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Chapter 620: Old White causes trouble

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

At this time, a beautiful woman in a white dress came down briskly from the restaurant. She came worriedly in front of Ye Jing and grumbled, “Ah Jing, you scared me to death. How could you swoop down from the second floor like that? The beast carriage ran so fast and it was four beasts running in tandem. What if you’re half a step behind and got mowed down?”

Ye Jing smiled gently. “That’s unlikely. Only when I saw that I could save the child then I swooped down from the second floor. I knew what I’m doing. I would not get hurt. What’s more, the child was in danger at that time.”

“Yes, yes, you only care about others and not worried about yourself. But you got me so scared me that I’m drenched in cold sweats.” The woman in white continued to scold. She looked Ye Jing up and down. “You’re really not hurt?”

Ye Jing shook her head gently and smiled, “I’m not hurt.”

“It’s alright as long as you’re not hurt. You see, as soon as you left the academy gate, you are in the limelight. It’s really worthy of Ye Jing, one of the Ten Proud Children of Heaven.” The woman in white said jokingly.

Ye Jing smiled. “Let’s go!”

“Okay.” The woman in white agreed. They walked hand in hand and left together in front of the crowd.

Feng Jiu stroked her chin while watching that beautiful figure gradually went farther away. In her eyes, Ye Jing was truly a rare beauty. The way she swooped down from the second floor was amazing. It was obvious that not only her appearance was excellent, but even her cultivation was also outstanding.

Nebula Academy’s Ten Proud Children of Heaven? Mm, it’s really something to look forward to!

“Ah! It’s Ye Jing. I didn’t expect to see her here. She’s my G.o.ddess!” The dark-skinned boy leading Old White looked excitedly at the beautiful woman who had already been at a distance away. Because of his excitement, the rope tying Old White got loose.

Feng Jiu also did not notice it. She couldn’t help smiling at the dark-skinned boy’s excited expression. Just as she was about to call him back to his senses with the dog tail gra.s.s in her hand, she saw Old White puffed its breath twice from its nostrils. The horse kicked its hooves excitedly and galloped toward the beautiful Ye Jing.

“Old White? What are you doing?”

Feng Jiu was astonished. One of her feet was curled on Old White’s back. Due to the horse running wildly, she nearly fell off. Fortunately, she quickly adjusted her sitting posture and clamped her legs tightly on Old White’s belly. But even so, with Old Bai having the rush as if it had taken stimulants and drunk chicken blood, she could only sit steadily by clamping her legs tightly on both sides of Old White’s belly. However, she was almost thrown away several times.

“Old White, stop!”

She bellowed. However, the horse rein fell in front of her and she could not reach it in time. In addition, the excited Old White jumped and twisted its hips while galloping away. She could not stop shouting. She was in so much pain due to her behind shaken by the jumping and twisting Old White. While she was bending down slightly trying to pull the rein, the running Old White suddenly halted.

It didn’t matter that it finally stopped. However, when it halted its movement, the momentum built when it was galloping suddenly propelled her body to the air…

Hearing the movement from behind, Ye Jing and the woman in white looked back. But when they took a look behind, they were shocked. They saw a white horse running while jumping and twisting its hips. The young man in red sitting on the back of the horse was shaken and nearly fell out several times.

It was a funny scene. This made Ye Jing, who had never seen such a strange horse before, couldn’t help showing a charming smile. But just then, the white horse jerked to a halt and its slightly open and drooling mouth also closed. The red-robed young man on the horse’s back was thrown straight at her.

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