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Chapter 255: Execute on the Spot

[Having only known that she was sly and eccentric before, and crafty like a fox, it was now discovered that she also had such a chillingly vicious side as well. So why does it seem that he is growing to like what he sees more and more?]

The deep penetrating black eyes were overflowing with gentleness, the thin s.e.xy lips curling up with an imperceptible smile. His gaze was fixed upon that red clothed figure as he watched her wilfully take down her enemy with a big show of her skills in public.

This side of her, held unmatchable magnificence, so confident of herself, shining in absolute brilliance, and it was hard for him to take his eyes off her.

Shadow One's sharp eyes caught his Lord staring at the Ghost Doctor with so much gentleness in his gaze that it gave him gooseb.u.mps and he could not help but shiver with a chill.

The taste of his Lord was just so different with everyone else, that he could show such a soft gaze upon a scene like this. Shadow One really had to respect the h.e.l.l's Lord for that.

And in front of the Famed Cloud Loft, everyone was starting to recover from the shock of all that blood and gore as they stared angrily at the wilful and arrogant red clothed youth. Among them, Family Head Liu then shouted in rage.

"This kid is just too vicious and has a venomous heart. He must not be allowed to live! Hand him to me and I'll execute him on the spot!"

The grim voice was imbued with powerful oppression and filled with murder as it reached the people and at almost that very same moment, the three Elders of the Liu Family immediately surrounded the red clothed youth standing there, the three of them forming an attack triangle as robust spirit energies swirled around their bodies. In the next instant, they gave a low shout and attacked the red clothed youth in the middle at the same time.

The strikes of the three Elders were highly aggressive as murder emanated out from their bodies to fill up the air around them. Streams of Qi whizzed out, chilling blades of wind that sliced through the air straight towards the red clothed youth.

Feng Jiu's eyes narrowed as she summoned up the spirit powers in her to face the attacks from the three men, the dagger gripped in her hand slashing through the malicious sword's Qi whizzing straight towards her. With strange bodily movements coupled with crafty attacks, she slipped herself through to come beside the three Elders.

When the people in the crowd saw the Liu Family's three Foundation level Elders had surrounded the red clothed youth to deal with him, everyone could not help but gulped heavily, their hearts cringing up tightly.

The three Foundation level Elders struck viciously, seeking to kill with every move. Could the red clothed youth possibly be able to dodge them?

Seeing the three Elders from the Liu Family jumping out to take on the Ghost Doctor alone, Shadow One was rather worried as he suppressed his voice to ask the Lord: "My Lord, aren't the people from the Liu Family just too shameless? Besides bullying the Ghost Doctor by outnumbering her, they've even brought out three Foundation level old men! Do we need to go help? If it continues on like this, the Ghost Doctor might very well be wounded by them."

[That was afterall the person in the Lord's heart, they couldn't possibly stand back to watch the kid get wounded by others right?]

The h.e.l.l's Lord narrowed his eyes and stared at the scene before him, not saying a word, nor making any indication.

It was Grey Wolf who instead said in a hushed voice: "Shadow One, that is something you do not have to worry about. Those three Foundation old men are not the Ghost Doctor's match. You just watch and see! It will not be long that those three men will fall to the ground."

He paused for a moment before he continued: "Moreover, even if there's danger, with our Lord here, the Lord will not allow the Ghost Doctor to be harmed. So, it's better that we just watch for now. Don't tell me you are not curious just how powerful the Ghost Doctor really is?"

Having the kid slip away from right under their noses time and time again, it was really shameful on them. He really wanted to take this opportunity to have a good look and see just where the Ghost Doctor's limits lay, so he would not have to continue to suffer such unspeakable grievances at the kid's hands.

And he was of the mind that those three Foundation level old men would not be able to hurt the Ghost Doctor at all.

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