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Chapter 117: Kiting in its Prime

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

With Little Drunk Cat Guild’s current capabilities, they were no match for Savage Tribe, even if an elite party was sent out. Likewise with the situation with Confused Fox. That Old Fox was constantly showing his hand at all costs. It was obvious he chose the lesser of two evils, which was to endure major injury rather than risk the core.

Li Yi did not use anyone. He only had Chen Yang pa.s.s on the message that the war was ongoing and to kill on sight any from Savage Tribe and Star Fire Guild.

The number of those quitting the guild surged again. This was to be expected as these people were insincere in joining Little Drunk Cat Guild to begin with. It would be strange if they did not scatter seeing how things panned out.

Let them be. It did not matter. The guild’s popularity was good enough.

Li Yi’s first target was that black-robed wizard, Yu Xuan in Savage Tribe.

Yu Xuan was not well known even in his past life. As Savage Tribe’s prime player, this player had some serious talent. He usually prevailed as one against a few hundred, or even several thousand in battle records.

The Wizard cla.s.s was to be respected as their level went higher, especially those Great Wizards that learned the Forbidden Spells in later stages. Just a single Forbidden Curse was enough to cause total annihilation. The recognized first Fire Emperor, Lonely Semi City in his past life, once used one Curse Spell to take down over 50,000 people, breaking the most kills in one move record in the game. Its power could really chill one’s blood.

Of course, a freakishly awesome player such as Lonely Semi City was quite rare but it was common for the majority of Wizards to face hundreds while soloing.

Yu Xuan was not at the level of Lonely Semi City but he still was quite powerful. Especially when he was equipped with a rare accessory, Ice Heart Ring.

Ice Heart Ring was a Level 30 gold-colored ring but with a legendary special effect added. When an ice spell was cast, it could cause SPD to decrease at a 100% success rate.

The decrease in SPD would cause movement to slow by 60%.

When faced with a wide-ranged Blizzard Spell, one would not be able to run or hide. Even if one’s DEF and ATK was high, they could only await death.

Yu Xuan has always treasured this Ice Heart Ring. Even when he was clad in purple-colored equipment set in later stages, he had never once replaced this ring.

For a PKer, this 100% deceleration special effect was a G.o.dsend. No one in their right mind would replace this ring.

Yu Xuan was not aware of Li Yi’s arrival. He was roaming around on a killing spree just as before.

Two black-feathered arrows shot over and Yu Xuan immediately teleported and dodged.


Yu Xuan’s had just teleported when a swirling arrow flew before him, hitting him right in the chest.

This was prediction!

Predicting the opponent’s movement and attacking the spot they would be in advance so that the opponent of their own accord, would run into it. There was no means of escape. This was an advanced level PK technique and only a handful could execute with ease.

[-921, Critical Hit!]

Yu Xuan fell onto the ground.

Instant kill!

The staff in his hands was dropped. Li Yi broke away from combat and immediately summoned Crimson Tiger King to dash over and retrieve the staff before running away.


It was then Savage Tribe had rallied. It was a shame that by the time they sought after him, Li Yi was long gone.

Yu Xuan ran back to his corpse. He took a good look around and was sure there was no danger before he resurrected.


He had just gotten up when an arrow shot over. The time between predictions was only one second, there was no opportunity to dodge it.

Yu Xuan collapsed on the ground once more but this time, he was fortunate. Nothing was dropped.

“You despicable sc.u.m that only lurks in the dark with your arrows. If you have the b.a.l.l.s, show yourself and challenge me!”

He could not even get a glimpse of that person’s shadow. Yu Xuan was beyond enraged.

No one answered him. Behind him was the people of Savage Tribe while before him, was a pile of Little Drunk Cat’s dead corpses.

Yu Xuan ran his corpse back and patiently waited until the cooldown for Teleportation was over before resurrecting and activating his shield and teleported away.



