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Chapter 216: Where a Good Man Goes

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Let me introduce you a girlfriend. An absolute beauty. You fancy?”

Li Yi was about to take care of his excess items at the Auction House when Jiaojiao sent him a voice message.

“I’ll take it if it were you. If it’s not, don’t even think about it.”

“Tsk, we’re bros yet you keep hitting on me. Typical,” Jiaojiao snorted with disgruntlement.

“It’s fine. I’m not interested in beauties,” Replied Li Yi.

He smiled bitterly to himself.

Jiaojiao has once spoke such words to him in his past life. She then introduced Wind-on-Snow to him who became his girlfriend. Since he was not head-hunted this life, he thought there would be a change this time around. Who would have thought fate would bring him back to this?

“She’s my cla.s.smate. An absolute campus beauty. There’s just so many suitors back in our school days but she, didn’t give two f*cks. She’s as pure as Snow White,” Jiaojiao continued persuading him.

“Snow White isn’t pure. The seven dwarfs are all men.”

“You… Your father’s b.a.l.l.s.”

After he sent Jiaojiao on her way, Li Yi purchased a whole load of materials for Apothecary prior to returning home.

The amount of materials Apothecarists exhausted for upgrading was beyond imagination. Worst still, was that they could only refine three potions that were worth nothing at this stage in the name of leveling up. It was burning a hole in the pocket.

Purchasing the materials has caused Li Yi at least 8,000,000 Gold Coins. Part of that was his acc.u.mulated funds.

Sitting in his room, Li Yi began an Apothecary refinery frenzy as he indulged in the enhanced success rate.

His mastery increased at a slow rate and when Li Yi exhausted about 2,000,000 Gold Coins of materials, he finally leveled up in Apothecary.

[Advanced-level Apothecarist’s additional skill: Life Blood. Effect: Recovers 1,000 HP within 5 seconds. 20% increase effect on every potions consumed. Cool down period: 5 minutes.]

Li Yi was not done yet. He continued to enhance his mastery and exhausted all acc.u.mulated materials. In mere five days, he advanced another level from Advanced-level Apothecarist to Master-level Apothecary Master.

[Master-level Apothecary Master’s additional skill: Life Blood. Effect: Recovers 1,500 HP within 5 seconds. 30% increase effect on every potion consumed. Cool down period: 5 minutes.]

The rare fish leftover from the fishing compet.i.tion has finally been put to use. Many of the lacking material were replaced by these rare fish.

The items looted from Dwelling of the Undead were quickly auctioned off, profiting him around 5,000,000 Gold Coins. On the other hand, Li Yi received at least 2,000 pairs of shoes by mail.

Some were obtained under the table by Chen Yang and Pretty Good Mood. Fire Ice bought him some, too, while more were gifted by many friends and brothers in guild.

The lowest quality was of green-colored. Each pair has its own good attributes which left Li Yi flabbergasted from words.

The reason was simple. When he first returned from Dwelling of the Undead, he wore no shoes and this was spotted by the meticulous Fire Ice, hence…

Fiery Boots was quite an item. It was too easy for Li Yi to find a replacement. But his thoughts were to find an even better one.

Unending Unmatched’s +7 Fiery Shoes left Li Yi envious. Er… Of course, if Li Yi were to showcase his whole body of equipment, he would not just receive admiring glances, he would be the object of envy and hatred.

Li Yi picked out a +4 SPD shoes from the lot and mailed the remainder to Fire Ice to sell off…

If these shoes did not have special effect, Li Yi could just use Engineering to add a Rocket Propellant in one. The effects of this was similar to Fire Impact. The only flaw was the safety concern where accidents may happen at any given moment. For an example, while initiating the propellant, there may be an explosion that would propel one to the sky.

He would have to make do now, as soon, he would be in possession of a better pair of shoes. Li Yi was sure about that.

He was going to advance further in Apothecary. It was a shame that at the current level players were at, Li Yi could not get his hands on materials needed for that particular level.

Jiaojiao did not require Li Yi to carry her. She was carrying her friend daily. Although Li Yi never brought up who her friend was, he has a feeling that friend was Wind-on-Snow.

Li Yi really did not want to meet with her again as he did not know how to face her. Should he swindle her to get a pay back from the past life? Should he act as though the past never happened and be in her company?

There was no peace in Pantheon recently. Ever Since Tyrannical Dynasty entered the game, the Eastern Continent was in constant uproar.

What left Li Yi puzzled, was Yang Xingchen and Hua Feihua. According to the timeline, this cheating couple would have been taken care of by Milk Dipper Solitary. Yet both of them were left unscathed up till now.

Shen Lang has been investigating this matter. When Li Yi asked of this, he himself was stumped.

“I watched over Yang Xingchen like a hawk but apart from gaming, he doesn’t seem to have anything going on in his private life. He’s too quiet that it makes me doubt the person I’m trailing is him.”

Without a hint of giving themselves away, Hua Feihua and Yang Xingchen were not in contact at all during this period.

Hua Feiwu brought along Century Flower’s men to provoke the guild force that fixated Little Drunk Cat as their head. They stopped for a few days after they were beaten up by Dream Guild as well as G.o.d Creator but has sprung up in action once again.

