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Chapter 161: One’s Own Strength

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Being Bound only meant that he could not move. He could still take actions. Li Yi took out a valuable Advanced-Level HP Potion and consumed it before the arrow reached him.

Illusion Li Yi had the same ATK as Li Yi, but with 100,000 HP. It would be extremely difficult to fight against it.

“Whoosh. Whoosh.”

The battle between two equally skilled Archers had begun.

An Archer’s attack might not always. .h.i.t his target. It would not be impossible for him to evade an arrow if he’s agile enough.

Both Li Yis rolled to the side, leaped and shot out their arrows. They jumped high and low and none of them had died from the exchanging of blows yet.

Although there was no time restriction in this place, it would be disadvantageous when it came to fighting the boss if they delayed any longer. An idea popped in Li Yi’s head. Hee retreated, and used Camouflage to exit combat status and summoned the Explosive Ape.

“Screech! Screech!”

The moment the ape was summoned, it rushed forward to attack the opponent. Li Yi was extremely glad that it did not attack him instead, the moment it was summoned.

“Dark Devour!”

The Illusion Li Yi was shrouded in black gas as his stun debuff was dispelled. He, too, retreated and summoned an Explosive Ape.

One of the hardest challenges in fighting against the Illusion Li Yi was that he would copy the real Li Yi’s skills. As long as Li Yi had used his technique in front of the Illusion even once, he would be able to replicate it.

“Screech! Screech!”

A fake Explosive Ape appeared and without any hesitation, it moved to attack the Illusion Li Yi.

“Screech! Screech!”

Both the Explosive Apes ganged up on the Illusion Li Yi as they stunned him again. How could Li Yi pa.s.s up such an opportunity now that the Illusion did not have Dark Devour to dispel it?

Crippling Shot!

Chain Arrow Skill!

Since he would be able to obtain one skill activation point by landing three consecutive critical hits, he cast Chain Arrow Skill once more!

10,000 HP out of 100,000 HP was taken off with a barrage of skills. In addition to the Explosive Ape’s attacks which had stun effects, the Illusion Li Yi did not have a single opportunity to hit back. He was soon defeated by Li Yi as the two Explosive Apes kept stunning him.

Kaboom! Kaboom!

The mirror dimension in the Fire Realm started to crack. Li Yi quickly ran towards the Illusion Li Yi to loot his corpse.

The most disappointing boss in the game was none other than the Superior Fire Elf Inferno Vinoshu. It would not drop a single item if it was defeated. However, as the System wanted to reward the players, it had intentionally placed a reward within the mirror dimension. As long as the players were able to defeat their own illusions, they would be rewarded with an item unique to them and only them.

[You’ve obtained a Novice-Level Frost Arrow Crafting Tome.]

Li Yi was over the moon as a series of cheerful music rang.

Although the Frost Arrow did not have a higher ATK compared to the Flame Arrow, its freezing effect was extremely overpowered. During PK, just one of these arrows would determine the outcome of the battle.

The mirror dimension collapsed and Li Yi was forcefully teleported out…

As Li Yi was sent back outside, he witnessed Ivrit swinging both its hands as it was still channeling its Fire Realm. Everyone else was still battling in the mirror dimension.

“Whoosh. Whoosh.”

Li Yi shot two arrows at Ivrit. Although both of them hit it, the word ‘miss’ appeared.

Ivrit who was channeling the Fire Realm was immune to attacks and combat could only resume once every party member had left the Fire Realm or had died.

Ivrit had about 3,000,000 HP remaining and it kept reducing by 10,000 as time went by. This caused Li Yi to feel excited and anxious at the same time.

Ivrit’s constant drop in HP meant that all party members were still battling in the mirror dimension.

“Give it your all, everyone!” Li Yi screamed at the top of his lungs.

Although Li Yi knew that no one could hear him, he could only use this method to express himself in this situation.

If everything went smoothly, Ivrit could be finished off while everyone was still within the mirror dimension.

Ivrit’s HP kept dropping. Li Yi’s heart jumped every time when it received damage. He could not help it. It was the final stage and it would determine whether they would pa.s.s or fail. It would be weird if he was not at all anxious about it.

Li Yi waited restlessly for five minutes before a human figure flew out from the Fire Realm and landed beside him.

It was the party leader of the Platinum Hand, Explosive Thief Lil Man.

“That Illusion is a pain to deal with and I almost died from it.” Lil Man patted her chest in fear.

It was not just the final Illusion that was hard to deal with, the memory fragment’s phase was h.e.l.l as well. No one really knew how many party members in there would survive until the very end.

Ivrit’s reduction in HP was obviously slowing down as it decreased only once after longer intervals. This indicated that the party members within the mirror dimension were dying one by one.

2,100,000… 1,500,000… 1,200,000… 960,000… 650,000…

He was helpless. He could only stare blindly at the HP bar. Li Yi was anxious but Lil Man was even more anxious than him as she clenched her two small fists tightly and waved about, cheering for them.

After three minutes, the pair of ultimate main tanks, Mad Dragon and Infinite Insanity, came out from the Fire Realm and another person came out within ten seconds after them.

Ivrit started to scream in anger as it held onto the Gate of the Fire Realm, shaking it and pouring out all of the remaining party members.

