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"Yes, golden city. I bet the second round of the tournament will be held there, or we will stay at the golden city before going for the second round." Shu Chen's eyes sparkled just at the mention of the Golden City. He looked excited to quickly arrive at the Golden City he was talking about.

"So what's with this Golden City, ah tell me! Does the city have a gold mine or something to be called The Golden City..." Li Shi Ying's lips twitched seeing Shu Chen act all excited when she herself didn't know what this Golden City was. Don't tell her the whole city is made of gold. That would be ridiculous!

"Haish, you really know nothing. Listen, it's called the golden city because 80% of things in the city are made of gold! As for the rest of the things like buildings for commoners, even though it isn't made from gold, the colour of it are all golden."

Shu Chen shook his head while explaining to Li Shi Ying. He just realized that even though Li Shi Ying was strong, she didn't know about much simpler knowledge, just like now.

Almost everyone in the Sui He Continent would know about Qilin Country's Golden City. It's the country's capital as well as the unique place Qilin Country was famous for. It's the basic knowledge about Qilin Country!

"What?! No way are you kidding me?? 80% of the city is made from gold?? Won't the local commoner just steal and rob all the gold then??" Li Shi Ying gasped in surprise at hearing Shu Chen's explanation.

If only a garden of a certain place in the city was made from gold she could still understand, but 80% of the city...was made from gold! Won't many people who come to the city want to steal the gold?

"Well, you see...there are 3 areas in the Golden City. The emperor's area, the n.o.bles area and the commoner's area. The emperor's area occupies 50% of the whole city. The n.o.ble's area occupies 30% of it, and the rest of the 20% without gold is the commoner's area, so the commoners actually won't see the real Gold City."

Shu Chen patiently explained to Li Shi Ying, knowing that the girl somehow lacks the common sense of this world. Anyone would know that the Golden City had 3 separate areas and thus, people can only see the true gold city if they visited other areas.

"Wait, what?? The emperor's area occupies 50% of the whole city?! That's insane!" Li Shi Ying couldn't help but get surprised again by this fact. A city was of course very large, not to mention it was the capital.

But then, the emperor and the royal families' area occupies 50% of the whole city? Isn't that a waste of land?!

"Well 20% of the emperor's area is being opened for tourists and to receive guests from other countries, but the tourists had to pay quite a heavy price to sightsee the true golden city while mere adventurers can only visit the commoner's area."

Shu Chen shrugged his shoulders, recalling how one of his family also had to pay a fee to enter the true golden city. The area itself, 20% of the emperor's area was located near the commoner's area so the tourists wouldn't be able to visit the 30% of the emperor's area.

The whole city had the shape of a big circle, and the commoner's area was located at the first ring, closest to the outside area. Next would be the 20% of the emperor's area which nowadays was called a tourist area.

Going further to the center of the circle was a n.o.ble's area and the last one, at the center, was the emperor's palace so to get to the tourist area, one had to pa.s.s through the commoner's area.

"Then we won't be able to see the true golden city if this is the case, am I right??" Li Shi Ying tilted her head as she listened to Shu Chen's explanation. She never thought that the city would be so complicated with the areas.

So annoying! It was as if they made a 'level' for each person in various social status.

"Well I think the staff of the tournament had already asked permission from the emperor to hold the tournament in his country, and thus maybe we will settle at the tourist area."

Shu Chen rubbed his chin while guessing which area they would occupy for the second round of the tournament. He bet it would be the tourist area, so they too could sightsee the town.

"Ah, so we can see the famous golden city? That's good!" Li Shi Ying's eyes sparkled when she knew they would arrive at the Golden City soon. Knowing what the golden city is, how could she not be excited?

She wanted to see if the things in the tourist area were all made from gold!

Li Shi Ying had slowly forgotten about her heavy conversation with her master before. Right now she would only enjoy her adventure in this Qilin Country, as well as competing in the tournament.

She bet her other teammates were also heading to the Golden City...they would meet each other again soon!

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