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Chapter 51 : Thousand Year Frost Poison

She peeked out from behind the trees, surprised that the uncle was holding a long sword that spanned a three finger width. The sword's sharp aura was flaring, his entire being emanating an energy that was visible to the naked eye. That was not mystical energy, but spirit energy.

Without the slightest doubt, he was a cultivator of Immortality!

But, something was visibly wrong with him at that moment. Although he was trying very hard to tolerate whatever was affecting him, the layer upon layer of fine white crystals forming over his beard and eyebrows could be nothing else but icy frost freezing up upon them!

[Frost? Why is frost forming on his body?]


With a heavy groan, the last dark robed killer found his chest pierced by the long sword that was emitting a cold chilling energy. The dark robed man fell kneeling onto the ground, blood spewing out from his mouth. His eyes stared fixedly at Ling Mo Han and he opened his blood filled mouth as if trying to say something but failed. In the end, he gasped his last breath and fell into a motionless heap.

At that moment, Ling Mo Han's body did not move for a moment, seemingly frozen. He stood there quietly like an ice sculpture, the icy frost spewing out from his body as freezing cold as a thousand year wintry icicle, so cold that even Feng Jiu who was hiding more than ten meters away from him was able to even feel the chill.


His whole stiffened body fell to the ground, trembling violently as he curled up into a ball. Not just that, but the frost upon his face seemed to be growing thicker and thicker as well.

Seeing that the situation didn't look right, she ran over to him quickly.

"Uncle? Uncle! How are you feeling?" She asked as she came to squat down beside him. She was just about to lift him up a little when the slightest touch on him drove a biting chill into her hands.

"Ouch! So cold!"

She pulled her hand back reflexively, startled as she looked at the pair of eyes staring back at her. [Why is his body so cold? If left alone, wouldn't he freeze to death?]

It was just a glance and he closed his eyes once again, his lips gradually turning purple.

Seeing that the situation was critical, she clenched her jaw hard and forced herself to bear with the biting chill as she placed her fingers on his wrist to take his pulse. The conclusion she got shocked her.

"It is….. Thousand Year Frost Poison?" Her eyes widened up in alarm, finding it unbelievable.

His pulse showed that there was a chilling energy surging within him and it was that extremely cold chill flowing throughout his body that was causing him to fall into this state. That extremely cold and chilly energy was obviously Frost Poison, and it wasn't any ordinary Frost Poison, but the Thousand Year Frost Poison!

Suddenly, she heard sounds of m.u.f.fled alarm reaching her ears through the dark night and felt the murderous aura approaching them. Judging from the amount of activity she could hear, there were no less than twenty of thirty pursuers.

Her eyes constricted as she calculated quickly in her heart. Seeing that there were no hiding spots in the surroundings, she immediately poured her mystical power into her finger and pointed it onto Ling Mo Han's consciousness accupoint. In the very next instant, she pushed her mind into the ring and brought Ling Mo Han into the ring's s.p.a.ce together with her.

Just as the two of them vanished from their spot, thirty dark robed men carrying swords in their hands surrounded the area the next moment. The leader of the men saw more than ten dead bodies of the slain dark robed men lying on the ground and his face immediately creased up in a frown. His voice was low, tinged with repressed rage.

"His energy was detected at this spot just a moment ago. He wouldn't have gotten far with the Frost Poison in him! Find him!"

"Yes!" The dark robed men answered in unison, splitting themselves into several groups to search the surroundings.

At the same moment within the ring's s.p.a.ce, the little Fire Phoenix was glaring angrily at Feng Jiu, never expecting that she would bring in a man emitting such a biting chill from his body in here.

Feng Jiu did not have the time to bother with the boy at that moment as she was busy using her mystical powers to shield Ling Mo Han's Heart Meridian. If even the Heart Meridian got frozen, he would not be far from certain death.

The little Fire Phoenix had his arms crossed over his chest as he looked through narrowed eyes at the stranger who had intruded into his territory, his childlike voice cold and filled with jealousy as he said: "That is Frost Poison, the coldest energy under the Heavens. The insignificant bit of mystical power you possess will not be enough to protect his Heart Meridian. This man, is as good as dead."

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