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Chapter 180: The Punishment Paladin

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Accelerate and storm forward!

2000 people unleashing their spells at the same time was a spectacular sight. If Li Yi were to be hit by this, he would have been instantly killed, even if his HP was doubled. Fortunately, these people did not attack synchronously as some of them still tried to rub their Return City Stone. Furthermore, Li Yi was not a dummy target as he skilfully evaded the majority of the attacks before once again taking shelter behind the stone. He moved about in circles around the stone so that the majority of the people could not lock on to him.

Li Yi did not have to delay for long, a few minutes was more than enough.

Sure enough, this a.s.sumption held true. After one minute had pa.s.sed, Pretty Good Mood rushed to the scene with a huge party in tow. They killed Gray Wolf the moment they spotted him before launching into a large-scale ma.s.sacre. Ten thousand against two thousand, the result was obvious, was it not?

Before Pretty Good Mood and the others arrived at the scene, Not Gray Wolf resurrected himself and tried to run away. However, Li Yi had been paying particularly close attention to him. How could he just let him escape? He was quickly dispatched with a single Chain Arrow.

The entire place was soon filled with the corpses of the Western Continent players. There were thousands of them littered all over the canyon.

“Guild Master, aren’t you a little bit too much? How can so many of them still not be able to kill you?” Pretty Good Mood shook his head in disbelief as he rushed towards Li Yi.

Li Yi laughed loudly. “I’m barely holding on my own. I would have been dead if you guys arrived ten seconds later.”

Many Western Continent players had died and thus, dropped a lot of equipment. In this situation, the looted equipment would thus be distributed on a first come first serve basis.

Confused Fox squinted his eyes as he whistled loudly. “This is a good location. The sp.a.w.n rate is pretty quick and they don’t have a lot of HP. I could definitely level up 20% faster if I were to grind here every day.”

Li Yi laughed. “Grinding in a different continent will grant you another additional 10% exp as well.”

Confused Fox shook his head. “Although this looks extremely tempting, we would, unfortunately, be back to square one if we were taken out by other players a few times.”

“Haha…” Both of them laughed together.

Milk Dipper Solitary, Shangguan Bailu, and Holy Pure Eh did not enter the canyon. This place belonged to the Western Continent, and they would be in serious trouble if they were ambushed from the back once all of them had entered the canyon.

“Oh right, Brother Dark Wing, why are you here?” Confused Fox asked.

“I’m here for the Frost Fragment to create some arrows.” He did not have to hide his intention of creating the Frost Arrows as everyone would know of them the moment he started using them.

“Let’s work together and clear the monsters in this valley. All equipment drops belong to you and all of the Frost Fragments shall belong to me.”

With just one command from Confused Fox, the ten thousand strong army started slaughtering the monsters. All it took was 10 minutes before a mountain of Frost Fragments was handed over to Li Yi.

“That’s enough.”

Li Yi was speechless…

He genuinely didn’t think that he could finish all of these Frost Fragments even if he wanted to.

After this, Confused Fox spoke, “The Old Gray this b.a.s.t.a.r.d will definitely call for backup, so we can’t loiter here for too long. When do you plan to retreat?”

“They would need time to gather their men. Besides, coming here takes time as well. I estimate that we should be fine for the next 2 hours.”

Confused Fox waved his hand dismissively. “Alright, I’ll trust you. What do you plan to do next?”

Li Yi grinned. “Find another 9 people to accompany me to an Instance Dungeon to kill the 3 remaining bosses. I believe half an hour is more than enough.”

“Alright, do you think I’m up for the task?” Confused Fox’s eyes sparkled.

“Not a problem.” While Confused Fox was extremely skilled, Li Yi knew he had to bring him along no matter what.

“Guild Master, I’ve found an Archer’s skill book just beside Old Gray’s corpse. Do you want it?”

Then, a member of Little Drunk Cat’s guild, Sometimes It Gets Sad, came over with a skill book in his hand.

Li Yi waved his hands. “You don’t have to pa.s.s me everything you’ve looted, it all belongs… Let me see…”

Li Yi s.n.a.t.c.hed the skill book before he finished speaking. His eyes became as big as saucers as he stared at the wording on it.

“What the f*ck! Are you serious?” It was one of the rare moments where Li Yi cursed out loud.

“What’s wrong guild master?” Sometimes It Gets Sad was totally out of the loop as he stared at his boss in confusion.

“Nothing. You can go and report to Fire Ice tomorrow. I’ll approve your request to become a core member.”

Little Drunk Cat did not only have a Main Legion and Elite Party but also categorized their members into core members and peripheral members. The core members were able to obtain the certain exclusive benefits that peripheral members could only dream of. Normally, in order for a peripheral member to become a core member, he or she would need to go through a series of challenges.

“C-c-core member?” Sometimes It Gets Sad started stuttering. His level was not high and he had no place in any large-scale Instance Dungeon. Furthermore, he estimated that he would require another two to three months to barely qualify as a core member. He did not expect to achieve this status simply by handing over a skill book.

“Definitely a core member.” Li Yi laughed happily. He clapped in amus.e.m.e.nt as the skill book turned into a stream of white light and disappeared.

“Dark Wing! I curse the day that you were born!” Not Old Gray who was laying on the ground was furious as he saw Li Yi using the skill book.

The skill book was, in fact, dropped by him…

“Old Gray, thank you for such a wonderful gift. Hahaha…”

“Brother Dark Wing, what kind of skill did you learn that made you so happy?” Confused Fox narrowed his eyes as he asked.

