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Chapter 159: Inferno Vinoshu

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

They were still a long way away from fighting Ivrit.

A Superior Fire Elf, several dozen meters tall, stood in front of Ivrit.

It was the Fire Elves’ last Chief, Inferno Vinoshu.

Inferno Vinoshu only did melee attacks, but it would be a mistake to think that it was slow. As the Chief of the Fire Elementals, it could teleport, make clones, and even self-destruct. It was far stronger than the main bosses of other Party-level Instance Dungeons.

Usually, that level of power would be more than enough to qualify it as the main boss for a 50-man Party-level Dungeon. However…

When Li Yi and the others saw Inferno Vinoshu, it had 30,000,000 HP, and a story cutscene about the Fire Devil was playing.

“If we sacrifice all of the Superior Fire Elves that had perished, milord would surely become the G.o.d of Fire.”

Ivrit was always called the Fire Devil, and that had always been a thorn in its side. It wanted to achieve divinity and become the G.o.d of Fire. That was also it’s current undertaking.

Inferno Vinoshu chanted the Fire Elves’ forbidden spell, gathering up all the souls of the dead Superior Fire Elves and forcing them into Ivrit’s body.

Ivrit’s body grew larger and larger, the power of fire in its body growing ever stronger. If it continued to absorb the souls like this, it would become a G.o.d in no time.

The time limit was 5 hours. Defeat Ivrit and stop it from becoming a G.o.d— That was what the players’ party had to do.

Since it was helping Ivrit become a G.o.d. Inferno Vinoshu’s own power was drastically decreased. Not only was it unable to move, even the HP above its head only had 10,000,000 left.

“Inferno Vinoshu. Its own body can’t move, and it has five methods of attack: Cloning, Teleportation, Self-Destruction, Group Fear, and Sacrificial Roll Call. When it clones itself and teleports, the main tanks must immediately pull its aggro. When it self-destructs, everyone must scatter. When it uses Group Fear, the healers have to use Dispel immediately. When it starts the Sacrificial Roll Call, we gotta break the 0.5-second progress bar.”

The one who explained the strategy to defeat Inferno Vinoshu was not Li Yi, but Pretty Good Mood.

Although they had not fought him last time either, the details of the boss’ skills had been on the official site for a long time. With a little research, it was not difficult to devise a strategy. The difficulty lay in how well the group coordinated with each other.

“We must not fail, no matter what. If we fail, we’ll have no choice but to start again with the 300-odd Inferior Fire Elves.”

Starting again would drain the members’ power and burn through their supplies. Both amounted to a considerable sum., and no one wanted to see that happen.


On Li Yi’s cue, Mad Dragon and Infinite Insanity dashed forward, pulling Inferno Vinoshu’s aggro.

“You blind, worthless creatures, how dare you get in the way of milord becoming G.o.d. I won’t forgive you for this!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Inferno Vinoshu’s body erupted consecutively, and five clones burst from it. They teleported behind the party and attacked the healer cla.s.ses.

The other main tanks had been waiting for that. They immediately used Charge to dash at the enemy, each tank grabbing one clone and luring it to a place with no others.

They could not kill the clones, or else they would only multiply further. The way to solve this was to have one main tank pull one and get the healers to continuously heal them until the battle was over.

Rapid Shooting, Fury— Li Yi dealt damage marvelously.

It may seem like Archers only knew how to shoot, but in truth, only those who knew how to match their skills could achieve a higher level of damage output.

For example, if a Crippling Shot became a Critical Hit, there was a chance of getting a 100% Crit Rate should the Archer immediately use the Chain Arrow Skill within 1 second. After three consecutive Critical Hits, there was a chance of obtaining a Skill Activation Point. These could be used to activate any skill that was currently in Cooldown.

Any players using the Archer cla.s.s who could perform the whole cycle would definitely qualify as an expert.

“I sacrifice thee to milord, Dark Wing!”

As soon as the progress bar appeared above Inferno Vinoshu’s head, Li Yi unleashed a Muting Shot, interrupting the sacrifice at the first chance.

“Fire Starlight!” Inferno Vinoshu roared again. Its main body and the five clones started to twinkle at the same time, signifying that they were about to self-destruct.

Li Yi barked, “Retreat!”

Li Yi had warned them 3 seconds in advance, so all the party members managed to react in time, retreating quickly. There was an enormous sound, and embers flew everywhere, but there was not a single casualty.

“Very good, you guys judged that well. Continue on!” roared Li Yi, growing enthusiastic as well. He drew his bow and unleashed his arrows. “Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack.” Somehow he had gotten 5 consecutive Critical Hits, his DPS reaching a terrifying 2,400!

Of all the party members, aside from Li Yi being the outlier, the positions of top DPS dealers were all held by powerful Spellcasters.

Even if their equipment was nothing special, the Spellcasters could still deal more than 1,000 in damage per second. As for the other Archers and melee cla.s.ses, their DPS hovered around 500 or so. It was not as though they did not want to hit harder, but the differences lay in their cla.s.ses, equipment, and control skills.

Defeating Inferno Vinoshu required constant positioning, and this was especially vital for the main tanks because the clone they were pulling would sometimes shift their aggro and teleport away. If the main tanks could not react in time, a few smacks and large swathes of players would start collapsing.

When Inferno Vinoshu unleashed 5 more clones, there were no longer enough main tanks to keep up. The Violent Bear King appeared to pull one clone, while Set Fire When There’s Wind and Golden Gun Cannot Fall had to take two each before they could regain control of the situation.

Vinoshu used Self-destruct, Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Self-destruct…

As Vinoshu’s HP decreased, its attacks grew more frenzied as well. Although Li Yi could still give the warning 3 seconds in advance, the increase in the frequency and speed of the Self-destruction meant that members of the party started dying.