There were only five survivors. Li Yi, Lil Man, Mad Dragon, Infinite Insanity and An Ruoyi, a Light Priest from the Little Drunk Cat whose performance was not that notable.

Little Elf from the Magical Realm, Wu Old Wolf, Gold Gun Never Fall, Set Fire When There’s Wind, and Tall and Mighty’s corpses were lying on the ground…

Ivrit still had about 400,000 HP remaining!

“We can only force our way through. Let’s go!”

Although the number of survivors was less than Li Yi had predicted, he was relieved as there were still a healer and main tanks among the five that were left. Their line-up could very well deal with the remaining HP Ivrit had.

It was obvious how difficult it was for five people to fight against an Instance Dungeon boss meant for a hundred man party. Ivrit had used up all the strength that was stolen and started using its own strength.

It had another Fire Spear in its hands and its attack speed was unimaginably fast. It would explode if it hit its target and players would be instantly killed if they did not manage to evade it in time.

It was a frightening battle that did not allow room for a single mistake.

Lil Man held both of her weapons as she moved forward. She always had an average DPS and it was no different this time as well. Out of the five remaining survivors, they could only rely on Li Yi to output the damage.


“Clank! Clank! Clank!”

Mad Dragon and Infinite Insanity both took turns to block Ivrit’s Fire Spear while An Ruoyi waved her staff as she kept healing them.

The Violent Bear King was already summoned. Li Yi immediately used an Intermediate-level Fury Potion the moment the cooldown ended. Li Yi managed to land three consecutive critical hits, five consecutive critical hits, and even seven consecutive critical hits, dealing 20,000 HP damage toward Ivrit in an instant.

Ivrit’s attack was overwhelming as a wave of heat flashed by when the Fire Spear swept the area. Both Mad Dragon and Infinite Insanity blocked at the same time and were still forcefully pushed back, losing 50% of their max HP.

“Clank! Clank!”

Ivrit swept with its spear once more. Mad Dragon and Infinite Insanity’s HP was reduced by half once more. If it were not for An Ruoyi’s heal, they would have collapsed onto the ground at that moment.

The craziest stage had arrived as Ivrit’s HP went down to around 100,000. It held its Fire Spear up high, chanted a curse and cast a debuff on the five of them. It was the Heart of the Evil Demon.

[Heart of the Evil Demon: Cannot be dispelled. Under this status, players who had successfully dealt damage to their target would be covered in an evil fire and suffer 50 damage per second. When the evil fire has been stacked for more than five times, it will automatically detonate with the same lethality as Ivrit’s full-blown smash attack. Players can only put out Ivrit’s evil fire by not attacking and waiting for it to wear off.]

The players would without a doubt die the moment the evil fire exploded. The only solution was to stop attacking before it stacked five times and wait until the evil fire was extinguished.

Their HP were decreasing every second and what was even more ridiculous was that only when a healer healed for five times, it was equivalent to attacking Ivrit once.

Li Yi approached this situation by taking turns to attack in order to lessen the pressure on the healer. However, Ivrit was still able to put all five of them in agony as it randomly placed an evil fire on them.

Their HP was hovering at about 20% and they were not able to push it further than that. They would be long dead if they did not prepare a large amount of Intermediate-Level HP Potions.

The most dangerous moment had arrived as Ivrit’s HP went down to 50,000. Instead of planting the evil fire randomly, it planted it on the entire party, leaving the healer unable to heal everyone in time.

An Ruoyi was the first to die and Lil Man followed her afterward. The Unmatched Dual Tanks did not escape their fate as well when Ivrit’s HP became less than 20,000. The two would often die together or survive together. Although they had successfully blocked the Fire Spear’s sweep, their HP was not high enough to endure the attack and they perished together.

Ivrit was still very energetic even though it had about 20,000 HP left. Li Yi ordered the Violent Bear King to attack while he stayed at the very back and attacked every once in a while.

At this stage, everyone could easily perish despite it having only 20,000 HP left. Anything could happen and it would be too soon to talk about victory if they did not reduce the boss’ HP down to zero.

The Violent Bear King could not withstand Ivrit’s Fire Spear and collapsed onto the ground with just one sweep. Li Yi could not rely on his Camouflage to get himself out of combat. This was because if Ivrit did not have a target to attack, it would a.s.sume that the entire party had perished and would automatically heal itself back to full HP.

Li Yi drank his last Advanced-level HP Potion and managed to heal himself back up. He barely managed to evade Ivrit’s spear by using Fire Impact.

It was fortunate the evil fire would not stack when a special skill was used. Not only did Maylia’s Wind Shield Protection provided a 30% movement speed bonus, but it would also reduce 20% of the damage taken.

Li Yi ran around and would occasionally lie p.r.o.ne on the ground and jump up. Every party member that was laying on the ground was stunned as they witnessed his dance unfolding in front of their very eyes.



Li Yi never overreached himself. He had never allowed the evil fire to stack more than twice. He managed to time his attack to the moment the evil fire wore off. He shot and waited, and shot and waited until he had successfully reduced Ivrit’s HP down to zero just as he was down to 10% HP.

Ivrit let off an agonizing cry before its body leaned backward and collapsed onto the ground.

They had cleared it. Li Yi alone had cleared the hundred-man Instance Dungeon at the very crucial moment!

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