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Chapter 36 : 

The people in the entire Nine Entrapment Woods only heard a loud crash reverberate around them. A flash of brilliant golden light with a powerful aura flared outwards from the spot it had crashed. Shock waves visible to the naked eye shimmered and rippled like water as it swept outwards, toppling a swathe of trees with its powerful force.

"Hurry! The Sacred Beast has manifested! Let's go to the spot!"

The ma.s.s of people shouted excitedly, surging as one towards the loud crash in a mad sprint, deeply afraid that being a single step slower could mean that others would s.n.a.t.c.h it up…..

And no one knew that when that golden light had shot down from the Heavens, it had actually landed right at the foot of the tree that Feng Jiu was in.

The overwhelmingly powerful oppressive aura and the shock wave shook the enormous tree that had a girth larger than two men with their arms extended could go around, and pushed it to fall on its side, almost completely uprooted. Feng Jiu who was on the tree had naturally been knocked off the tree by the shockwave to fall towards the ground, to roll into the large hole created by the loud crash landing.

Caught in the powerful oppressive aura, she was suddenly finding it hard to breathe and she was suffocating. She was feeling the pain on her face as the shockwave tore past her, and she was not even able to open her eyes.


As she fell deeper down the big hole in the ground, her stomach hit against something sticking out, causing her to groan out in pain. And at that same moment, the surrounding oppressive aura began to gradually dissipate.

As the suffocating feeling lifted, Feng Jiu was finally able to stand up and when she did, she saw the thing sticking out of the ground was actually a glittering golden egg!

"Is that the Phoenix egg from the strange phenomenon in the sky earlier?"

Her gaze was tinged with wonder, not with surprise, but more like questioning. The Nine Entrapment Woods was such a big place and all the other places to crash, it had to choose to crash right beside her…..

"Well, since it’s right here before me, it will be a shame if I do not pick it up. And since it chose to crash at my feet, then that means it’s mine to keep."

She thought about it only a moment newbie she cradled the egg in her arms to take a look at it. She saw the glittering golden light starting to diminish and the complicated looking runes that was initially visible on the egg's sh.e.l.l were disappearing as well. Besides it being gold in colour, and with it being several times bigger than an ordinary egg, she didn’t find anything else about it to be extraordinary.

Glancing around at the surroundings, she did not see a single other person. She had wanted to wanted to keep the golden egg in the Cosmos Sack and when she opened it, she found that she was not able to stuff it in. That was when she remembered that the Cosmos Sack could only store inanimate items, and you cannot put anything that is alive in there.

Immediately, she quickly stuffed the golden egg into her clothes, summoned her mystical powers and employed her strange steps to speedily leave that place…..

It was about an hour after she left that the first team arrived. The family clan saw the big hole in the ground and the humongous tree that had almost been completely uprooted and was leaning teetering on one side, and nothing much else but an emptiness.

"Why is there nothing here? Has someone come here a step earlier than us?" The team leader who was a middle aged man was bathed in sweat from his mad sprint, the high antic.i.p.ation that had filled his heart suddenly turned to rage as he stared at the large empty hole in the ground.

"Who was it? Who had been faster than us! ?"

Just as he finished his statement, Murong Yi Xuan and Feng Qing Ge arrived rushing in at great speed. When they saw that there was nothing within the large hole in the ground, Murong Yi Xuan did not show much of a reaction, but as for Feng Qing Ge, her face immediately changed.

"Who was it?" Her malicious gaze turned sharply to look at the other team and she asked impatiently: "Where’s the Sacred Beast?"

At that moment, she wasn’t aware that Murong Yi Xuan was standing at the side and staring at her, seemingly deep in thought.  

As in Murong Yi Xuan's heart, Feng Qing Ge was a gentle and sweet tempered girl. She was also kind and thoughtful for others. He had known her from a young age and he had never seen her show an expression with her eyes so filled with such sharp malice like the girl before his eyes.

This had caused him to have to reconsider…..

Chapter 36 : A Chance Find of a Sacred Beast Egg

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