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Chapter 210: Epic-level Skill

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the past life, Zhang Yan had gotten embroiled in an extremely heated incident with Chu Nan over a small strip of paper. She did not stop until he was expelled. Li Yi never understood that because as far as he knew, Zhang Yan was someone who could take a joke.

‘Without underwear… That message!’

Suddenly, Li Yi seemed to understand.

It was all a terrible coincidence, but that message caused Zhang Yan to misunderstand and a.s.sume that Chu Nan had violated her privacy.

When Li Yi sorted that out in his head, he was exasperated.

Thankfully, Li Yi’s in-game appearance was being already being altered by the Trickery Ring. Right now, he had on a perfectly normal average Joe’s face, so Zhang Yan never recognized him.

“As expected of a superstar. No wonder my big bro’s always praising you.” Zhang Yan put on the Horn Helmet and gave Li Yi a thumbs-up.

“Your big brother is?”

“Flower Underpants.”

“Pfft ha—” I Love x.x.x clapped her hand to her mouth and nearly spasmed from her laughter.

The younger sister went without underwear, but the older brother was called Flower Underpants. Those siblings truly were quite the pair…

Zhang Yang was quite frank about it, though. “It’s just a game. I’ll do everything I don’t dare to do in real life here.”

Li Yi was once more shocked.

‘The Guild Master of the Dream Guild, Flower Underpants, is Zhang Yan’s older brother? Goodness…’

“Superstar, are you still going for the next dungeon?” asked Zhang Yan, expectantly.

“Uh, I have something else to do, so we can go next time.”

“Oh, that can’t be helped then.” Zhang Yan sounded slightly disappointed.

“You can add us as friends and bring us out next time,” I Love x.x.x suggested.

Li Yi smiled slightly and gave the three girls friend requests.

After he added them as his friends, Li Yi left the dungeon and headed straight for Blood Moon Village.

“Good job, I’m pretty happy with these Soul Crystals that you’ve brought back.” Uravi nodded in satisfaction and took back the Wolf Soul Bow. She then poured all the Soul Crystals that Li Yi had retrieved into a large cauldron.

The cheerful notification noise rang out again. Each Soul Crystal awarded him 1,000 EXP, so aside from the basic rewards from completing the quest, Li Yi also obtained an additional 100,000+ EXP.

Uravi narrowed her eyes. “If I’m not mistaken, I’d bet you’re here for the Wrath of the Stars.”

Li Yi nodded.

“That Divine Bow… is the greatest glory of an Archer. I searched desperately for several decades, and yet I couldn’t even find one clue…”

“Don’t you know Archery Omnipotence, ma’am?” Li Yi could not help but interrupt her.

Uravi shook her head. “That won’t help. Unless the Divine Bow is nearby, I won’t be able to detect the bow’s location even if I did use Archery Omnipotence.”

“Are you saying that I came to you for nothing?” Even though Li Yi had long since known that things would end up like this, Uravi was not opening the right path yet, so he had to give her a hint.

‘C’mon, I’ve helped you so much. Shouldn’t you give me something in return?’

After receiving Li Yi’s reminder, Uravi finally did not disappoint. “I can’t help you with the Divine Bow, but I can teach you an archery skill. If you can understand it completely, I believe you’ll reach the realm of Archery Omnipotence before long.

“Do you want to learn it, boy?”

“Yes, I do!”

Uravi smiled slightly and said, “I hid the skill in a cave outside Blood Moon Village. If fate wills it, you’ll definitely be able to find it. If it’s not fated to be…”

Li Yi did not wait for Uravi to finish her sentence. He turned around and left the house.

He did not know if he was fated to own that skill, but he knew exactly where that cave was.

Following his memories from the past life, Li Yi successfully found the cave. It was just as he read in that guide from the past life. The Archery Skill Tome was guarded by a Superior Earth Elf.

The Superior Earth Elf was about as powerful as the Superior Wind Elf Felina. It was the first powerful boss to be encountered in the Archer Epic-level Cla.s.s Quest. Players were allowed to create a party for this, but they could only invite one party member.

Little Elf from Magical Realm was not online, Fire Ice was in a dungeon with a party, and all the powerful healers in the guild were all occupied.

Li Yi decided to solo it!

Summoning the Violent Bear King, Li Yi drew his bow and unleashed his arrow.

“Mortal, are you attacking the messenger of G.o.d?” The Superior Earth Elf flew into a rage. It stretched out both arms, and with a bang, its arms detached themselves from its body and flew at Li Yi, attacking him.

The Violent Bear King immediately rushed forth and pulled the aggro of the two flying arms steadily.

“Bam! Bam!”

The Superior Earth Elf kept spraying stones from its mouth, chasing Li Yi around the area.

The four types of Elves were all very powerful, and this was especially true of this Superior Earth Elf. It had the most HP out of the four types of Elves, reaching a total of 10,000,000HP.

It was definitely a HP tank!

Li Yi’s DPS was around 3,000. With the Flame Arrows, his DPS could go as high as 4,000. That alone meant that Li Yi would need to spend several hours at the very least to kill this thing!

Many players never even touched the Epic-level Cla.s.s Quests after eight years of playing. The players who managed to complete the Epic-level Cla.s.s Quests all became legends at the very pinnacle of the game, without exception.

Epic-level Cla.s.s Quests all had a high difficulty and high returns!

The Superior Earth Elf stomped its feet and the earth began to tremble with every step. Li Yi jumped as he shot at it.

