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Chapter 114: Terrifying Wizards

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The chaotic battle outside the entrance to the Death of a King dungeon was still ongoing. The G.o.d Creator Guild had gathered three times, and more than 3000 people all charged at the same time, but they still could not break through the Savage Tribe’s defense lines.


A hundred of the G.o.d Creator Guild’s Defensive Warriors yelled as they charged.

“Leave it to me.”

A black-robed Wizard from the Savage Tribe teleported, appearing before the hundred Defensive Warriors. He raised his Staff and used the Frost Rising Star skill, freezing the hundred Defensive Warriors where they stood. The AoE was a whole 40 meters long.

Immediately after that, the black-robed Wizard retreated. Raising his Staff up high again, he chanted a spell. As his feet left the ground slightly, he used the AoE Offensive Magic Spell, Blizzard.

[Frost Rising Star: Freezes all surrounding enemies and deals substantial ice damage. Freezing lasts for 8 seconds, and any damage taken by the target then will cancel the Frozen effect. Consumes 10% of HP. Cooldown time: 25 seconds.]

[Blizzard: Selects a target and summons multiple Frost Arrows to deal AoE ice damage to the target. When the target is. .h.i.t by the Frost Arrows, there is a chance of triggering the Slow effect. No cooldown time, the caster cannot move when casting the spell. Requires guidance, and continues until caster runs out of MP.]

These were the Ice Wizard’s two most powerful skills. One locked the enemy down, while the other summoned a Blizzard that came with the Slow effect.

“Crackle crackle!”

Countless Frost Arrows pummeled down, attacking the hundred or so Defensive Warriors indiscriminately.




A series of damages leaped madly from the top of the Defensive Warriors’ heads. The Frozen effect would vanish as soon as they took damage, but the terrifying Slow effect left them without any means of escape.

“F*ck, a hundred percent Slow rate! What kinda equipment is he wearing?”

A Defensive Warrior noticed something amiss, but it was too late. Including him, several dozens of them activated their Shield Walls, but they still could not hang in there. Within less than a minute, the merciless Blizzard knocked them all down.

The healers at the back kept trying to heal the Defensive Warriors, but the Warriors’ HP dropped much faster than it rose. Even if their bodies were sparkling all over with white light, they still ended up on the ground.

Eventually, they finally lasted until the black-robed Wizard’s MP ran out and the Blizzard stopped. The several dozen Defensive Warriors that managed to survive were immediately prepared to use Charge, and the black-robed Wizard’s Awaken skill had ended as well.

[Awaken: Recovers 10% of MP every second for 8 seconds. The player cannot move and requires guidance. Cooldown time: 5 minutes.]



Several dozen Defensive Warriors used Charge at the same time, but the black-robed Wizard just smiled at them coldly. He instantly used Frost Rising Star again, freezing all of the Warriors in the middle of their Charge.


The terrifying Blizzard descended once more and the several dozen Defensive Warriors all fell without exception and laid flat on the ground.

One versus a hundred, and it was an overwhelming victory!

Cheers erupted from the Savage Tribe, but the G.o.d Creator Guild was utterly dumbfounded.

It must be said that the hundred or more Warriors who were Charging were all the guild’s elites, and even the one with the least HP already had more than 2,000, while the highest had about 3,000HP. And yet, they could not even touch the enemy, not even once, before they were all instantly killed.

“d.a.m.n, this is really f*cking embarra.s.sing. It’s my first time dying so badly.” A Defensive Warrior was so humiliated that he could not help but curse.

The black-robed Wizard still did not retreat. He constantly moved to the frontlines, hara.s.sing the enemy, and he managed to take a few more lives with him each time.

He was unstoppable!

Right now, most players were Level 30 or above. The skills that they had learned were growing more comprehensive by the day, and their equipment was getting better as well. When they went against each other, it was completely unlike their blind bulldozing from before.

Before Wizards reached Level 30, they had quite a hard time leveling up. They did not have any AoE spells or any good equipment to increase their damage, and they had very little HP as well, so they would die if a monster just happened to touch them. As a result, many people had no choice but to give up halfway, canceling their accounts and switching to a cla.s.s with more HP and high DEF.

“So Wizards can be this strong too?”

“d.a.m.n, is this f*cking for real? One guy stands right there, and even a team of Defensive Warriors can’t get past ’em?”

The black-robed Wizard’s fierce fighting stance instantly changed the players’ perceptions of the Wizard cla.s.s. Some people even started wondering if they should cancel their accounts and start over as Wizards.

Confused Fox, dressed in white robes, walked out of the crowd with a dark expression and went straight up to the black-robed Wizard.

Neither of them said anything. Their bodies moved, and they clashed in battle!

Confused Fox was an Arcane Wizard, whereas the black-robed Wizard was an Ice one. Although they were both Wizards, their attacking methods were completely different.



The two of them launched the first attack similarly, however. Both of them instantly tossed out a Transformation Spell, turning their opponent into a bleating lamb.

[Transformation Spell: Transforms the enemy into a sheep and forces it to wander around aimlessly for a maximum duration of 20 seconds. During this time, the target will recover HP rapidly, any damage taken will break this effect. Each Wizard can only transform one target into a sheep at a time. Skill cooldown time: 30 seconds.]

The two little white lambs scurried about for 20 seconds, and then the effects of both spells vanished at the same time.

“Arcane Missile!”

“Frost Arrow!”

The two of them shot magic at each other. [−320] appeared above Confused Fox’s head, while a series of damage notifications, each less than 100, rose from the black-robed Wizard’s. In total, he took [−240] in damage.