“Guild Master Fox, it’s time to enter the Instance Dungeon.” Li Yi ignored Confused Fox’s question while he secretly messaged Sometimes It Get Sads, grinning ear to ear the whole time. “Don’t spread the name of the skill to the public.”

“Don’t you worry Guild Master!” Sometimes It Gets Sad screamed at the top of his lungs, scaring his allies around him.

“What the h.e.l.l, what did you do this time?”

“You won’t understand.” With a smile on his face, Sometimes It Gets Sad straightened his back as he waved at Li Yi who was entering the Instance Dungeon. The stance he took was similar to a host who was sending off his guest…

Confused Fox picked 9 other people and entered the Ice Crystal Crown Instance Dungeon together with Li Yi.

The time limit inside an Instance Dungeon would only start ticking when there were players inside it. Similarly, it would stop ticking if there were no one inside.

Because of this, Li Yi still had a little over 2 hours left inside the Instance Dungeon.

Confused Fox stared at Li Yi who was clearing the Instance Dungeon before he started mocking him. “Brother Dark Wing, are you forcing us to cooldown?”

“There are still 3 bosses that haven’t been defeated yet.”

The members who had entered the Instance Dungeon were all members of the G.o.d Creator Guild, hand picked by Confused Fox. However, the ultimate healer Nirvana Inaction caught Li Yi’s interest.

It did not matter if the others were totally incompetent, clearing this Instance Dungeon would be a breeze with this ultimate healer.

Before long, the party arrived in front of Arkla.s.s the Fallen Paladin. Now, with the help of the others, Li Yi could finally take Arkless on.

The battle against the boss started as the two main tanks from the G.o.d Creator Guild rushed forward and taunted Arkla.s.s.

“May the light be with me.”

Arkla.s.s showcased his tremendous strength by casting an all-party Repent, forcing the entire party members to become Dizzy.

Furthermore, this all-party Repent could not be dispelled by other skills as it was a sure hit skill.

“Holy Raging Flame!”

Arkla.s.s raised the axe in his hand up high as holy light spread across in all directions, causing the entire party’s HP to halve.

Everyone now had an additional debuff, where their max HP would decrease by 100 every 5 seconds.

This skill was incredibly powerful as it reduced the players’ HP and max HP at the same time. If there were no healers to dispel it, their max HP would soon run down, making heals absolutely pointless.

Nirvana Inaction gently waved the staff in his hand and used the knockback technique to clear the debuff on everyone.

If the players were not familiar with the knockback technique, they would only be able to dispel the debuff one by one. Already, Nirvana Inaction had saved their a.s.ses.

The ultimate healer was indeed a fitting name!

Arkla.s.s had many crowd control skills. Not only did they require a Priest’s Dispel, but there were also many skills that needed to be interrupted. Failure to do so would result in an insta-death.

“Holy Light Impact!”

As Arkla.s.s raised the axe up, Li Yi immediately shouted. “Secondary tank, use your Taunt!”

The secondary tank immediately used Taunt to pull Arkla.s.s to him, interrupting the Holy Light Impact. After a while, Holy Light Impact was cast once more. This time, the main tank used Taunt to pull Arkla.s.s’ aggro without Li Yi reminding him what to do.

Although the Holy Light Impact could not be interrupted, it could be disabled via Taunt. The Holy Light Impact would be rendered useless if he was taunted while in the middle of casting the skill.

Li Yi knew how to fight against the boss, and since the party was able to cooperate well, Arkla.s.s was not able to handle them regardless of how strong he was. After a short while, he clutched his chest and fell to the ground.

“I’m not looting it.” Li Yi coughed as he took a few steps back.

Confused Fox walked up and looted an axe in front of everyone.

[Arkla.s.s’ Punishment Battle Axe (Paladin only)

Equipment Level: Level 40

ATK 230-390

STR +35

END +35

Crit Rate + 10%

ATK SPD +3.0

Special effect: The target will be struck with the Punish effect once you land a Crit ATK. The target’s MP and Fury will also be reduced.

Note: Arkla.s.s’ favorite weapon before he pa.s.sed. A small sentence was carved onto the axe’s hilt, stating “My Life Belongs to the Holy Light”]


“Not bad…” Confused Fox stared at it for some time.

Although he had only obtained one item, it was a very good one. Not only did it increase the Crit Rate by 10%, but its special effect was incredibly powerful as well. If the player was able to land a critical hit, then the target would lose some of his HP and fury. Fighting against a Wizard while chipping away his MP with this axe would feel incredibly satisfying.

“How should we… distribute this?” Confused Fox asked Li Yi.

“You can have it.”

Li Yi did not even look at the axe as he led the party forward.

“Huh? Brother Dark Wing, this is an expensive item.” Confused Fox put away the axe and ran after him.

“Do you think that matters to me? Do you want me to only gift you trash items? What do you take me for?” Li Yi decided to mock Confused Fox and asked sarcastically.

“Hehe, that won’t do. Then, how about this, the next item that is dropped shall belong to you no matter what it is. We don’t want it.” Confused Fox replied wholeheartedly.

Li Yi immediately turned around and instantly gave Confused Fox a huge smile. “Then I shall thank Guild Master Fox in advance.”

Confused Fox was momentarily stunned as he looked at Li Yi who was now walking forward again. Then, he slapped himself.

“So much for pretending to be generous…”

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