This was an AoE Earthquake Spell. The only way to avoid it was to jump. If he stayed there motionlessly, he would definitely die within three stomps.

The Violent Bear King lost a great deal of HP. The three stomps had taken 4,000+ HP from it. Thankfully, the Earthquake had ended, or else it would surely die after two more hits.

Li Yi slowed down his a.s.sault and healed the Violent Bear King.

The cave was not large to begin with, and the Superior Fire Elf’s attack range was ridiculously high. Li Yi’s HP was knocked down to critical amounts several times, but fortunately, the damage did not come too frequently. He only took damage once every two minutes, allowing him time to regain his HP with Advanced-Level HP Potions.

Time pa.s.sed slowly. The Superior Earth Elf’s HP fell gradually, but Li Yi was constantly focused. He would never allow himself to make any mistakes whatsoever.

The Violent Bear King was a great help. The hardest part of fighting the Superior Earth Elf was dodging its two flying arms. Now that the Violent Bear King was there, Li Yi could ignore the flying arms completely and focus all his attention on fighting the main body.

After more than 4 hours, the Superior Earth Elf finally shattered into pieces and scattered over the ground.

Li Yi was utterly exhausted as well. He did not even look at the Superior Earth Elf’s body. Instead, he went straight to pick up the Skill Tome.

These ridiculously difficult quests were the most annoying. Not only were they hard to beat, they did not drop anything either. If it were not for the temptation of the quest item, n.o.body would ever fight these things.


[Congratulations, you picked up an Eliminate Skill Tome.]

“Good job, boy. I was right about you.”

Before he could even learn the Eliminate skill, Uravi appeared behind him and nodded at him approvingly.

“You managed to kill the Superior Earth Elf all on your own. It has been many years since I met a young man as powerful as yourself.”

Uravi told her long and winding story before she finally went to the main point, “Even though I don’t know where the Divine Bow is, I have heard a rumor that said Blackbeard Mike’s descendants are currently living in Black Wind Valley. If you can find his descendants, you might be able to find out about the Divine Bow’s whereabouts from them.”

There was a flash of red light and Uravi vanished instantly. She may already be over a hundred years old, but her movements were as nimble as ever.

Li Yi earned 2000 points of Reputation Value with Blood Moon Village and 10,000 EXP as a reward. At the same time, the Archery Omnipotence quest disappeared, becoming the Black Wind Valley quest instead.

[Quest t.i.tle: Black Wind Valley. According to Uravi, the descendants of Blackbeard Mike, the user of the Wrath of the Stars, are living in seclusion within Black Wind Valley. If the player is fortunate enough to find said descendants, they might be able to figure out the Wrath of the Stars’ whereabouts.]

[Quest Completion Reward: 10,000 EXP]

Finally, the first step was complete!

Looking at the Eliminate skill tome he held in his hands, Li Yi smiled slightly and clapped his hands together, learning it.

[Eliminate: An Instantaneous Skill. Gather up all of the Archer’s power and unleash a killer arrow that ignores 10% of target’s DEF. Attack range: Three slots ahead. When used against a target with less than 50% HP, the damage dealt will be increased by 0.5 times. Cooldown time: 10 minutes. Note: Eliminate can only be used on the same target once per battle. If used again, Eliminate will have the same effect as a normal attack.]

He had learned the first Epic-level skill!

Li Yi retained 3 Skill Points but used the rest on Eliminate, raising it to Level 10.

Compared to Level 1 Eliminate, Level 10 Eliminate was even more powerful. It ignored 20% of the target’s DEF, and when used against a target with less than 50% HP, the damage would be increased by 2 times. The skill cooldown time was also reduced to 5 minutes.

Even though Li Yi really wanted to raise Eliminate up to Level 20, he only had 3 Skill Points left, and he still needed to learn Level 60 skills.

In short, he was lacking quite a bit of Skill Points to max out what he wanted.

Li Yi returned to Shattered Frost City and went back home.

It had been a few days since he had last been here. Princess Sif was still playing her flute mournfully, and the mermaid was still her only listener, sitting beside her with her eyes closed and lost in the music.

The mermaid’s negative affinity was reducing by the day, and to quite a large extent as well. Sometimes the difference would drop by 1,000, other times by 100. At this rate, her affinity would soon reach the positives.

Princess Sif had yet to give Li Yi her quest. Li Yi did some quick calculations and figured that it had been more than half a year since he obtained her. It was taking even longer than it did in his past life. As for Gold Coins, he had already invested more than 1,000,000 on her.

There was no helping it. When it came to something like luck, even a one-in-a-hundred-million chance could be achieved if one was lucky. If one was unlucky, even a 50% chance may seem unreachable.


Li Yi waved at the Mermaid Princess and kept her away. If he wanted to head for the Black Wind Valley via land, he would have to go through that revolting Venomous Swamp. Although he was Level 60 now, that was still a place that Archers could not get used to. One lapse in concentration would mean he would be surrounded by an army of poisonous bugs, leading to an extremely precarious situation. The road was uneven as well and full of muddy swamps. One misstep would cost him his life.

He wanted to swim straight to Black Wind Valley using the naval route. Although it would take him the long way around, the Mermaid Princess was fast enough to make up for it. No matter how he looked at it, it would be faster than going through the Venomous Swamp.

“Hey, you son-of-a-b*tch, whatcha doing?”

Just as Li Yi was about to depart, an anonymous friend sent him a message.

“I’m just doing a chick,” Li Yi replied.

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