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Chapter 265: A Reserved Confession

At almost the same moment that that black figure slipped into the room through the window, the room that had been completely dark lit up a little and a light voice tinged with a trace of laziness floated out from the room further inside.

"h.e.l.l's Lord, it's the middle of night and you're not sleeping back in your room. What are you doing running here into mine instead?"

Hearing those words, the h.e.l.l's Lord's deep eyes glinted and the corners of her mouth curled up as a highly magnetic voice came out of his mouth: "You knew that this Lord was going to come?"

The moment his voice fell, he went striding towards the inside of the room, going closer with one step, and then a second step.

"h.e.l.l's Lord, I do not wear clothes when I sleep!"

His footsteps then paused, and the smile at the ends of his mouth deepened. His voice deep like thick fine wine tinged with an intoxicating charm, he went on to say: "No matter. This Lord does not mind."

A corner of Feng Jiu's mouth twitched as she flipped herself up to sit leaning against the headboard of her bed, to see the figure shrouded in shadows striding his way inside, his deep penetrating pair of jet black eyes holding a glint within as his gaze fell upon her, an eyebrow raised slightly as if to ask: [Didn't you say you were not wearing clothes?]

Her eyes narrowed up as she smiled, looking like a sly and crafty little fox, arrogant and complacent. "Knowing that the h.e.l.l's Lord was coming, how could I allow my clothes to be in a disorderly state? Hence, I slept with my clothes on tonight."

"Waiting for this Lord?"

His steps stopped when he came to the side of the bed, standing still before it as he looked down upon the figure of the woman sitting on the bed and hugging her blanket. Although she was still dressed up in men's clothing, but it might have been because she had been resting right before this and that was why her long black hair was spread over her shoulders unbound.

Seeing her silk black hair behind her on her back, with wisps of them fallen across her face, it added quite a bit of mesmerizing allure upon her, causing the h.e.l.l's Lord's gaze to deepen further.

Placed under that searing gaze of that deep penetrating gaze, Feng Jiu who was hugging her blanket suddenly felt uneasy all over and she went on to ask with a sheepish smile: "h.e.l.l's Lord, what would make your old distinguished self come all the way here to find me for?"

Hearing the form of address she had used, the h.e.l.l's Lord's brows creased up and he asked: "Is this Lord here that old?"

Feng Jiu was speechless. She only felt like saying. [h.e.l.l's Lord, you're always missing the point you know?]

"Is this Lord here really that old?"

He asked once more, seemingly finding that question highly sensitive as his eyes stared unwaveringly at her, looking as if he was not going to give up if she did not give him a satisfactory reply.

"Heh heh, no you're not old, not old at all." Feng Jiu laughed awkwardly and said, thinking that he was a little mad to be picking on such a thing with her.

The h.e.l.l's Lord's stared piercingly at her, his cauterizing gaze coming to fall upon her soft and fair face and his eyes glinted, his expression stern and serious as he said.

"This Lord is currently twenty five years of age, and is still not paired in marriage."


When she heard those words and saw that stoic and stern face on him, she could not help but burst out, unable to hold back her laughter. She quickly covered her hands over her mouth to prevent herself from laughing out loud, and cleared her throat lightly instead before she said: "Why, h.e.l.l's Lord! With your good looks….. Eh, no, what I mean to say is….."

"Don't you understand what this Lord means?"

He interrupted her mid sentence, and his gaze flashed complicatedly as he stared at her. He had already been so direct and made it so clear, how could she still not get it?

Hearing that, Feng Jiu was slightly taken aback as she blinked her eyes and said in bewilderment: "Don't you mean you're twenty five years old and is not married? I understand that!"

Seeing that, the h.e.l.l's Lord's face darkened immediately, and it was not known whether he was frustrated by the fact she was not all that bright or was it because he was not good at confessing his feelings.

Seeing her looking at him innocently, and seemingly unaware of what he was getting angry about, he could not help but feel a little humiliated and angry. Suddenly, he leaned himself forward and pushed her down onto the bed.

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