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Chapter 271: What Ulterior Motives?

Feng Jiu paused in her steps to turn her gaze over towards the newcomer in surprise: "Grey Wolf? What have you come here for?"

His Lord came last night, and this scoundrel is here today. The h.e.l.l's Lord and his underlings are coming and going as they please in this courtyard!

Grey Wolf glanced at the cold faced black robed young lady with a alluringly s.e.xy body and his brows creased up unnoticeably for a brief moment as he thought to himself: [The Ghost Doctor already has the Lord and he still keeps this cold and beautiful girl by his side. What kind of position does this put His Lord in?]

[Why doesn't the Lord admonish him? Is the Lord going to just allow him to do as he please? Isn't the Lord afraid that the Ghost Doctor would succ.u.mb to temptation with a beauty right by his side?]

Wiping that thought from his head, Grey Wolf then turned to Feng Jiu in a full suit of red and said: "Ghost Doctor, I came here to deliver something for my Lord."

As he spoke, he strode forward and took out a little Eight Trigrams dish and placed it on the stone table as he continued to say: "The is the Heaven and Earth Eight Trigrams Dish. It's a superior grade magical artifact. It can push back oppressive auras and can also be used as a flying artifact. There is also the Phoenix Dagger. My Lord says the Ghost Doctor prefers to use a dagger and he asked me to deliver the Phoenix Dagger here. This dagger cuts through metal like slicing through mud and is also a magical artifact. If the Ghost Doctor encounters a battle, this will surely be able to lend the Ghost Doctor a hand."

Feng Jiu looked at the two items on the table, and her gaze flashed as she turned to Grey Wolf to ask: "These things are worth quite a bit of money right?"

A corner of Grey Wolf's mouth twitched and he glanced at the Ghost Doctor to continue to say stiffly: "These items are absolutely priceless and highly coveted. The Lord mentioned it's for you to keep and to not sell it in the next minute."

Hearing that, Feng Jiu arched up an eyebrow. "For no rhyme or reason, why are there so many gifts? And they are all so expensive ones at that. Just what kind of ulterior motives does your Lord have?"

Hearing those words, Grey Wolf's eyes widened. "You….. you don't know?"

[Come on! He still doesn't know that the Lord likes him? Then what had the Lord been doing all this while? Unrequited love? One sided torment?]

[His Lord was so outstanding, can't the Ghost Doctor see just how irresistible his Lord is?]

Thinking back on how out of sorts his Lord had been over the Ghost Doctor throughout this period, Grey Wolf felt sorry for his Lord as the Ghost Doctor was still unaware of how his Lord felt. It looked like his Lord had not yet even touched the Ghost Doctor's little finger right? If he could, he really wanted to just knock the Ghost Doctor unconscious and just carry him back.

But, though that was what he thought, he did not have the guts. The Ghost Doctor was afterall not any meek little kitten and the slightest carelessness might very well cost him his life.

Hence, Grey Wolf cast a brief glance at the Ghost Doctor and then replied: "The Lord only ordered me to bring the gifts. The items have been delivered, and I must now go back. I shall take my leave." He turned the moment his voice fell, but was halted by Feng Jiu's voice.


Grey Wolf turned his head back, his face unfriendly as he asked: "Is there something else?"

"Give this to your Lord. Tell him although it is not able to eradicate the Thousand Year Frost Poison completely, but it can at least suppress the frost chill from flowing through his entire body when he suffers from a relapse every month by taking just one pill." Feng Jiu took out the pills and handed it over to Grey Wolf, for him to bring to the h.e.l.l's Lord.

"This….. This really can suppress the Thousand Year Frost Poison?" Grey Wolf was a little excited, and feeling a little incredulous at the same time. It must be known that the people in the Medical Tower had already researched it for so long but had not been able to concoct any medicine that could suppress the poison. But the Ghost Doctor had actually done it?

Feng Jiu cast a sideway glance at him and said: "What? You doubt my ability?"

"No no no, I do not mean that. Ghost Doctor, you can be a.s.sured that I will definitely hand this over to the Lord. Thank you. I shall take my leave now." Grey Wolf said as he kept the bottle of medicine away happily, and after clasping his hand over his fist in a bow, he tapped the ground with the tip of his toes and leapt away to depart.

[If it is truly just as the Ghost Doctor had said, then the Lord will no longer have to suffer the agony the Frost Poison brings every month! That is just great!]

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