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Chapter 61 : Night of Slaughter

With just one brief moment of shock, the four black market mercenaries suddenly revealed a look of sleazy l.u.s.t in their eyes.

"She’s the one. I hadn’t thought that she would look so much more alluring in the flesh than in the portrait."

"That’s true, killing her just like this will be such a waste. Why don’t we….."

Another one among them rubbed his chin and sn.i.g.g.e.red loudly, his cruel eyes impudently roving over the enchanting red figure before him.

Although they found the red figure standing under the soft moonlight highly alluring, and the other two men's hearts began to itch with l.u.s.t, they had however still retained a sense of caution. Especially when they saw that their target wasn’t showing the tiniest bit of panic, but was highly composed as she stood there with a graceful air, which they thought was rather strange.  

One of the mercenaries with a hideous scar on his face reminded his companions in a deep voice: "The girl seems a little strange and we cannot let down our guard. It will be better if we kill the target and get the mission over and done with."

"It’s just a little girl. Third Brother, you are giving her too much credit." One of the mercenaries said his voice filled with contempt, acting highly indifferent.

He looked at the figure in red, her clothes and hair billowing out behind her. He laughed out in derision and said: "It's just one girl, I alone will be able to deal with her."

He stepped on the tiles on top of the roof, and summoning his powers, he leapt over to the opposite side.

"Killing you will be such a waste, why don’t you have some fun with me first?" He said with a sinister laugh, he pounced forward and stretched his hand out in a grasp, reaching towards the front of Feng Jiu's clothes before her chest as she laid upon the roof tiles lazily.

At that same moment, Feng Jiu eyes flashed with an icy chill and her hand closed around the hand her opponent had reached out, suddenly twisting it downwards with a hard snap.



The sound of bones breaking was accompanied by a mournful howl that tore through the silence of the night, breaking through the peaceful tranquility…..

At almost the same moment, Feng Jiu who had been sitting down, used the force from her downward tug to quickly stand up, her foot immediately raising up in a heavy kick, the mystical power imbued into the tip of her foot kicked into her opponent with pinpoint precision right in between her opponent’s legs.


Unable to utter another sound, he could only groan and whimper as he fought to breathe, the electrifying pain shooting through his entire body was so unbearable that he curled up into a ball, his trembling legs giving way as he fell with a loud thud a kneel.

"You only have this little bit of power?" Feng Jiu snorted with contempt, releasing her grip clasped over his arm and moving it up close over his throat. Another loud crack tore through the cold air as she broke his neck, and Feng Jiu nonchalantly threw him out towards the yard.

"Second Brother!"

Several voices called out in alarm. The three men stared angrily at Feng Jiu, shocked at the merciless viciousness of those hands, and the speed that they moved at. That speed had not even given them any time to react and they had been made to watch helplessly as their Second Brother was killed right before their very eyes!

"Kill her!"

The man who was slightly older among them shouted out angrily, his voice filled with undisguised malice. The moment his voice fell, he summoned his Qi and he leapt over to the opposite roof, the long sword in his hand imbued with his mystical powers, flaring out with a threatening energy.
A Mystical Warrior in the middle levels?" Her eyebrow lifted up slightly, looking upon the man’s powers with contemptuous disdain.

Her hands moved and the razor sharp dagger gleamed with a menacingly thirst for blood. She charged forward with her body lowered, suddenly spinning around to the side when she was three inches away from the sword's point, and her dagger flashed upwards. A low moan sounded and at Feng Jiu's side, the mercenary soldier’s eyes bulged and his body stiffened, before it fell over stiffly onto the yard below.

[She killed our Boss in one move?]

The faces of the two remaining men grew burdened as shocked registered on them.

The oppressive air of slaughter emanating from the girl was much more intense than them as hired mercenaries from the black market, driving a terrifying chill deep into their hearts…..


A person like this, was not someone they were able to take on. If they did not run immediately, their precious little lives would be forfeited right there and then…..

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