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Chapter 52 : Part Ways Here

At that moment, Feng Jiu's face was not showing the usual laziness she always did as her hand remained pressed over his left chest. Her eyes were serious and her voice determined as she said: " He helped me before. I cannot let him die just like that."

The little Fire Phoenix was pulled in by the steely resolve on her face and asked in a small voice: "How do you want to save him? Against the Thousand Year Frost Poison, even my revered self am powerless against it and unable to help you with it."

"No, you are able to help." Feng Jiu said, suddenly revealing a highly deep smile.

Hearing that, the little Fire Phoenix blinked his eyes blankly, feeling rather curious. He was just about to ask her what she meant when he saw Feng Jiu undoing the man's shirt front, to reveal his chest covered with a layer of frost. Feng Jiu gathered her mystical power into her hand and pressed it against an acupoint on his body.

"Come here." She suddenly stopped and looked over at the little Fire Phoenix.

"Har? What for?" Although not understanding what was going on, the little Fire Phoenix still stood up and went over to stand beside her.

Feng Jiu flashed him a smile that was so unbelievably gentle that it raised the gooseb.u.mps all over his body. And in the very next moment, he suddenly cried out pitifully in pain.

"Argh! My revered hand! Blood is flowing out of my revered hand….. You….. You woman! What are you doing! ?"

He was staring angrily at Feng Jiu, his heart feeling highly aggrieved.

"I need to borrow just a bit of your blood to use and it's only just a teeny weeny wound. I won't take too much." She pulled his stubby little hand and put it near Ling Mo Han's lips, dripping the blood flowing out from the tiny finger into Ling Mo Han's mouth.

The moment the Fire Phoenix's blood went into his mouth, the icy chill in his body gradually began to disperse, seemingly like it was being suppressed. An burst of heat surged throughout his body and the heat warmed up his frozen body. The body that had been curled up into a ball had also gradually straightened.

"The blood from my revered self is that useful?" The little Fire Phoenix had only just realised this was what her words earlier had meant.

Seeing that Ling Mo Han's body was finally warming up, Feng Jiu heaved out a small sigh of relief before she went on to explain: "You are the Ancient Fire Phoenix, and the blood of the Fire Phoenix is known to be the most scorching, hence it would naturally be able to suppress the Frost Poison in his body."

As she spoke, she rubbed his tiny head and said with a laugh: "Thank you very much. You helped me return a favour I had owed him."

"Humph!" The little Fire Phoenix turned his face away sulkily, but in his heart, he was really happy to hear those words from Feng Jiu.

"How long do you intend to leave him here? What are you going to do when he wakes up?"

"There are people outside who are after his life and after those people have gone far away in a little while more, I will bring him out. The icy chill within him has been suppressed and he should be regaining consciousness soon. And with his abilities, he will be fine once he wakes up."

With those words, the little Fire Phoenix did not say anything else.

And Feng Jiu did as she said she would where she brought Ling Mo Han out of the s.p.a.ce and left him on the gra.s.s after about an hour later.

"Uncle, this might count as having me saved your life this time. I have something else I need to do and we will part ways here." She saw the lashes on his eyes move slightly and knew that he was coming awake and she immediately used her strange steps to swiftly move deeper into the woods…..

Shortly after she left, Ling Mo Han regained his consciousness. In his head, he could still hear the voice of the little beggar reverberating within.

He was feeling highly puzzled as he looked at his body that had recovered to its original state. He was shocked when he felt that the icy chill within him had been suppressed, and he swept his eyes to look around but he did not find any sign of the little beggar…..

As for Feng Jiu, she was worried that the big oaf, Guan Xi Lin would still be at the same place waiting for her and she rushed through the night to make her way towards the place. When light broke over the horizon, she finally reached the bottom of that same tree and saw no sign of the big oaf being around where she sighed out in relief.

"Seems like he left. That's good, that would save me from having to get so worried that he would still be stupidly waiting here for me."

However, just as her words had barely fallen, she suddenly heard a familiar voice shouting out from a distance away, and the furious roar of a ferocious beast…..

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