The damage from Arcane spells was not as high as that of Ice spells anyway, and besides, the black-robed Wizard’s own M-ATK was terrifyingly high to start with.


After Confused Fox took a hit from the Frost Arrow, he realized that he had been slowed down.

“Guild Master, he has some equipment that guarantees Slow from Ice spells!” yelled the Defensive Warrior who realized this earlier.


The black-robed Wizard teleported up to Confused Fox. Using the same old techniques, he cast Frost Rising Star, instantly followed by Blizzard.

“Crackle crackle!”

Just as the Frost Arrow landed on Confused Fox’s head, a white shield appeared on the surface of his body, blocking the damage.

[Magic Shield: Converts the physical damage taken to MP damage!]

Half of Confused Fox’s MP disappeared in an instant. Although he was still burdened by the Slow effect, he had not used his Teleport skill yet.


Confused Fox instantly teleported up to the black-robed Wizard and used Arcane Impact, knocking his opponent down to half HP. Immediately after that, he leaped up and cast the Magic Burst Spell everywhere.

The Magic Burst Spell did not have a cooldown or casting time. As long as you had enough MP, you could cast this spell indefinitely.

Three consecutive Magic Burst Spells took the black-robed Wizard down to 30HP, but unfortunately, Confused Fox had also run out of MP.

“You’ve lost!”

The black-robed Wizard took this rare chance to wave his Staff and hit Confused Fox with an Ice Awl Spell.


Confused Fox fell from the sky and his lifeless body hit the ground.

The G.o.d Creator Guild erupted into chaos.

Their Guild Master had been killed, so many of them immediately flew off the handle. All order was thrown to the winds, and they charged forward in their fury, trying to avenge their Guild Master.

Teleport, Frost Rising Star, Blizzard. If he ran out of MP, he used Awaken.

The black-robed Wizard did not use any other skills at all, but he was completely at ease in the chaos and completely unstoppable.

Confused Fox lay on the ground, sighing. He knew better than anyone why the Savage Tribe was targeting the G.o.d Creator Guild.

Although most of the main guilds had reached the third stage by now, the G.o.d Creator Guild was the biggest hope of them all as they had already beaten the fourth stage down to half HP.

‘Yang Xingchen, oh, Yang Xingchen, you’ve done it this time, you punk.’

After such a long fight, aside from Nirvana Inaction who got lucky because he was not online due to personal matters, almost all of the guild’s elites died at least once.

In terms of numbers, there were more than 3,000 members of the G.o.d Creator Guild here, whereas the Savage Tribe had more than 10,000. Even if he could defeat the black-robed Ice Wizard in a one-on-one battle, what could he do after that? Could he beat through all of them? Besides, the people from Star Fire were still hot on their backs as well. If it were not for the Dream Guild holding them back, the situation right now would be even worse.

His only choice was to call for backup.

Confused Fox thought of Little Drunk Cat.

However, when he glanced at his Friends Pane, Li Yi’s DP was greyed out, as was Tall and Mighty’s. Both of Little Drunk Cat’s Vice Guild Masters were not around, so who should he go look for?

Confused Fox thought hard and finally remembered one more person, Fire Ice.

He searched up her name and found that she was online. Overjoyed, Confused Fox hurriedly messaged her, “Miss Ice, could you lend us a hand?”

“Guild Master Fox? Is something the matter?”

When Confused Fox explained the situation to her, Fire Ice was instantly stunned.

She was great at handling the guild’s internal matters, but asking her to build a team for a PK fight was far beyond her.

“Guild Master Fox, I… I’m not very good at PK.” Fire Ice blushed, embarra.s.sed. Her PK skills really were something else, in that she could both reduce and recover the enemy’s HP.

“You don’t have to fight, you just need to bring a couple thousand people over here.”

“Ah, a couple thousand…”

Fire Ice did not reply for a long time, and just as Confused Fox was growing impatient, she replied, “Guild Master Fox, I… I can’t make the decision in this, but our Guild Master is online now, so you can ask her instead.”

Confused Fox paused. “Your Guild Master? You mean Invincible Jiaojiao?”


In the forests of Grizzly Hills, Li Yi killed a female bear mechanically and then sat down on the ground, dejected. He had ridden the Crimson Tiger King and searched all over the forest for an entire day, and yet he had only found this one female bear…

Male bears were everywhere, but the female bears had become exceedingly rare. Li Yi had killed at least 4,000 female bears of different shapes and sizes.

“d.a.m.nit all, is my luck really that bad?”

He had almost killed all the female bears in the forest, but the Violent Bear King still refused to show up.

After resting for a short while, Li Yi continued on his journey.

Male bears, male bears, male bears, and more male bears. F*ck, where were the female bears!

Li Yi rode the Crimson Tiger King all around the forest and still could not find even one female bear.

He had killed them all…

‘d.a.m.n this RNG!’

Just as Li Yi was cursing the low probability, a grey-white female bear sauntered past him, shaking her large behind.



There was no way Li Yi would let this opportunity pa.s.s. He used the Chain Arrow Skill and attacked the grey-white female bear relentlessly.


The grey-white female bear fell to the ground, and just then, the system notification noise that Li Yi had been waiting for all this time finally rang out: [Your actions have angered the Violent Bear King, prepare to face its wrath! It will challenge you personally!”]


A terrifyingly intimidating roar echoed from deep within the forest, and the gust of wind that came flying made all the surrounding trees quiver and shake.

The Violent Bear King was coming!

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