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Chapter 4: Melding of Memories

"Stop crying a moment and tell me all about it!" She said with a frown, silently thinking to herself: [If not for her the fact that she wanted to clear her doubts about this spectral presence in her mind and the situation before her, she would have walked out long ago, instead of sitting here to listen to the voice's incessant weeping.

The voice in her head stopped a moment and the weeping was reduced to spasmodic sobs and sniffles. The voice did not share her story in great detail as she was at least smart enough to realise what would serve her best interests best at that moment. Hence, she went to say: "I've died, and my body has now become yours. Feng Jiu, I will only beg for two things. First, I want Su Ruo Yun to suffer a living fate worse than death! Killing her quickly with a thrust of the sword will not appease the hatred in the heart. And only when she lives, suffering endless torment, will the hatred be appeased and for my heart to rest in peace!"

Her voice had thick hatred wrapped around it. At that point, she already accepted that she wouldn't be able to recover anything for herself and hence all she yearned for at that moment was to make the person responsible for putting her into that abominable state, that Su Ruo Yun, to live out her life in endless suffering!

Feng Jiu's eyebrow raised but she did not speak. Only the ends of her mouth lifted slightly, but it was undeterminable whether that was a smile.

And at that moment, as if knowing what Feng Jiu was thinking in her mind, Feng Qing Ge continued to say: "I do not know where you came from, and I do not know what kind of status you held before. But from the cool headed way you handled the situation and the calm I can sense from you, I believe you were someone extraordinary. Or at least, you will not be as dumb as I have been, to end up having someone steal your ident.i.ty and ending killed in a dingy place like this."

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu's eyes lit up and the ends of her mouth lifted slightly higher and she said: "Go on! What is the second one?"

Hearing those words, Feng Qing Ge knew that meant Feng Jiu has agreed and she heaved a silent sigh of relief. But at the same time, her voice grew sorrowful and depressed. "My family members are all very kind people. They treasured me greatly and doted on me. I hope you can care for them on my behalf and do not let them know….. know that I am no longer around….."

The fair and snowy slender fingers tapped on the table softly. The light gentle tapping made Feng Qing Ge nervous. She had no way of knowing what Feng Jiu was thinking and left with no other choice, she feared hearing rejection coming out from Feng Jiu's mouth, so she went on to say: "I will leave all my memories to you to allow you to know everything that has happened. Feng Jiu, you must help me, you must help me….."

After hearing the voice in her head fade off, Feng Jiu suddenly felt an intense pain in her head, feeling just like someone was forcibly stuffing something into it. Her brows drew close  together as she closed her eyes to endure the sharp pain and it was a while later before she slowly opened her eyes. And in her mind, she suddenly found many memories that did not originally belong to her…..

It might be due to Feng Qing Ge's memories melding with hers but when the memory of being disfigured surfaced in her mind, she could feel the same feelings Feng Qing Ge had felt then, almost just like she had been the one who had actually suffered under that knife.

"Su Ruo Yun? Ha ha. Interesting." The melding of memories in her mind had also allowed her to understand her current situation and what was going on around her. Hence, she stood up and walked over to the dead man's side, emptying the man’s stripped off clothes of anything that was of value.

She saw that the dress on herself had a sleeve torn off and the front lapel was ripped. She quickly decided and she tore out the a piece of cloth from the inner layer of her skirt to hide her face. Her disfigured face would stand out too much and if she wanted to leave this place, she needed to do it stealthily, without catching anyone's eye.

A pity, a thorough search of the room had not given her any pieces of clothing she was able to wear. As for the man's clothes, she saw that they were really too dirty and she did not want to wear them.

She suddenly remembered that this was a place where men seeked pleasure of the flesh, so she simply tore off the other sleeve and revealed her fair and smooth shoulders. She adjusted and fixed the dress further, quickly turning it into a tube dress as her gaze fell onto the light gauze draped over the bed frame. She reached out her hand and pulled the gauze over her shoulders before leaping out the window at the back…..

She landed firmly and her eyes quickly surveyed the surroundings but saw only one way out right before her. She snuck into the courtyard in front and blended in among the girls teasing and laughing there. Just as she was about to take a step to leave the place, a shrill scream rang out.

"Ahhhhh! Someone's been murdered!"

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