a suitable opponent for Li Yi.

Luck was on his side, as Li Yi was teleported into a Mirror Arena right after signing up.

An Archer stood before him. Once Li Yi got a good look of him, he did not want to believe it.

A thin face with sunken eyes. This Archer was none other than Xiao Changfeng. He was the casual party leader from the Windstorm Platform incident.

In the past life, it was he who led the charge by saying Li Yi and Wind-on-Snow were in on it together. No one believed Li Yi’s words, no matter how much he explained.

The two of them were considered acquaintances once, back then but now, Li Yi did not have one ounce of respect for him.

From studying Xiao Changfeng’s equipment, Li Yi concluded that his level was at level 30 at most. Full-bodied green-colored equipment was incomparable to Li Yi’s.

When the battle began, Xiao Changfeng shot two arrows. Swoosh swoosh. Li Yi dodged to evade and replied with Chain Arrow Skill. Xiao Changfeng did not duck. b.l.o.o.d.y red fonts appeared above his head. He collapsed onto the ground.

The skill gap between the two parties was too huge. He was instantly killed.

[Continue to challenge?] An option was presented to Li Yi.


A masked Undead Thief appeared before Li Yi.

“Aren’t you Dark Wing? Hehe, you must be. Who else but you would have such a high ATK? You’re indeed strong.”

As Li Yi and the masked Undead Thief exchanged blows, Xiao Changfeng who was lying on the ground sent him a message.

“How about becoming friends?” Xiao Changfeng sent a friend request to Li Yi.

Li Yi shot blindly, taking out the Thief in Stealth Mode. He completely ignored Xiao Changfeng.

“The famous really can be arrogant, looking down on small fry like me,” Xiao Changfeng left a sour remark.

“He’s Dark Wing?” The Thief who was instantly killed cried out.

“Who else could this maniac be?”

“Oh, my idol. Add me as a friend!” The thief sent a friend request to Li Yi.

Li Yi accepted.

“Arrogant? Says who? He… just added me,” The Thief exuded happiness.

While the Thief and Xiao Changfeng were talking, Li Yi had swiftly taken down another five opponents. There were now seven bodies on the ground.

Seven consecutive wins. Continue!

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