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Chapter 65: Battle Arena

"This…. this can really let a person whose mystical powers is completely depleted to instantly gain an explosive boost of three times their powers?!"

Even as an Appraiser of Medicines, there was a slight tremor in Old Deng's voice as he stepped forward to accept the bottle, his heart filled with incredible excitement.

Feng Jiu did not say anything as her eyes had spotted a figure who wasn't unfamiliar to her walking downstairs. Wasn't that the very person she had wanted to seek out?

With her lips curved up, her eyes glinted with a strange mirth as she saw that figure sitting down at a spot in the front row as he called over a person from the Black Market but she could not hear what they were talking about.

The other three people in the room currently had their attention fixed on the bottle of Qi Gathering Dew. The two overseers watched intently as Old Deng slowly opened cap on the bottle and sniffed at its contents but after seeing that he did not take any other action after a long while, Overseer Dong could not help himself but to holler at him: "Old Deng! ?"  

Old Deng gave him a bitter laugh as he looked at the two overseers and Feng Jiu who was sitting on the window sill and said: "I am feeling rather ashamed of myself. Even though this old man here is an Appraiser of Medicines, but I have never appraised any medicine like this."

What he meant by those words was that he could not verify whether what Feng Jiu was saying was the truth.

Hearing that, the two overseers were properly stunned, as they had never encountered a situation such as this.

"Who do you think will finally emerge victorious between that young girl and the big guy?" Feng Jiu's voice suddenly sounded, causing the three men in the room to be startled.

With that question the men walked up and looked down to the arena on the first floor. They saw that a young sixteen or seventeen year old girl was fighting a huge brawny man. But the girl was no match for the big man and she had been beaten to be on almost her last breaths, but she was still stubbornly trying to stand up.

Overseer Zhu observed the situation downstairs with just one quick glance and said: "She is merely on the six level of the Warrior stage while her opponent's cultivation is at the second level of the Mystical Warrior stage. Naturally the big man will win, and moreover, the girl is already exhausted and on her last legs of strength, she would not be able to fight any further."

Feng Jiu curled up her lips in a smile and shook her head in disagreement. "No, she will win."

Her gaze fell down onto the girl who was still just as determined to battle and she said: "If you bring that bottle of medicine down and give it to her to drink, that way, the results of the appraisal will naturally come out."       

The eyes of the three men lit up immediately. That's right! That method was simple and straightforward. In that way, they will be able to find out whether the medicine was really as amazing as what the man in red had claimed. Moreover, by giving the medicine to the girl in the arena who was already too weak to continue the fight, and she really managed to win, that would be the best advertis.e.m.e.nt they would be give to the product.

"I'll take it downstairs." Overseer Zhu said, and he immediately rushed to go down, the bottle of medicine grasped in his hand, as he went towards the arena on the first floor.

The Arena

"Hahahaha, little girl, you better surrender quickly! Even if you cultivate for another ten years, you will still not be a match for me." When he thought of the money that he had bet for himself to win would be multiplied ten times, he began to laugh loudly, beside himself with joy.

The young girl spat out a mouthful of blood, her body felt like it had been run over by horse carriages. It was so painful her body was turning numb, and she wasn't able to summon up even the slightest sliver of strength.

But she refused to accept it, she would not accept losing just like this, and did not want to lose in this way!

She gritted her teeth and forced herself to stand but fell back down, eliciting a wave of raucous laughter from the watching crowd.

"Just give up now! Next match! Next match! Don't waste all our time!" Someone shouted impatiently from the within the crowd.

At that moment, Overseer Zhu came beside the young girl with the bottle of medicine in his hand and said something to her. The young girl then took the bottle from him and without the slightest hesitation, she poured the bottle's contents down her throat.

Just as everyone was feeling highly puzzled at Overseer Zhu's actions, they suddenly saw that a faint red glow was swirling intensely around the young girl's body.

"Wooo! How was that possible!"

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