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Chapter 77: "Go Knocking Upon the Door"

Feng Jiu collected herself as she finished her practice and turned to look at the beautiful young girl standing on the steps. The more she looked at the girl, the more pleasing the young girl became to her eyes.

Leng Shuang snapped back to her senses and walked towards her Mistress. She lowered her head and said respectfully: "Mistress, Young Master has not yet returned."

"He went out so early in the morning and he still has not come back?" Feng Jiu asked, slightly puzzled. She then went on to ask further: "Is the marriage between the Guan Family and the Ke Family happening in three days' time?"

"It is three days later."

Leng Shuang answered and paused a moment before she continued to say: "But when Young Master left, he said he wanted to go back a little earlier and does not wish for Mistress to go with him. He said he will handle this matter himself."

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu smiled. [He must have been worried that the situation might get highly awkward if she had gone with him. Moreover, in his heart, he still believed that the Guan Family wouldn't really treat him too cruelly and he still strongly believed that his clansmen would not give him the cold shoulder in the face of their self interests.]

[That might be a good thing. Letting him handle it on his own, he will finally realise that people, when faced with their self interests at stake, would be unhesitatingly cruel and merciless even towards their own clansmen.]

[Towards that clan that Guan Xi Lin belonged in, she did not like them a single bit.]

[Whereas for the Feng Family…..]

When she thought of all that she would find out about the Feng Family after she came to the Cloudy Moon City, her heart started to feel rather conflicted.

The people in the Feng Family truly loved and doted on Feng Qing Ge. But, they were completely unaware that the Feng Qing Ge they adored and treasured in the palms of their hands at that moment had actually killed their real daughter.

Leng Shuang looked at the mess of knife scars that crisscrossed over Feng Jiu's face and her eyes flashed involuntarily.

The multiple knife scars filled her Mistress' face in a mess of garish slash marks, the numerous scars completely hiding her original countenance, and what could be seen, were only those heart rending and garish looking scars.

She really could not imagine, just what kind of a person would want to ruin a girl's face so completely? Just what kind of hatred was behind it that would make a person capable of doing this?

When she thought about how defenceless her Mistress was, Leng Shuang strongly resolved to herself, that she would not leave her Mistress' side to protect her every step of the way.

Leng Shuang was obviously completely oblivious to the skills and powers Feng Jiu possessed at that moment, as ever since she had come to serve Feng Jiu, she had only seen Feng Jiu practising that feeble and weak set of martial arts every morning in the courtyard that had absolutely no attack power behind all its strokes.

Moreover, Feng Jiu was also a Medicinal Concoctionist.and because of that, Leng Shuang had the preconception that Feng Jiu was only skilled in Medicine and was completely defenceless in terms of her martial cultivation.

Caught up in her own thought, Feng Jiu noticed Leng Shuang's gaze upon her and she turned to look at the girl and asked: "What's wrong?"

Leng Shuang shook her head and lowered her eyes.

Seeing that, Feng Jiu had seemingly gotten a rather good idea of what the girl was thinking as she caressed her own face and said with a smile: "Curious how did my face get so badly disfigured?"

Her voice paused briefly and then she said in a nonchalant tone: "Actually, looking at it now, it has gotten a lot better. In the beginning, even I could not bear to look at myself."

She wasn't too worried about the scars on her face. Afterall, once she managed to gather all the herbs she needed, she wouldn't even need a month before she would be able to restore her face back to they way it had originally looked. What she was more concerned about at that moment was her "free" elder brother she picked up.

The black market had sent news, telling her that the magical herbs she seeked were highly difficult to find, and they had not managed to gather them all as yet.

Every single day that the magical herbs are not completely gathered, it was another day that her big brother's hand would remain crippled, and it would be another day her heart would not find solace. If all those magical herbs really could not be found, then she would have to resort to a barter trade with people who hold possession of those magical herbs she needed.

-At that same moment, Ke Family Residence-

Dressed in a navy blue robe, Guan Xi Lin's handsome features were looking slightly solemn, as he looked at the sweet and pretty lady before him to ask in a stiff tone: "Are you really going to marry my cousin? You agreed to it yourself? Or were you coerced into it?"

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