“Boom, boom!”

Inferno Vinoshu gave Mad Dragon two consecutive blows of the Heavy Fire Fist, and with several flashes of the bright red Critical damage figures, Mad Dragon was instantly knocked to the ground.

“You f*cking idiot, I told you to wear Null Crit equipment and you just had to wear the Null Damage one. Great, now you’re dead aren’t you!” Infinite Insanity burst out scolding him.

“Null Crit takes a toll on the healers, and besides, no one would have guessed that I would be this unlucky. Man, consecutive Crits…” Mad Dragon was laid flat on the ground but he was still dissatisfied.

“Leader, do I use Battle Resurrect?” yelled Little Elf from the Magical Realm.

Li Yi said, “Battle Resurrect him. Mad Dragon, put on your Null Crit set and rejoin the battle!”

Little Elf from the Magical Realm pointed with her Staff and Mad Dragon rose from the ground. He quickly put on his Null Crit equipment and jumped back into battle.”

“You wasted a Battle Resurrect use for nothing. Idiot, if we don’t make it through this time, it’ll all be your fault.” Infinite Insanity was still cursing away.

“If you hadn’t taunted me just now, I wouldn’t have died either. You’re saying I’m an idiot? You’re not that much brighter yourself,” retorted Mad Dragon.

“Both of you, shut up and focus on fighting the monsters!” One sentence from Lil Man was enough to quiet them both down.

Although she was a pet.i.te little lady, there was no denying that Lil Man did indeed possess these qualities of a leader.

Inferno Vinoshu’s HP kept falling, and by the time it reached 4,000,000, its attacks turned absolutely ballistic. It used its five skills randomly all the time, and its clones teleported faster as well, throwing the aggro completely out of whack…

Right now, the party members were basically running from left to right and then from right to left, back and forth without a moment’s rest.

People kept dying, and by the time Inferno Vinoshu’s HP was down to 20,000,000, half of the party members were already dead. Even one of the main tanks, Infinite Insanity, had fallen.

“You idiot, why aren’t you yelling now, huh?” Mad Dragon finally found a reason to strike back at him.

“Should I use Wind G.o.d? Should I use Wind G.o.d?” Little Elf from the Magical Realm had asked Li Yi more than once now.


“Should I use Wind G.o.d? Should I use Wind G.o.d?”

“If you message me again, I’ll deduct 1,000 points from you!” Li Yi lost it.

Little Elf from the Magical Realm stopped talking.

Inferno Vinoshu did not have much HP left. If they used Miracle of Wind now, they would pa.s.s without a doubt.

The two boss fights were consecutive, with only a 5-minute break in between. If they used Miracle of Wind now, what were they going to do later?

Even if their party was wiped out, they must not use it!

Of course, Li Yi could not tell her that. As someone who had lived through all of this before, he had to act dumb sometimes, or else he would attract even more attention.

He would speak when he should speak, but when he should not, he was not going to say a word.

“Milord, forgive me, I cannot aid you any longer…”

Finally, Inferno Vinoshu’s HP went down to zero. It screamed, its body beginning to emit a piercing light.

System notification: [Inferno Vinoshu will self-destruct in 10 seconds, and the range of the blast will be 500 yards. Please escape as soon as possible.]

“Priests, get ready!”

Li Yi roared and shook the Curse Scroll (Large) that he had prepared beforehand with all his might. “Whoosh—”

The surviving party members all grew larger in size. The healers and Priests immediately used Purification, removing the Gigantified Curse on everyone other than the main tanks.

“Main tanks, go! Use your bodies to block it with your lives! Everyone else, surround the healers!

“Violent Bear’s Protection!”

Li Yi barked loudly, standing in front of Fire Ice to protect her.

The Gigantified main tanks all ran forward, surrounding Inferno Vinoshu. There was a loud boom and the Gigantified main tanks were all blown to high heavens. Not a single one survived, they had all died…

The aftershocks of the explosion began to spread. Although the explosion did not hit any other party members directly, any member who was swept by the aftershocks would have [−9,000] appear above their heads.

If you were hit, it spelled instant death.

It was a 500-yard full-coverage instant-kill technique. If he did not use the Curse Scroll (Large) to close off the blast range, it would not be easy at all to avoid this blow.

Even Li Yi with the Violent Bear’s Protection was unable to survive this and was instantly killed in the blast. 78 party members died altogether, and only the healers managed to survive with so many layers of protection.

“Ice, save everyone, quick! Start with the Priests and Paladin!”

They only had 5 minutes to prepare, every second was crucial!

Priests could use the Resurrection, as could Paladins. Saving them first meant they could resurrect the others faster.

“You lot have angered me…”

Ivrit roared in its low voice, the flames on the surface of its body boiling over.

Everyone could see the notification now. There were 4 minutes and 48 seconds left until the boss fight began.

Fire Ice was overwhelmingly busy. She had even used the Will Scroll worth thousand of Gold Coins, and she drank the potions that regenerated mana as soon as the cooldown ended. Within a mere 5 minutes, she alone used up support items worth ten thousand Gold Coins.

The system notification noise rang once more. There was only 1 minute left until the beginning of the boss fight!

Li Yi grew hasty. “Save more people, quick!”

Ivrit had lifted its hand, but there were still more than twenty party members on the ground who had yet to be resurrected.

“I’m saving them, I’m still doing it now anyway…” Fire Ice waved her Staff furiously as she worked hard to resurrect as many as possible.

When the countdown ended, despite the Priests’ best efforts, there were still 5 people who had yet to be saved.

Unfortunately, Li Yi was one of the 5 corpses.

“So… Sorry… I… I…” When Fire Ice waved her Staff and realized that the Resurrection Spell was not working, she was so distraught that she nearly cried.

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