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Chapter 31 : "Stabbed in the Back!"

Feng Jiu was startled a moment as she stared at the tall guy standing in front of her, her gaze a little strange as she glanced at him.

The burly man named Steel Bull looked at the guy before him standing there with his chest puffed up and he hesitated a moment before giving out another loud guffaw: "Hahaha! Good good good, this kid here has got quite a bit of guts! You dare stare at me Steel Bull like this, that's admirable!"

As he spoke, he was happily patting Guan Xi Lin on the shoulder, his palm hitting repeatedly, while Feng Jiu who was watching from behind straightened into a thin line.

Those pats on the shoulder had not been light!

"Ungh!" Having been "patted" a few times on the shoulder, it had tugged at the wound on his abdomen, the pain causing cold sweat to run down his face.

"You hit him too hard! He has injuries on him!" Feng Jiu came to the front as she complained, and lifted the guy’s hand that was held over his stomach. As expected, she saw that blood was seeping out from his wound.

"Oops….." The burly man retracted his hand, looking a little apologetic.

"Look, the wolves have retreated!" Someone shouted joyously as he saw the wolves turn around to leave after giving out several short howls.

The crisis had been resolved without having to fight and that had made the large group of men roar with jubilation.

It turned out that the wolves had only reluctantly left when they saw that Feng Jiu and the tall man had joined the group. Afterall, they had not even been able to handle them when it was just the two of them, and with another additional thirty or forty men with them, they would not stand a chance, so the wolves had naturally given up and left.

Then, the young youth who had spoken earlier said gently as he looked at Feng Jiu: "His wound had started bleeding. You better look at your elder brother's injury first!" He handed her a bottle of medicine as he spoke: "Here, I have this medicine that is great for wounds."

"Cousin, why would you bother so much with them?" The young girl complained while stamping her feet, displeased that the young youth was be being so nice to two strangers that had appeared so suddenly.

"It's alright, I have medicine here myself." Feng Jiu said, helping Guan Xi Lin to slowly sit down below a tree at the side before removing the bandages from his abdomen and reapplying the medicine.

"Let's go!" After securing the bandages once more, she said as she helped him up.

Guan Xi Lin hesitated a moment before he nodded his head and said: "Orh!" and followed Feng Jiu to continue on their way.

Seeing the two people leaving without saying another word, the middle aged man who was still feeling rather wary finally relaxed his guard against them but he did not ask them to stay, as the things they were going to do here on this trip must not have any outsiders with them.

After walking for a distance, Guan Xi Lin was still feeling rather puzzled and he asked: "Little kid, did we agree to ask whether they would let us travel with them? Why did we leave without even asking?"

Feng Jiu had a blade of foxtail gra.s.s dangling from his mouth, her strides carefree and uninhibited as she swung a small tree branch in her hand before she said: "Why should we travel with them?"

"Of course it is for them to lend us a helping hand when there is danger!"


She shook her head and reasoned: "One must depend on himself. When one is always thinking of depending on others, he is bound to not survive long. Moreover, the reason we approached the group was to rid ourselves of the wolves. Now that the wolves are no longer following us, why would we want to continue to stick to them?"

Guan Xi Lin was speechless as he scratched his head: "That sounds quite reasonable I think." As he spoke, his eyes began to fill with awe and admiration as he looked at the little beggar and continued to say: "Little kid, you are so obviously much younger than I am, but you are so much smarter and highly skilled than I am."

"Of course, you think I am like you? Having gotten yourself stabbed in the back."

"What stabbed in the back?" He asked, not understanding what she was saying.

Feng Jiu rolled her eyes and glared at him a moment as she slowly explained patiently: "Your wound came from a stab from close proximity, and it was from behind you while you were not aware. It is obvious that someone you know wants to kill you and you don't even believe me when I say that you are dumb."

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