He had just teleported when a double Chain Arrow Skill was fired at the exact spot he blinked to. Yu Xuan could not dodge it in time despite his efforts. The ATK of the other party was so powerful that even with his shield activated, he could not defend against it. He could only remain still, horizontally on the ground.

“Why are you just standing there for? Search the area!”

Yu Xuan gave up on getting up and yelled at his companions lingering at the back.

Several thousand members of Savage Tribe charged forward. Based on Yu Xuan’s judgment, no matter where the other party was hiding, they would retreat at this very moment.

The party pushed ahead for over 300 meters. Yu Xuan guess it was enough to run his attacker off so he confidently got up. Then another arrow flew at him.


Yu Xuan died again. A gold-colored ring fell from his hand and dropped on the ground.

Li Yi chuckled as he walked over. He picked up the ring and took a look before nodding satisfactorily.

“You…” Yu Xuan was p.i.s.sed beyond words. He suppressed his anger before forcing out a laughable statement, “You hacker, return that ring to me!”

“Return it to me? Is that what you said when you sp.a.w.n camped Jiaojiao? Fresh flower on a dunghill? (TN: Fresh flower on a dunghill is a Chinese idiom describing how undeserving a man is to a woman) m*th*rf*ck*r, get up if you have the b.a.l.l.s!” Li Yi spitefully stomped on Yu Xuan’s corpse.

Li Yi was swamp camped more than a thousand times in his past life but he had never let the anger overcome him because he felt that he would definitely have the means and the opportunity to take revenge someday.

But this time, he was enraged.

It was then the Savage Tribe ran back toward them. Li Yi smirked and disappeared.

Camouflage Mode alone would not be able to achieve this but by combining the previous Secondary Invisibility Potion to the mix, disappearing like this posed no issue.

Secondary Invisibility Potions could only be consumed out of combat and could make one invisible for 20 seconds. It could not be consumed during combat and can be taken once every two minutes.

The combination of Camouflage Mode and Secondary Invisibility Potion had produced a potent technique.

Yu Xuan kept running his mouth, “This fella has hacks! F*ck! Be careful, everybody!”

By then, Li Yi had long fled down the mountain on Crimson Tiger King in Invisible Mode.

He did not think Yu Xuan’s Ice Heart Ring would drop so quickly. Perhaps Yu Xuan did not think that Li Yi would dare hide behind him or else he would never have been such a fool to stand up over and over again. Of course, if it were not for Yu Xuan’s big fat red name, all this would not have happened.

Yu Xuan would not be so quick to get up on his feet now. He will now ama.s.s more companions around him. Although Li Yi could kill him a couple more times, it would be too risky to do so. Moreover, there were more important matters to attend to. Once these matters were completed, he could come back and teach him another lesson.

Li Yi did not tell anyone that he rushed to Venomous Swamp

In the Level 60 Venomous Swamp map, the monsters there were gruesome. Their ATK had additional Poison Attribute. Even in his past life, there was seldom anyone that came here to level up.

There were poisonous pits everywhere. One step and half of your HP would be gone. There were also spiders and scorpions to be wary of. It was not a place to be for a weakling.


A Level 60 Elite Piebald Spider fell from a tree and blew green smoke at Li Yi. Li Yi immediately crouched down, took a few steps back and Camouflaged.

Faced with an ultimate move such as Camouflage, Piebald Spider could do nothing but chirp and spin its thread to ascend back up the tree.

Li Yi waited until his Camouflage skill’s cooldown was over before carefully sidestepping the Piebald Spiders’ territory. He continued his journey ahead.

Relying on two major moves, Camouflage and Pseudocide, Li Yi crept to the boss’ lair with no trouble at all.

Giant Metal Scorpion, a Level 70 boss larger than a whale lay quietly in its lair. Beside it, were countless crowded baby scorpions. The sight of that was enough to make one’s skin crawl.

