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Chapter 138: Mermaid Princess

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was not a little goldfish that Li Yi had grabbed with his two hands, it was obviously an extremely dreamy woman.

This dreamy woman had a face so beautiful that all beauties would be envious of it. Her hair was blue, wavy, and long and she had an extremely tiny golden bra on her upper body to match with her gold and shiny fishtail as her lower body.

Is… Is this a f*cking mermaid?

System Notification: [You’ve successfully seen through the disguise of the Mermaid Princess and have obtained the super rare mount Mermaid Princess. However, your actions have stained the pure princess mermaid and the latter’s Affinity towards you have decreased by 100,000 points. The princess mermaid’s att.i.tude towards you have reached Very Disgusted and the points are still decreasing…]

Startled, Li Yi immediately withdrew his hands. d.a.m.n this elusive sensation! There was literally no difference compared to touching an actual person. The sensation… was pretty good.

The Mermaid Princess covered her chest with both of her hands as she stared at Li Yi in a hostile manner. One could know how hard Li Yi had pinched her based on her agonizing expression.

Li Yi was sweating bullets as he quickly checked the Mermaid Princess Mount’s attribute.

[Mermaid Princess Freya (Orange. Legendary grade combat mount. The probability of obtaining it is extremely low.) Can’t be mounted on land and will increase movement speed in water by 280%. Special skill while mounted: movement speed is increased by twofold and can activate gush for 1 minute with a cooldown of 10 minutes.]

[Non-mounted special skill: Treasure Hunt. If the Mermaid Princess is placed in water. It will automatically search for any treasure and pa.s.s it to the owner.]

[Active skill: increases the owner’s SPD by 10%.]

Li Yi was totally floored.

He now understood why the Sea G.o.d’s Messenger had traded 10,000,000 Gold Coins and Sea G.o.d’s Wrath for her. Holy sh*t, the legendary orange combat mount was indeed a priceless treasure even if those special skills were taken off.

Although the Crimson Tiger King’s speed was fast enough and the Ice Toad King’s leap was more than satisfactory, they were all non-combat type mounts and would automatically disappear once he entered combat.

However, the Mermaid Princess Mount was different. Its price would instantly skyrocket upward based on the fact that it was a combat mount alone, which was excluding her ridiculous 280% movement speed.

She could also increase the owner’s movement speed by 10%. F*ck that. Li Yi could now kite anyone easily. She also had the ability to hunt for treasures and this… looked rather powerful as well.

Li Yi was so happy that his jaw fell to the ground. The frustration of not obtaining the Sea G.o.d’s Anger was instantly wiped as he laughed idiotically while he stared at the Mermaid Princess.

System Notification: [Mermaid Princess is still very disgusted at you and the Affinity will continue to decrease. The status Very Disgusted is now Extremely Disgusted.]


Li Yi came back to his senses after all the excitement and started to sweat profusely as he stared at the Mermaid Princess’ status.

[Mermaid Princess. Personality: extremely gentle and would sing to the owner when she’s happy.]

[Affinity towards owner: -121,000 points, Extremely Disgusted. In this state, the Mermaid Princess would refuse to listen to the owner’s commands. One has to be careful when mounting onto her in the water as she may take her revenge.]

System Recommendation: [The Affinity can be increased by bringing the Mermaid Princess out on a stroll in the water often. Furthermore, the Mermaid Princess loves listening to the song from the Elves.]

Li Yi felt rather hopeless as the Affinity was so drastically low. If he knew that the little goldfish was the embodiment of the Mermaid Princess, he might not have squished it that tightly…

So, Li Yi attempted to dismiss the Mermaid Princess. However, it took him seven to eight tries before the Mermaid Princess reluctantly agreed and disappeared.

Li Yi’s excitement could not be described with words since he had obtained a legendary mount. Although the Affinity was extremely negative at the moment, it was not a problem as it could be solved over time.

Then, Li Yi thought of an amazing plan after he looked at the Elf Princess in his room.

Since the Mermaid Princess loved listening to the Elf’s music, he planned to set them up together.

In order to increase the Affinity, Li Yi personally ran to the Sacred Capital of the Elf and spent a full two million Gold Coins to purchase two Elf’s musical instruments from the system NPC black merchant.

The Elf’s musical instruments could only be purchased from the system NPC merchant, but because the price was so astronomical, normal players could not afford to buy them. In his past life, a loaded player had once purchased a year’s worth of musical instruments for Sif in order to increase her Affinity. However, Sif’s att.i.tude towards him had increased by one level and he still needed two more years before he could reach the required Affinity to obtain the quest.

Sif did not even need Li Yi’s order when she saw the Elf’s musical instrument. She instantly became energized, picking up the crescent moon shaped flute and started playing it.

Li Yi then summoned Mermaid Princess. It took him dozens of tries before she reluctantly appeared.

Both princesses seemed to pair fairly well as one of them listened while the other performed.

As Sif sang, The Mermaid Princess Freya’s expression started to change as the Affinity started to climb up.

After 2 hours, Freya’s Affinity had increased by some 200 points.

