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Chapter 619: A beautiful figure on the street

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The boy smiled widely when he heard her reply. His white teeth gleamed in the sun. “Not much, ten pieces of silver will be enough.”

Feng Jiu handed him ten silver coins and followed the teenager to explore Nebula City. The boy led the old horse while explained to her some facts about the city, including which influential clan's master the most powerful and should not be offended, which young master the most outstanding, and which clan's daughter the most beautiful…

“Nebula City ama.s.sed things from all parts of the world the most. There are four big districts in the east, west, north and south part of the city. Black market occupied the east district, Alchemist Guild in the west, the largest auction house in the south, and Mercenary Guild in the north. In the nebula city, the prince can not touch the four forces besides those families. In addition to those influential families that can't be offended, Young Master should not mess with these four powerful clouts.”

As the boy spoke, he looked back at the young man in red sitting on the horse's back from time to time. He saw him fiddled with dog tail gra.s.s in his hands while looking around left and right from time to time with a look of novelty. He wondered whether this young man was listening to him or not.

He went on to say, “If you talk about which inn to stay in Nebula City, it should belong to…” Before he finished speaking, he glimpsed a luxurious beast carriage coming at high speed. He hurried to pull the horse aside, so as not to collide with the beast carriage in front of him.

Feng Jiu saw four spiritual beasts in front of the trailer side by side. They resembled horses yet unlike horses. Those beasts were somewhat like rhinoceroses, galloping in the street where people were bustling without slowing down. The people on the street cried out in alarm and went out of the way.

Amidst the flurry, a child, sucking his finger in his mouth, was standing in front of a sugar figurine stall while watching the stall owner making sugar figurines. The stall owner saw a four spirit beast carriage came running. He was so shocked and tried to pull the stall behind repeatedly. The little boy tried to catch up but he b.u.mped into people who were running his way. His tiny body rolled down on the street. All the people around gasped and cried out in alarm seeing the child who sat down and cried without knowing the danger.

“Hiss! That carriage doesn't stop!”

“That kid's still in the middle of the street!”

“Whose child is he?”

At this time, a woman ran out of a shop. When she saw the child on the street, she turned pale with horror. “My child!” She ran toward him, but the spirit beast carriage was several times faster than she did.

Feng Jiu, sitting on Old White's back, saw the spirit beasts had not stopped and the driver was still whipping the beasts urgently while shouting loudly as if he had not put that life in his eyes. She could not help but frown. She was about to fly up and take the child away when suddenly she saw a lithe and graceful figure in light blue flying down from the second floor of a restaurant.

In the blink of an eye, the child was rescued by that person and taken to the child's mother's side, who seemed to be saying something. The mother nodded repeatedly and thanked the woman gratefully.

The spirit beast carriage sped past and did not stop. A cloud of dust left in its wake.

The crowd was motionless. Their frightened hearts lifted after watching the young girl rescued the little boy. Each one of them couldn't help applauding with a loud noise.


“What a fine move!”

“What speed!”

Applause and praise sounded. The eyes of the crowd fell on the young woman in a dress. When they saw the woman's face clearly, their eyes were filled with amazement. Some people recognized the woman and shouted out in surprise.

“That's Ye Jing! One of the Nebula Academy's Ten Proud Sons of Heaven!”

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