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The guards all fell to their knees with respect.

Feng Jiu glanced at heavily guarded courtyard momentarily before she looked at guards and instructed, "Without my permission, no one is allowed to come close to the courtyard!" After speaking, she immediately hurried in.

Yes!" The guards all responded and waited until she stepped into the room before they stood up.

The few people in the room who had heard a commotion outside immediately went out to welcome her. When he saw her, Old Man Feng almost fell into tears.

"Little Feng, Little Feng… you're finally back... your Father… he… he…"

The strong façade that he had forcefully displayed in front of others crumbled in an instant the moment he saw her. Revealing the fears and worry that he had forcefully suppressed, his voice was choked, his eyes were red as tears welled up and streamed down his face.

Feng Jiu step forward to support him and spoke with a voice ridden with guilt: "Grandfather, it's all Little Feng's fault, coming back so late."

"No, it's good that you are back. It's good that you are back...Little Feng, quick, have a look at your Father." Old Man Feng wiped the tears from his eyes and led her into the room.

Upon entering the room, Feng Jiu quickly went in and when she saw about lying on his side, her face instantly changed. She took big strides to the bedside and quickly a.s.sessed him. The more she checked, the more worried and shocked she became.

Seeing her sombre expression, Old Man Feng who was supported by Guan Xi Lin could not help but ask in a worried tone, "How is he? Can he be saved?" When he asked this, his heart was filled with trepidation, he was so afraid that the result would be him sending off his own son.

"His condition is very critical!"

She did not even turn back to look as she spoke and she quickly took out some tools from her s.p.a.ce while saying, "Brother, come over and help me. I first need to remove the arrow."

"Alright!" Guan Xi Lin replied immediately as he stepped forward to a.s.sist her.

"Leng Hua, help me bring in a basin of clean water!"

"Yes!" Leng Hua responded immediately and quickly turned and headed out to bring in a basin of clean water.

Old Man Feng could not help much and he could only stand by one side and watch anxiously.

He could only see Feng Jiu first wash both hands before she cut the clothes off her father's back. She took a look at the arrow and her brows were slightly wrinkled.

This was a barbed arrow, if it was pulled out directly, a large chunk of flesh would definitely be pulled out along with it. At that time, stopping the blood flow would only drag things on and may complicate the situation more. Therefore, she could only take out the small knife and cut around the flesh next to the arrow while carefully shifting the arrow slightly. Fresh blood spilled, tinged with a little black.

Guan Xi Lin saw that that barbed arrowhead that was coming out bit by bit had hooked up some flesh, and at the last moment when she fully removed it, she immediately poured the haemostatic medicine into the small hole on his back. A full bottle of haemostatic medicine was poured out to stop any further bleeding from the wound.

Feng Jiu dressed the wound simply, as she picked up a sharp and small tool that looked like a steel pipe. She then instructed: "Lay him down flat and cut off the front of his jacket."

Guan Xi Lin immediately followed her instructions and stepped aside after he did it when he saw her swiftly stab that sharp tool into Feng Xiao's chest. Seeing this, he was stunned and shocked and he almost screamed out loud.

A gush of fresh blood spurted out through the steel pipe and splashed all over Feng Jiu's body.

He saw her imbue spiritual qi into her father's chest, and only after she saw that her father had spurted out fresh blood from his mouth she then blocked the steel pipe and pulled it out quickly and dealt with the wound.

Old Man Feng only felt that everything in front of him was blood red, as the scent of fresh blood permeated the entire room. The strong body smell coupled with the situation of Feng Xiao made him unable to even stand properly but at this moment, there was a voice transmitted from outside…

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