Although it was not really effective, Li Yi was still very satisfied. To him, what really mattered was that it could be increased; time was not a problem for him.

Curious about Freya’s skill Treasure Hunt, Li Yi immediately brought the Mermaid Princess to the Shattered Frost City’s moat after she was done listening to the Elf Princess’ performance.

He placed the Mermaid Princess into the water and ordered her to hunt for treasures for at least 30 times before she reluctantly swam down to the depths of the moat.

The Mermaid Princess surfaced after some ten minutes as she threw a Half Bottle of Old Wine towards Li Yi.

It was trash…

Li Yi threw it away and ordered the Mermaid Princess to hunt for another treasure.

After a full half an hour, Li Yi had finally understood the situation. There was a limit in using the skill Treasure Hunt. He was not sure if the ceiling would rise when the Affinity increased, but at this moment, he could only order the Mermaid Princess to use Treasure Hunt three times. After that, she would not budge no matter how he ordered her.

All 3 results from the Treasure Hunt were trash. They were either, Half Bottle of Old Wine, Abandoned Ragged Cloth or Rotten Log. Ultimately, none of them was useful.

Perhaps the skill Treasure Hunt was linked to the Affinity?

Li Yi finally understood everything after he put some thought into it. Although the system did not explicitly inform him, he could see that the quality of the items obtained from Treasure Hunt was related to the Affinity when the Mermaid Princess unwillingly searched for items.

Then, how did it feel to ride a mermaid in the water?

Li Yi resisted the temptation in doing so many times but he ultimately gave in. He jumped into the water and called the Mermaid Princess over so that he could ride it. The Mermaid Princess was enraged. She refused to let him ride onto her as she pulled him to the depths of the moat while trying to drown him alive.

Fortunately, Mithea’s Fishing Rod allowed him to breathe naturally underwater or else he would have really drowned. However, it took Li Yi forever to climb up to the sh.o.r.e because the Mermaid Princess would pull him away from the sh.o.r.e the moment she noticed that he had the intention of doing so…

Having a negative Affinity was truly a tragedy.

Li Yi lost interest in attempting again as he looked at the Princess Mermaid swimming happily in the water.

After he brought the Mermaid Princess out for a swim, Li Yi returned to Shattered Frost City to resume his Official Position quests.

It was no easy task to increase his position. However, the benefits it would bring was good. After finishing one round of Official Position quests, Li Yi was successfully promoted to a level 2 soldier captain and was rewarded with an eternal buff a.s.semble, where his SPD would be increased in the Shattered Frost City by 10%.

One must not look down upon this buff, because having an increased SPD meant that he could get more things done quicker. There was a cla.s.sic saying from the Gnomes where it said, “time is money, my friend”.

Li Yi was rather lucky in this life as he did all of his quests and was rewarded for it daily. Unlike his past life, he had received the same disgusting quest where he had to hunt the Black Dragon for a few months straight.

On the other hand, Li Yi would forfeit the Pinewood Brigands Escort quests the moment he received it. This resulted in him befriending the Pinewood Brigands to the point where the Affinity had increased from Friendly to Intimate.

Although the Affinity had increased, the items he had obtained from the Pinewood Brigand Quartermaster were still trash. Li Yi would go to him happily and return with disappointment.

In his past life, Li Yi and the Pinewood Brigands’ Affinity was friendly at best. In this life, he wanted to know if anything interesting would happen if their Affinity were to increase to Worship.

Although Second Brother Zhang would still give him a trash item, Li Yi was comforted as he could now obtain daily quests from the Pinewood Brigands.

“Please go to the city and investigate which family is wealthy. Sigh, business has been rather bad lately. We’ve put in so much effort into robbing these houses but they were all poor families. If this keeps on, we brothers may have to suffer soon.”

Li Yi went on to search for a house and returned to tell the brigands. In the end, the brigands brought their men along to rob that house on that very night…

This finding surprised Li Yi.

The Pinewood Brigands would rob the house that he had simply picked. What if he had chosen a player’s house instead of an NPCs? Would the brigands rob it? If so…

The next day after finishing the probing quest, he pointed out a player’s house to the brigands. Unexpectedly, the brigands muttered for a while and responded awkwardly, “Brother Dark Wing, perhaps we should change to another house.”

The experiment had failed…

Although the result disappointed Li Yi, he was still happy as the Pinewood Brigands would give him a daily quest now. This meant that the speed of him increasing the Affinity increased as well.

As Li Yi ran about in the Shattered Frost City doing his quest, The System’s red-words-spam appeared.

Under the leadership of Fallen Star, The Star Fire Guild had successfully obtained the first kill at the Epic-Level boss Fire Demon Lina!

The red-words-spam blinked for a long time as the 100 men party’s name was listed out, stunning Li Yi.

In his past life, the first guild that killed the Fire Demon Lina was not Star Fire. Why did it change in this life?

“Not good. The first boss in the Fire Devil Dungeon has been defeated by somebody else.” Pretty Good Mood sent a message to him.

“I know.”

Li Yi replied as he pondered.

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