Giant Metal Scorpion’s HP was at 70,000,000. Its DEF was more than 20,000. Li Yi was not capable of overcoming its DEF, let alone defeat it.

He summoned the Mutated Small Wild Boar and cast Mislead, firing his arrow at Giant Metal Scorpion.



Giant Metal Scorpion was furious and swung its claws while charging at Li Yi.

Li Yi turned and ran and Giant Metal Scorpion was hot on his tail.

“Tw.a.n.g, tw.a.n.g!”



Chain Arrow Skill was fired at Giant Metal Scorpion but its damage was reduced to deduct only 1 HP.

Giant Metal Scorpion’s SPD was surprisingly fast and caught up to Li Yi in a jiffy. However, with Mislead activated, it was currently targeting Mutated Small Wild Boar.

Giant Metal Scorpion flung its tail and struck at Mutated Small Wild Boar. Mutated Small Wild Boar was instantly killed and Li Yi immediately cast Pseudocide.

Giant Metal Scorpion howled before running back to its lair.

Li Yi stood up and called Ironback Turtle, cast Mislead and shot another round. Giant Metal Scorpion turned back and chased after him again…

Pseudocide, fire another shot, Pseudocide, fire another shot…

Li Yi continued to lure Giant Metal Scorpion out of Venomous Swamp.

Giant Metal Scorpion’s ATK was insanely high and its SPD was considerable as well. It was many times faster than Li Yi. It was only thanks to Camouflage and Pseudocide that he was able to survive each time.

It was impossible for Li Yi to defeat Giant Metal Scorpion in this way because each time he broke away from the battle, the monster’s HP would automatically refill to full. Even without that, with such a low damage of 1 HP each time, it would take at least a year and a half if he wished to defeat Giant Metal Scorpion…

He needed to go big or go home!

Li Yi kited Giant Metal Scorpion all the way. It was a distance of several hundred miles before they finally reached his destination just outside Wind Capital, the headquarters of Star Fire Guild.

Kiting a Level 70 boss was no joke. One death would render all efforts in vain. If the distance was too far, the Aggro would not hold. If the distance was too close, the boss would instantly kill him.

No ordinary player would be able to pull this off in such difficult conditions!

“Yang Xingchen, I brought you a big gift!”

Li Yi yelled out and guided Giant Metal Scorpion to charge at Star Fire Guild map…

In truth, Giant Metal Scorpion did not need his guidance to enter the map. With such little Aggro to begin with, the boss’ first choice was a populated area and Star Fire Guild map has at least thousands of people going in and out. Once Giant Metal Scorpion saw them, it howled and ran ahead of Li Yi, smashing into the guild map.

The cruel destruction began!

No matter the person, no matter how awesome they were, to try and go against a Level 70 boss at this level was simply seeking death. Giant Metal Scorpion was on a killing spree, destroying all buildings as it went, leaving behind only corpses and mayhem.

A few Archers wanted to utilize Mislead to lure away Giant Metal Scorpion but Li Yi destroyed them before they could. Why would he even let them?

Mislead’s effect immediately disappeared once the Mutated Small Wild Boar died as soon as it was released…

It was devastation, it was total annihilation. In a short span of no more than ten minutes, Giant Metal Scorpion had destroyed more than half the guild map, killing more than 3,000 members.

Then a more terrifying event happened. Not only did Giant Metal Scorpion wreak havoc, but wherever it went, countless baby scorpions followed. Baby scorpions whose numbers surpa.s.sed a hundred million were everywhere. They ate whatever they came across, destroying buildings even faster than Giant Metal Scorpion.

Li Yi could have kited other bosses to come here but he chose Giant Metal Scorpion for a reason.

Once all the buildings were destroyed and all the players were killed, Giant Metal Scorpion’s baby scorpions hatched by at least a few hundred million. This thing treasured its babies more than anything so it would choose any place it destroyed to make a nest and would no longer leave.

It was either go big or go home and of course, he went big!

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