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Chapter 60 : A Dark and Windy Night

She picked up the sword scabbard to take a look at it and said: "Bill it."

Hearing her say that, the shopkeeper was all smiles as he led Feng Jiu to the cashier counter and said with a laugh: "Miss, the Seven Star sword scabbard is one million and two hundred and the silver needle set is thirty five thousand. I'll make it one million, two hundred and thirty thousand just for you. The remaining five thousand I'll give the young Miss a discount hoping you will come back here again."

Feng Jiu paid up, quickly slipping the scabbard and the silver needles into the Cosmos Sack before leaving the place together with Guan Xi Lin.

Seeing her use a Cosmos Sack, the shopkeeper eyes flashed with astonishment. [A Cosmos Sack? Looks like the young Miss' is from quite a family background! It's got to be, or why would she purchase the Seven Star scabbard that cost more a million without even bargaining so readily! ?]

The two of them purchased quite a lot of things outside and they shopped throughout the entire day before they went back. The person who had been tailing them followed them all the way until he saw them enter a little house with a yard in a out of the way part of town before he went back to report his findings.

In one of the inns, a middle aged man was practising his cultivation with his legs crossed as he sat. When he heard a low voice call out from outside, he said: "Come in."

A man walked in quickly and greeted respectfully before he said: "Second Old Master. Your subordinate has followed the two of them for a whole day and I saw them finally enter a little house in a out of the way part of town. I asked around in the surrounding area and found out that they had just moved in three days ago and they claimed themselves to be siblings. And in the Precious Treasures Pavilion today, the lady in red took out a Cosmos Sack that had belonged to the Young Master."

The middle aged man filled up with a murderous rage as he said in a deep voice: "A pair of siblings? Describe to me in detail their outward appearances."

"Yes." He described the characteristics of their bodies and appearances of the two people and he said at the end: "But the girl dressed in red had a veil over her face and I had not been able to see her face clearly."

The middle aged man's eyes darkened as one of his arms hung down at his side. The other arm tensed up tightly as his hand clenched into a fist till the veins showed visibly, his knuckles crackling.  

"Have a portrait of the girl in red drawn up and send it to the black market mercenaries' mission bulletin board. Reveal to the people in the black market of their address and tell them I want to see the girl's head by tomorrow morning!"

"Yes!" The man answered in reverence and quickly retreated out of the room.

It was already night and the skies were exceptionally dark, like one big ma.s.s of dark clouds had completely blocked out the sky, where not a single star could be seen.

Dressed in full red, Feng Jiu was lying atop the roof, a hand beneath his head, the other hand holding up the Cosmos Sack as she stared at it and said to herself: "So it's because you had been marked with a spirit marker. No wonder even after I have changed into such feminine clothes from the torn and tattered beggar clothes, I could still be recognized."

Keeping the Cosmos Sack away, she stared at the pitch black night sky and said with a satisfied sigh: "This feels….. really just so great tonight! Such a dark and windy night, what a perfect night for to kill!"

That voice filled with indifference was tinged with a slight languid tone, and also an almost undetectable sense that was almost like….. antic.i.p.ation.

The night grew deep and Feng Jiu yawned as she waited on the roof, almost groggy with sleepiness.   

Until, the second half of the night, when the pale moon barely peeked out from behind the dark clouds like a shy maiden, to throw its pale light to shine upon the land brightly…..

Four black figures holding long swords approached quickly as they ran, chilling murder emanating from them. They came speedily to the doors outside the yard and they summoned their Qi as they leapt up. Just as they were landing inside the yard, they were shocked to hear a voice.

"I have been waiting here the whole night for all of you."

The languid voice was tinged with sleepiness as it reached their ears and all four of the black robed men instinctively looked in the direction of the source of the voice.

They saw atop the roof, a girl in red flipping herself up to sit up there lazily, her red clothes billowing in the wind, her long black hair fanned out behind, bathed within the pale moonlight, wild and flamboyant, devilishly alluring and highly indolent…..

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