And another thing, Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g that idiot really was something else. After a fruitless attempt at recapturing Wind Capital, he thought of a counter-ambush. He forcefully occupied Forest Bandits’ lair and became bandit leader.

On the first day of becoming the bandit leader, Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g sent an invitation to Hua Feihua. The invitation had a straightforward message, “An invitation to dearest Sister Huahua to be my bandit wife.”

When Milk Dipper Solitary caught ear of this, he brought men to destroy Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g and his people. At the same time, Milk Dipper Solitary pressured Yang Xingchen to have Star Fire go after Huashan.

Huashan was beaten up real bad by Star Fire. Their level sucked, so did their battle tactics. With nothing better than their opponent, they really took a beating.

In the end, it was Hua Feiwu who begged for Milk Dipper Solitary’s mercy for the matter to lie to rest. But both Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g and Hua Feiwu almost got into a fight because of what Sc.u.mbag w.a.n.g said when he expressed his grat.i.tude to Hua Feiwu.

“Brother in law, talk about loyalty, huh!”

“F*ck *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*!” Hua Feiwu spurted out a bunch of censored cuss before leaving in a huff.

On this day, Li Yi went down to Underwater Remnants to go over Tidal Throne. The outcome was fruitless. He was about to head over to Curse Land to kill the black and white bosses when the notification signboard from Sea Island’s Trading Center went blinking.

The Vile King’s Mirror Staff and Ice Heart Ring were still on display in the Trading Center. One month has pa.s.sed now and Li Yi has not meet with a trader he was satisfied with.

An image of a red giant ape appeared before Li Yi. This was the item that other party wanted to trade Ice Heart Ring with — A Blazing Ape mount.

Blazing Ape, a non-combat mount, was similar to Ice Road King. It could climb to hard-to-reach places like a monkey but the rarest and most commendable bit, was its ability to add 20 STR to its owner.

Even if this Blazing Ape was not in use, it was still equivalent to having a permanent legendary equipment. 20 STR on an Archer would deal at least 100+ in damage.

“One to one. Trade with Ice Heart Ring,” Simple and straightforward, was the message left.

Blazing Ape mount was not dropped by a boss. It was a reward from completing a rare mount quest. This item was of Cloud-fleeting level. In the eight years King of Pantheon was in session, the numbers of those in possession of Blazing Ape were not more than ten thousand.


Li Yi agreed to it but did not left for Sea Island’s Trading Centre. He went through the signboard and remotely completed the trade.

What’s an Ice Heart Ring compared to a 20 STR Blazing Ape? Compared to one that was dropped, the latter has a everlasting effect that would be beneficial for life.

“Thank you, can you put the staff on hold for me? I will find some of same value for a trade within a month,” The other party sent Li Yi another message after receiving the Ice Heart Ring.

“Staff? Alright, no problem,” Li Yi readily agreed and took down the signboard immediately.

“Add as friend for easy contact?” The other party sent a friend request. She did not hide her name — Autumn Love.

Li Yi’s heart skipped a beat and selected to add her. He, too did not hide his name.

Autumn Love chuckled, “Of course, it’s you. I must say, who, apart from Eastern Continent’s Dark Wing be capable in obtaining these legendary equipments.”

“It’s all by luck. I was taken aback how someone could get their hands on Blazing Ape, this rare mount. But, if that person’s the Level-Grinding Champ of the West Continent, it’s no wonder,” Li Yi replied.

Western Continent’s Ice Empress, Autumn Love. Although Li Yi has never meet her in the past life, he was quite familiar with her.

Sharing ranks with Eastern Continent’s Fire Emperor, Lonely Semi City, she was Western Continent’s solo champ, Ice Empress Autumn Love.

“Hehe, I’m nowhere near a Level-Grinding champ. I still have a far way to go compared to you,” Autumn Love smiled.

“I’ll wait for you for a month. You’re welcome to message me any time during this period.”


Both parties ended the call.

With Blazing Ape at hand, Li Yi clapped his hands and mastered right away.

Ice Heart Ring was not a bad item but the road to leveling was long. Li Yi could not be bothered with equipments that were going to be obsolete. Blazing Ape was a different story. This mount’s pa.s.sive attribute has a long-lasting effect. The additional 100+ damage would be a crucial definitive on a victory or defeat.

Li Yi rode on Blazing Ape and rushed to Curse Land.

Blazing Ape has a huge stature. Even though Li Yi was riding it, the truth was, he was merely sitting on its shoulder while this super huge red ape moving forward by pouncing and leaping on fours.

“Heal my pet, not me… So dizzy… Lil Snow, can you not be so blank?”

Li Yi was at the edge of Barren Land when he heard Jiaojiao’s voice.

Just up ahead, was Jiaojiao carrying a newbie Priest to solo a giant barren monster.

“Oh golly, isn’t this our Guild Master Dark Wing?”

Jiaojiao caught sight of Li Yi and yelled out in pleasant surprise.

Li Yi’s lips twitched as he forced a smile back in response.

Indeed, there was no escaping from certain people or matters.

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